seduction 4

We were to meet with a very important client for dinner and whatever he wanted. Albert Maros was 55 and somewhat of a pervert but because I caterted to his perversions we were awarded orders from his company wiyjout competition. He expected me to provide him with a woman and tonight that would be Eleanor. I made it clear to her that it was important for our company and her job to keep Albert happy. She very reluctantly agreed. We picked Albert up at his hotel and he was very pleased to meet Eleanor. She was wearing a business suit but her ample figure was obvious. We had coctails, wine with dinner and as we were sipping our after dinner drinks I noticed Albert eyeing Eleanor and knew he was getting anxious for some action.So I told her,” Eleanor,go to the ladies room and take off your bra and panties and bring them to me as a sign of your submission”.Albert smiled broadly but Eleanor turned pale. “Now please” I said. She got up and left. Albert watched as she walked away and said”You brought a good one tonight. I can’t wait to get my hands on her”. “As soon as she gets back we’ll leave” I said. When she returned she handed her bra and panties to me, blushing as she did. “Very good” I said. When we got to my car I opened the back door and Eleanor got in and Albert followed her.As I drove I watched in the rear view mirror as Albert began kissing Eleanors neck and ear then began unbuttoning her suit jacket and blouse exposing her ample breasts.”I’ve been waiting to get my hands on these all evening” he said as he began fondling them and sucking on her nipples. Eleanor did not resist but sighed deeply on occasion. Then Albert reached under her skirt and began fingering her pussy. This brought a louder reaction from Eleanor. “She’s wet” Albert said. “Do you like that ,Baby?” he asked. “Yes” she said. When we arrived at Alberts hotel Eleanor adjusted her clothes and we proceede to Alberts suite. As soon as we got there he poured some drinks and said “Let’s get these clothes off and have some fun, starting with you ,Baby” and he proceeded to undress Eleanor until she stood there in garter belt and black nylons. Then he stripped and said” Come on Victor You can play,too”. So I undressed also. Then Albert led Eleanor to the sofa and was all over her, sucking her breasts, fingering her pussy then getting on his knees and licking her pussy. She was aroused and moaning by now and I got up on the sofa and guided my now hard cock into her mouth. She took it and sucked it as Albert licked her pussy. Then Albert got up and said”I can’t wait anymore. I have to fuck her”. He sat on the sofa and pulled Eleanor on top of him and lowered her onto his cock. He sucked her breasts as he fucked her and I stood next to them so she could suck my cock while he fucked her. The way she was positioned her ass was exposed so I got behind her, spread her cheeks and began fucking her ass.”Oh my God” she said”What are you doing to me?” “It’s called double penetration” Albert said”Don’t you love it, Baby?”After sveral minutes Albert said “I’m going to cum and I want to cum in your pretty mouth. Open up , Baby”.I was ready to cum too so we pushed Eleanor onto her back and came on her face and mouth. “That was fantastic” Albert said. “Our order will be on your desk tomorrow. You really know how to pick them ,Victor”.”Thanks, Albert” I said. “You know I’ll take care of things”.”I do “he said”That’s why we do business”. Then he kissed Eleanor and said”You were great, Baby. We have to do this again soon”. After we left Eleanor said “You’ve made me a whore. What else are you going to make me do? I need a favor. My 18 year old daughter needs a summer job. Please find something for her.” “of course “I said as I contemplated the possiblities of seducing an 18 year old.

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