The Work Place (7)


Chapter Seven

Angie opened her eyes and found herself being stuffed into her own shirt. Michael was buttoning up her blouse, laying his lips on her chest each time he finished inserting a button into its proper hole. “Did you have fun, Ms. Simmons?” he asked, noticing she was awake.

“Uh… huh?” Angie answered groggily. She suddenly felt a sharp pain in her crotch, and bent over, doubling in pain. “Aurgh! Shit! I knew I wasn’t supposed to do this. Not yet, at least.”

“Sh…” Michael shushed her, pulling her closer to him by the back of her neck. Forehead to forehead, he asked her, “What’s wrong?”

“I just had a recent infection… down there.” Angie explained in a whisper. “It’s cured, the doctor said, but it hasn’t exactly healed yet.”

Michael kissed her gently. Just a light brush of the lips, and then snuck down and kissed her other lips—the ones under her skirt. “I’m sorry,” he said. “I’ll ask next time.”

Next time?

“If it helps, you’ve got the job, Angelica. Very nice work.”

She liked the way he said her full name. He made it sound so… special, even though it was so common. “Thank you,” she uttered, and stood up shakily. Straightening from picking up her bag from the floor, she saw that Michael was holding Mary’s underwear in his fist.

“I’m keeping these, by the way,” he said. “A remembrance. This was a special time.”

Angie opened her mouth to say, “No! Give it back. They’re my remembrance!” but stopped, remembering that he was her new boss. Instead, she said calmly, “I’m sorry, Mr. Riles, but I’m afraid I just have to have those. I can give you a fresh pair of my own tomorrow.”

Michael, however, shook his head, saying, “If you want the job, Ms. Simmons, you’re going to have to let me keep your panties.”

A million thoughts raced through Angie’s mind, including something about some law that said stuff like this was illegal. She pondered on this for a moment, but thought better of it. If she told on Michael, he and his friends would just spread the word about how Angelica Simmons fucked three guys at the office just to get a job as a secretary. How cliché and pedestrian could you get?

“What’s it gonna be?” Michael asked, cocking his head to one side.

“Um…” Angie’s voice was quivering, and she was embarrassed to realize that she was near tears. Oh, come on, she thought angrily, they’re just a common piece of lingerie. I can buy them anywhere. “I—don’t think…” she trailed off, caught between wanting to get a job and wanting to keep what, in her mind, was Mary’s symbol of love.

“Excuse me?”

“I’m sorry, sir,” Angie said quietly, her face warming up, “I guess you’ll have to give the job to someone else because—” her voice stuck in her throat, and tears started flowing onto her cheeks. “I’m sorry,” she cried, striding forward and taking the white satin from Michael’s grasp and turning toward the door. She was about to reach for the knob when she felt a hand land on her shoulder. She turned and her green eyes met silver ones.

Michael dragged his hand down from her shoulder to her palm, and pulled her forward, locking his mouth with hers. He broke away and put his lips next to her ear, whispering, “Keep them. The job’s yours.”

Angie squeezed his hand and sniffed, snatching at her tears, “Thank you,” she said almost soundlessly. She turned and held the door knob in her hands, turning it and stepping out into the hallway. She shut the door slowly behind her and started walking confidently toward the lobby of the floor.

Angie was halfway across the large room when she suddenly realized people were staring at her. Looking down, her heart sank. She was still clenching her beloved panties in her fist, for all the world to see. Everyone broke out in whispers while Angie stuffed the underwear into her bag, her face turning bright red. She closed her bag and walked purposefully toward the elevators. She punched for the ground floor and leaned against the wall. Thank God this elevator is empty, she thought, and sank onto the floor, mortified. Rumors will definitely be bouncing around. I may even be the new office slut, she thought dismayedly.

Deciding to focus on something else, she thought back to a few minutes ago. The sweet gestures Michael had done—dressing her, letting her keep the underwear after seeing how attached she was to the plain panties—sent butterflies flitting into her stomach. As she stepped out of the elevator a few moments later, her downcast eyes were filled with a fresh-looking joy, and a smile displayed itself on her lips.

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