The Hidden Dungen in Our House 17

Shelly’s Sexy Storys 17 Property of:Shelly L.Stonebraker

Detacated to:To All the Dungans Out there……..

The Hidden Dungen in Our House

For the longest time we had joked about having a hidden room to play in.With all
the crazy sexy things i liked to do we really wanted someplace private for us to play
with no one knowing about it but us.We had the room too,our house having four bedrooms
made it easy.We each had our offices we worked at from home sometimes,our bedroom and
the extra room that just seemed to collect stuff.And we wanted to not collect to much.
So one weekend you called a buddie from your work to come and help you remodel what
needed to be done.It took about a month to complete and you did the wall where to
outside door was to the extra room.And took a wall out in my office.Where you found
online a very nice bookcase with hidden door,and knowing i’d love the bookcase
got it.

When it was all done,the bookcase with the hidden door looked just like a bookcase
and nothing more,and the room door was gone so the only way in was the through the
bookcase in my office.Now that the room was done it was my turn to fix and decarate
as i wanted it to be.I did ask for one thing you had to install and re-enforce,a huge
metal hook that came out of the celing.You had an idea for what it was for but didn’t
say anything cause you felt it was one of those surprises i like to do for you.

The next morning was my day off so,the night before you handed me the credit card and
said “i love you my woman,get what we want and no limit”,smiling with a naughty grin.Me
smiling back the same way say”i love you my man,your gonna love it baby”,leaning over
and kissing you before i went out the door.I had a rough idea of what i wanted.I went
and picked out the one thing i wanted most,which i had to order and would take over
night to get so i bought it.It had to be specially made for me.I wanted it to be my

Going to all the shops in town and getting all kinds of goodies i head home to fix
the room.I had to buy a new bed and be there for the delivery.Getting home just in
time as the truck with the bed arrives.The workers set up the bed and then leave.I got
the bed i’d been wanting for us for awhile.A king size matress and a solid wood frame.
The matress fit on top of the frame sitting inside it like a waterbed kinda.I bought
a blue silk sheet set and pillows,with a fluffy white conforter,plus a feather down
matress topper.Fixing the bed and standing back i was really happy with it.You had
blocked the window to the room so no light could get in,which i really liked it was
like a hidden cave.

I bought shelves for the walls and hooks to hang all the play toys i got up.Also
sexy erotic pictures and i moved in my moms cast iron shelves i had in your shop for
years.They would fit the vibe of the room so i had to use them for it.She left me
about five of them so with the bed and shelves the room filled fast and looked great.
All i had to do was get what i ordered and stop at the hardware store for the chains i
wanted to hang for decaration and the room would be done.

I wouldn’t let you go into the room til it was finished,trusting that i needed it to be
perfect you didn’t argue.As we fell asleep that night in eachothers arms.The next
morning i got you off to work and then took the day to work from home which wasn’t
to mmuch.I went and picked up what i ordered and it was my design and what i really
wanted.The got the chains too and headed back to the house to fix the room for us
that night.I had to take all my sexy things into the room too out of our room.Getting
everyhting on the bed i start to put things out.We have a thing for candles so i set
them all up on the holders i got.

I then open the box again to the hand made swing i ordered.Smiling cause i’ve wanted
one of these swings for years now.So i hang it on the hook you put in.Hanging there
it looked perfect.The blue and black fur fitting the colors of the room.My choice of
colors were blue,gray,black and white.I forgot to go to the sex shop so i went to get
all the personal things i wanted.Bag in hand i head back to the house.Stopping to get
red roses too.Once there i finish the room and sit back and smiled cause it looked great,
grinning and having dirty thoughts.I go into our room and get my self ready for you
when you get home.I shower and then pull out the new out fit i bought.

The outfit was a blue and black corset in lace,with a black garter and blue stockings.
It made mt body look so sexy.Putting it all on i head to the room to finish the final
touches and spread the rose peddles to the room,light all the candles,and turn on
the music.I hear the GTX as you pull in the yard,so i lay down on the bed and wait
for you to come looking for me.I hear you set your stuff down then notice the rose
peddles.Knowing your home and being excited my heart starts to race like it did back
when we first got together,me laying on the bed when you open the bookcase.

