The Tattooed Man 3

As I opened the door he stood there smiling…as if he knew something but wasn’t going to tell. As if his anticipation for what was to come could hardly be contained. He set his bags down…grabbed my hand and had me sit down. Then he said…”Breeze…I would like for you to put yourself in my hands from this point on. I know its a rather strange request. But I assure you that it is something that you will find quite enlightening to say the least. If at anytime you feel uncomfortable we will stop. Trust me?”. And without hesitation I said…”yes!”.
He prepares a bath…adds oils
…lights candles. I am fascinated by his deliberation. It is very obvious that this is a well planned rite.
He calls me to stand by the bath and begins to undress me slowly. Folds each article of clothing and stacks it neatly. He is looking into my eyes and at first I am somewhat apprehensive but soon return the gaze with ease. I must admit that I am already in a state of arousal. He hasn’t done anything sexual per se. As he helps me into the waters warm embrace he says
…”I am simply going to bathe you now. It is intended to relax you and open up your awareness. If you become aroused feel your feelings. This isn’t about the sexual aspect of sensuality…it’s about skin to skin contact. It’s
about relaxing and giving in to the moment and discovering an awareness. Try breathing in through the nose…out through the mouth. And gaze into my eyes it will help you focus”
I was immediately turned on…just by the mere fact that he was washing every inch of my body. But I tried to feel what I was feeling…tried to become aware. And I think that because he had almost a reverence about him I soon became lost in a myriad of feelings that I had never explored before. So helps me from the bath…towels me dry and has me laying on my back …legs slightly parted. I see him rubbing his hands together…flicking his fingers. He sits next to me…legs crossed…knees just barely touching me. He begins to gaze as he puts his left hand on my middle of my chest and the right on the area between my pussy and anus. I shutter because I was not expecting him to do that right off. But he reminds me that it is not sexual in nature. So I try to just feel what I am feeling.
He moves his hand to right below my naval…then to the solar plexus. When he reaches his other hand. he then switches allowing it to touch my throat…forehead and finally the top of my head. He slowly removes his hands and shakes them away from my body…in effect releasing energy.
It may seem…by my description that this was tame and uneventful. But let me assure you… In and of itself it was an extremely erotic experience. I was trying to feel the moment and I did. But even now all my senses are in overdrive. I am like an instrument…tuned and ready to be played…to produce the sweet refrain of a lovers song.
Chase said to feel what I am feeling…and so I shall.
I reach out and touch his face gently guiding his head and lips to meet mine. When they touch we are mildly shocked…but neither one of us is willing to break away. We kiss…long and deep our tongues dancing and darting…tasting. I find his lower lip and suck it gently only to release it and take it back in…long and deep. I feel his body react…He pulls me in closer. My hand moves its way along his body and takes hold of his shaft. I gasp at the realization that he is rock hard and huge. I begin to stroke him…my hand feels so small…I can not circle him. I decide to move down for a closer look…. he stops me. And he moves down between me legs instead. Within seconds without even touching me I was about to cum…But he is a master of timing and pulls me back from that edge…time after time. I am in a state of frenzy and I ask…no I beg him to fuck me. He replies by redirecting the focus…he strokes my hair…my thigh until I start falling back down to earth. Only to have him sweep me up again higher still. I have never felt desire so overwhelming…so consuming that I felt I would lose my mind…barely able to form the words I whispered …
“Chase please”
He moved about…taking his time allowing the passion to deminish somewhat. Then he slowly and tenderly began to enter me his thickness alone was enough to rip my flesh had he rammed me. Once inside he was up to my cervix and 2/3 of his shaft remained outside my pussy. But he moved me about…so tenderly so skillfully that when his dick popped past my cervix…what I felt was an awakening of suppressed desire with an intensity beyond reason…with each stroke he brought me closer to the edge and once reached…took me beyond. Wave after wave of orgasmic bliss consumed me until I no longer existed and when he reached that peak…he let out sounds that were animalist as he released his seed. It was then and there in that realm born from lascivious desire…that we found our true nature.

To be continued…

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