The Tattooed Man

…The moment our eyes met they were locked together in an unspoken dialog…it was as if I was gazing into a mirror reflecting love and hate. Pleasure and pain. Serenity and chaos. All there is and nothing. I was held captive…by my own desire…
“My name is Chase” he said. (Chase…don’t you just love the sound of that?) Breaking the spell I gathered my wits about me and stuck out my hand…”Chase…it’s nice to meet you. I’m Breeze” He finally unlocked his eyes from
mine and took up my hand to his lips…he whispered my name as he kissed it.
I jumped as if shocked and gasped. When his breath touched my skin it triggered every nerve from my hand to my stomach to my heart…head and finally settled in my clit. The thought crossed my mind…this was going to get complicated!
“Did I hurt you”? he asked. “What…oh! no…not yet”. For a split second his expression changed due to my comment. But I couldn’t read him…that was going to happen a lot.
“Are you going to invite me in”?
“No! I mean yes…but as you can see I was just on my way out…care to join me…we wont be gone long”?
“Sure…lead the way.”
And so it had begun. I went to a wonderful bakery and bought bread fresh out of the oven along with homemade butter and jam. Another stop for eggs and coffee beans.
We chatted about the moment
our conversation flowed easily but with no mention of the night before. Several times I caught him watching me…yet when our eyes met…he did not looked away. His eyes are a mesmerizing green.
He stands a good 6’4″…sandy colored hair in a braid that ended at the small of his back.He is handsome although I can not properly define it. His body…his body! Broad shoulders narrow waist…well defined hips and ass. Damn…*down girl*.
I noticed that people would stop and look at him…men and women alike. He would nod but was otherwise unaffected by it. He is…quite simply…gorgeous!
Yet I couldnt help but sense an undercurrent of reserve…as if he was holding back his true nature.
Back at the room I went about preparing some sustenance. We ate and finished off with some coffee.
“How long have you been an exhibitionist/voyeur”? His question caught me by surprise. I laughed…
“Direct aren’t you?…well let’s see. I have been an exhibitionist for as long as I can remember. Voyeur? Since last night. And you?”.
He sat looking at me…he smiled and said…
“I’ve been admiring your scope…may I?”
“Please” I responded…taking note that he hadn’t answered my question.
“This is insane” he commented.
“Insane?…how so?” I asked. He
smiled and he lit up the whole room. “Forgive me ” he said “in my world…insane…is a good thing…something to be admired”.
“Ah! I see” Yes it is insane I just love it. Bought it yesterday as a matter of fact”.
“Really…what do you think of the hidden features?”.
Hidden features? What…he was testing me! Just as he was about to explain I held my finger to my lips…indicating…don’t say it! Then I proceeded to find them out.

To be continued…

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