Opening the bookcase your first reaction is shock.I had candles lit all over the room
and on the walls and shelves were all kinds of things to stimulate our bodies,from oils
to lotions,i put out hand cuffs,flogging wipes,feathers,silk skarves,leather straps,
and all kinds of play toys.And laying on the bed you see me,then smile and walk over
to me removing your clothes as you move.When you reach the bed you stretch you hands out
and slide then up the furry comforter towards me.Crawling slowly and smoothly over to me
you lean over me and kiss me gently.Looking at my body in my new outfit you smile and pull
me up so you can see it better.You use your hand and spin me around and say”hell yeah
baby i like it”,And you start to caress my breats through the corset.As you run you hands
over the lace i pull your hair down and run my nails through it like you love, and down
your back.Sending chills up your body.You sitting on the bed in your boxers,and me standing
in front of you,i lean forward and kiss your forehead,then your lips again.You wrap your
arms around my waist and barry you face in my boobs and hold me close.My arms around your

Then you look up at me an i point over to the corner where i had you hung the hook.
Hanging there is the swing,seeing it you stand up and head strait for it to check it
out.You call me over with you,so i follow.You tell me to hop up in the swing to check
the strength of it.So i do,and it holds pretty good i bouce a few times and clearly
it wasn’t gonna fall,you lean in between my legs and start to move the swing back and
forth rubbing your dick on the outside of my panties.Sliding your hands behind my neck
you grab me forcefully and kiss me aliitle roughly.Using the other hand to take off my
panties.Then slipping your fingure in me,you kiss me a little stronger.Me hanging there
and you in control,my legs resting on the leg handles on part of the swing.

I reach behind me and undo the strings of my corset and pull it off letting my titties
out for you,us kissing heavely and you finguring me deeply.Me now only wearing my garter
and stockings.My pussy hot and horny now,and your cock hard you maneuver me where you
want me.My legs open and ready,you push into me deep and with the new swing it’s deeper
so i let out an”oh fuck yeah” as you begin to slide in and out more picking up trust
and speed as you move.Me moaning louder and louder,you keep pumping with your heart beat.
Our blood flowing fast and our bodies moving about the same,you move the swing back and
forth,making sure you get in deeper every time.My pussy cumming hard and back to back.
You start to circle my clit while you pound me and i tighten up fast.You know i really
like my clit played with while you pound me,it makes me wetter every time.

We start to tire so you move back as i hop out of the swing and we move over to the bed
again.You lay back on the fluffy conforter and i crawl up your legs,my boobs rubbing them
as i get up to your face,where i kiss you,then pull one of your wrists up to a skarf i have at
the corner tieing you to the bed.I then take your other wrist and tie it to the otherside.
Then your ankles.You all tied up and me having you where i want you,i start to run my tongue
on you chest biting,licking and kissing your skin.Tickle you softly,i then move down to your
dick,i use my tongue and circle the head the rim and around the shaft until i slide my lips
over you and start to suck roughly.You liking it you say”yeah babe”,and let out a huge deep
breathe.Holding on i bare down and you sucking hard and your heart pumping fast i move with
such grace you swell just as fast and cum hard all over my tits,me still licking on you dick
as you finish,lookin up at you watching me.

I get up and untie you and head out of the room to wash up leaving you laying there.You
thinking “dam that bitch is all mine”,and how lucky you were to get to have that level of
pleasure every night if you wanted it.Loving me has been a wonderful experiance and you
wouldn’t give it up for the world.Relaxed you fall fast asleep,curled up in the fluffy
white fur comforter.After my shower i come back into the room and see you asleep,thinking
to my self how lucky i am to have such a wonderful man love me so much.I crawl into bed
with you,as you wrap your arm around me.We both fall asleep together in our new room.I’m
gonna call “The Dungan”.

The End…….

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