The Romantic Night

Amy sat on the couch, watching the nightly news. She was in the arms of her boyfriend, Brad, that she had been going out with for a year. Brad was of South American decent, and had dark brown eyes and black hair. He was wearing jeans and a sports t-shirt and was slightly taller than Amy, who was of a normal height.

Amy was wearing a short white mini-skirt, and a green boob tube top. She had red hair and green eyes and deeply in love with Brad. Brad felt the same with Amy.

They met on their first day of University, Amy doing a degree in Psychology and Brad in Mathematical Science. They bumped into the eatery, Amy spilling her milk on him. Ever since their eyes locked, they knew they were in love.

They then sat down together and ate lunch, and Brad asked her to meet him at the same time in the eatery. They met the next day, and they had an in-depth conversation about everything. Ever since then they were going out, they got along and never had a fight. They both lived in University dormitories, Amy a level above Brad.

Brad had his right arm over her shoulder, and Amy snuck her head comfortably on Brad’s chest, putting her right hand on his chest. Brad leant in and gave Amy a long, soft kiss. Amy returned it, feeling his soft lips against hers.

As soon as they had parted, Brad opened his mouth to speak. “Amy, you know it’s our anniversary tomorrow. Do you want to do anything for it?”

Amy smiled. He had remembered. “Yeh that would be great. I would enjoy that!”

Brad leaned in and kissed Amy again. “Excellent.”

Amy checked the time on her watch after he kissed her. It was 9:30pm. She needed to be at a lecture at 7:30am the next morning. “That reminds me, I should probably go.”

Brad took his arms from Amy’s shoulder. Amy stood up and Brad followed, the two of them enveloping in a warm hug. “I’ll see you tomorrow”. Brad said, and Amy left the room and closed the front door behind her.


It was the next afternoon and Amy was at home in her dormitory, just after her afternoon tea with her best friend, Isabella. She opened the front door and closed and locked it behind her, only to see that her roommate, Elle, was out still, assumedly to be with her boyfriend, Damien. Elle’s bed was still untidy, showing the usual messiness of her roommate.

Amy walked towards her bed, dropped her lecture books on her bed, and walked towards her wardrobe. She picked out a pair of black panty – hoes, which she had never worn before, but was given to her as a present by Elle, who thought she might like it. Amy laughed and thanked her, but had never worn them.

She also picked out another object she had never worn before, but this was given by her cousin, Reese. He bought her a black see through lace bra, which he bought for fun because he didn’t know what to buy her birthday. Amy picked it up, and put it on her growing pile with her black panty –hoes.

Surprised at the sudden notice of coincidence, Amy looked at the two crude presents she had been given. They matched, which wouldn’t have mattered to Amy a few days ago, but did today, since she was going to dinner with her boyfriend of one year.

Smiling it off, Amy walked towards the small closet Amy and Elle shared. Amy wasn’t the type of person to wear sexy, outrageous clothing, so Amy didn’t have anything too nice for her night with Brad.

As Amy searched through her clothes in the closet, her eyes were drawn to a short but sexy red dress. It was a low cut at the top, with a big space for breasts to be shown. It was high at the bottom, probably about half way up your thighs in length. It had a black lace shawl over the dress.

Amy thought it was perfect. She carefully pulled down the dress and shawl, and placed it on her bed. She quickly wrote a note to Elle saying she was borrowing the dress with the shawl, and she would return it in the morning.

Amy rushed into the shower with excitement. She pulled off her tight skinny jeans that brought out her butt, and her dark pink sleeveless t-shirt. She pulled off her underwear and bra, and looked at herself in the mirror.

She looked at her boobs, slightly touching the nipples. She touched and felt them, wondering if Brad would like the feel of them. She hadn’t had sex before with Brad, to be exact, she had never had sex before, and she didn’t know what a guy would like out of a girl. She wondered if her boobs were too small. Amy could hold them in a cup size easily. She shrugged it off and moved towards her vagina.

She felt the top of it, her body tingling in response. Her vagina was hairy, and she wondered if Brad would like someone like that. Amy knew that Elle had a shaved vagina, and Elle talked about how much easier it was when she had sex with her boyfriend. Amy didn’t worry about it at the time, but now it concerned her.

She turned around, trying to not think about it. She jumped into the shower.


Amy was dressed by 6:30pm. She was wearing the red dress and black lace shawl, and the black panty –hoes and black lace bra underneath. She had her hair done up in a neat bun, a bit loose so she could take it out if she wanted to. She also had black stilettos, which she loved wearing out and she thought looked sexy.

Amy looked at herself in the mirror. She felt good about herself, and walked out of the room with a smile on her face.

She arrived at Brad’s house 5 minutes later after walking up the stairs. She knocked on the door, and ten seconds after she knocked, Brad answered.

He was wearing a black tuxedo, and had his hair gelled. She thought he looked the best she had ever seen him as.

“You look… Beautiful, Amy.” Brad said, stuttering for words. He was looking at her with a shocked and excited face.

Amy smiled. “You look better.” She said, caressing his face. Brad looked at her, and continued. “Save that for later. For now, dinner is served.”

“Ooh, I’m excited. What’s for dinner?” Amy asked, walking into Brad’s small dormitory with a small two seated table with a red tablecloth, two white candles, white serviettes, and candles throughout the room.

Brad turned off the lights behind Amy and spoke. “Turkey with roast.”

Amy walked to sit down, but Brad walked over and pulled out the chair for her to sit on. “Thank you.” She said.


The dinner was lovely and Amy enjoyed it. “That was lovely, Brad.” She said lovingly, looking into his eyes and holding his hands.

Brad smiled in appreciation. He then let go of her hands and walked to his desk and picked up a CD. He then put it in the CD player and played the first track. The first track was a romantic one.

Brad took Amy’s hands and they danced. Amy loved the feeling of being in Brad’s arms. Brad then moved his arms around her back, and slightly squeezed her butt. She giggled, and moved closer to him.

Amy could feel hardness in Brad’s genital area, and knew right away what it was. Amy whispered in his ear, “I can feel it.” Brad slightly blushed.

Amy smiled contently. She pushed Brad onto his bed, and started kissing him hard. Brad returned the kiss, and slightly pulled off Amy’s shawl. Amy pulled down Brad’s pants, and gently felt the hard penis in her hands.

It stiffened even more, and Amy pulled down Brad’s underwear. She started feeling his penis, and brought her head down to it. Amy knew how to do these things because she remembered Elle explaining it to her vividly, how she did all these things.

She started fingering his penis, first at a moderate speed then continuously faster and faster. She brought her mouth towards it, and started suckling on his penis. Amy heard Brad’s moans, and kept suckling faster and faster, swirling her tongue around more and more. She could feel the heat filling up in Brad’s penis, and could feel the veins throbbing.
/>Brad pulled her away and ripped off Amy’s dress. He started feeling and pinching her nipples, noticing the hardness coming quickly onto her. He then removed he
r bra and started suckling on her boobs. Amy felt a wave of pleasure come through her that she had never felt before.

She urged him to go faster, and he continued. Brad then stopped, and pushed Amy gently onto his bed. He bent her legs back, and pulled off her panty –hoes, revealing her vagina.

Read next time for second part!!

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