The secret lover

A woman sexual fantesy

The cold stream of water was whipping my body , dashing springs were flowing trough the curved paths , the shower veines pulsating in the same rythm with my internal veines.The full pressure of the shower was like the strong hand of a man , stroking my face and my breasts with a passion , searching the sweet bays of my shivering skin .The coolness of water , opposite to the glow of my blood was rendering the extreme meeting of two pure energies : light and darkness, angel and devil, life and death, spirit and matter.

All my senses were conveyed in a total frenzy , hungering by an unknown hunger .My tongue was searching the taste of another flesh , my teeth were chattering as those of some ancient canibals.My ears were hearing a subtle music , played by the harp of my arteries.My closed eyes were seeing the flames of the red volcano erupting between my thighs. Through my nostrils were flowing strange and heavy scents like those of a savage jungle.

Trying to alleviate all those ravishing revenges of my body , I began to caress myself : oily fingers touching my skin through the oily film of the soap.First , my face , my trembling lips , inflated by the lack of another lips.Then , my neck , my nape , covered by the interwined serpents of my wet hair.Gently , with extreme care , the smoothing touch was descending to the bosoms , plumpy water-melons pouted in the hard , purple nipples.I was feeling my breasts as buzzing beehives ; inside them , the sweet honey was gathered , drop by drop , trickling in the lower parts of my body.Next, was the belly , with my navel as the cherry on the cake.My hands were keeping going their luscios quest beneath the navel , caressing the throbing shell and the pearl shinning inside.The globular hills of my buttocks were offering to the dainty hands an exquisite path to the quivering thighs , more heated inwards. , taunting the wet smiling shell.

Finally , I leaved the bathroom , and , filled with refused desires and a slight lassitude , I was laying down on the bed , naked , covered only by the dark blanket of the night , with my legs and my arms widespreaded.I was trying to find a shelter in sleep as a fugitive escaped from the prison of conscience in the magic free world of dreams.

I don’t know how much time I was asleeped , when I began to wake up .Half-asleep , I enjoyed by a likeable sensation at my feet.I tried to to look up what was happening , but I was as paralyzed , in some way I was bewitched.I wasn’t able to move my body.In the meantime , my senses were experiencing an extreme sensibility.

After a while I realized that the ticklish feeling of my feet was associated with hot kisses , sometimes interrupted by the deep sucking of my toes.Somebody was there , caressing and fondling.My initial fear was overwhelmed by the sweet pleasure invading my body.The ferm lips asecended slowly on my feet , a velvet tongue licking my very inch of skin.Confused by an anticipated delight , I was also animated by the compulsive impulse to move my hands to the stranger , to grab his head and to pull it much more into my flesh.But my arms were benumbed , clinched over the bed , due to a strange gravitation.
The thirsty mouth licked every drop of my sweat .Soon , it arrived at my knees , the tongue pushing its tip in the silk skin of underknees , fluttering like a butterfly on the flower of my veines.My eager thighs welcomed the secret lover.My muscles were contacting and relaxing like a living heart ; my blood , fueled by the passionately kisses , ran without stops through the railways of my body.Sluggish and refreshing like the high tide of the sea , two delicate , but strong hands were insinuating on my feet , on my legs , finding , finally , a perfect match of their cups on my buttocks.The beard stings of my anonim lover were pricking sweetly the skin of my inner thighs like hundreds bees searching the pollen of the flowers blooming inside my body.Every inch of my skin was a couple of thirsty lips seeking and responding to his hot kisses.His caressing tongue was fueling my desire.Finally , he reached to the end of his journey , teasing me by gentle touchings of my mound and crotch.My body was a droning engine of a Mercedes.My breasts , watermelons bursting under the rays of a sun up in the sky of my senses.They were two painful, red protrusions vibrating through the the erected pistils of my nipples.

The lizard tip of his tongue touched the florid pearl of my wet shell , gently stripping out the dainty hood , then , titillating the needy clit , slipping on it with circular movements and sucking delicately the sweet lollipop.A breeze of his breath whipped the erected tower of sensitive flesh and made my muscles start to quiver .My face was burning .A pleasant fever was arised in me , eating me and being eaten by me in the voracious flames of an inner sun.
Then , all was a whirling tornado of feelings , desires , sensations and satisfactions.

The insatiable snake of his tongue opened the the wings of my sizzling shell , searching gentle and desperate through the pink skin .The serpent moved forth and back , inside and outside , fluttering , trying to understand the secret essence of the little animal panting up with desire.My sweated body was dancing in the rythm of his tongue , of the tender song of my blood.I was dazzled by the violent avalanche of kisses ,sucking ans caressing .I imagined my vagina growing more and more large ,becoming a giant creature craving to devore the tongue , the head , the body of the man who was worshipping me with love.

His tongue , going up and down , was the piston of my body engine , an engine running at its maximum power.Occasionally , the tentacle rising from his mouth was slowing down , touching with patience and delight the sensitive pink pointed flesh .In these moments I had the illusion I could feel every ravenous papillae of his tongue .The plumpy lips of my secret lover were picking up the fruits of his magic work , sucking and kissing with passion.I was craving for more and more.My sweat clad body , shinning in the dark , was prancing and pushing into his mouth .

Suddenly all my accumulated energy found a way to release .My closed eyes were dazzled by a magnificent firework.The nailes of my hand became harpy claws stitching in hid shoulders.I feel my crotch , my belly , all my body pulsating , expanding and contracting like a star ready to explode , a volcano eager to spray into the air.I was feeling my pussy like a wealthy artesian spring throwing out a jet of fire.His desirous mouth was recovering the sudden splash of my mistic nectar .The hungry lips , the ravenous tongue didn’t want to spend a single drop of the sweet juice , licking and ingurgitating , while his hands were kneadind and stroking my breasts.My eyelids , heavy with fatigue , began to drop , as my soul was slinking away to the blue lagoon of the sleep , while my body was pampered by the tough velvety hands of my lover.


In the morning , relaxed as never before , I jumped out of the bed , looking for the man of my secret desires.I didn’t know what to beilieve…All my night pleasures were just a fanciful fantasy of a night dream ? I stretched out the wrinkles of the bed sheets and a the thorn of a rose pricked one of my fingers .A drop of blood dribbled on the white sheet , enclosing the red shinning flower.

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