wife having fun

one of them nights where my wife and i out on the town my wife was very pissed as she had a few bottle indoors to start off with, we went into one of many night clubs in our town i got a couple of drinks and then went to the loo on my return my wife was on the dance floor with two men geeting very fresh with her the image in my head was making me still so i stay out of sight one of the guy was big ang fit hes mate was a big black man on the floor they started to rub there hands all over my wife body he was loving this as i was her only lover they pull her into a dark corner seat so i placed myself to get a good look, the fit guy was kisses my wife on her lips which she was loving while hes mate had his hand up her short dress playing with pussey she was in another world i could tell the black guy pull out his cock what a monster my wife saw his cock and went down on it sucking for all her might as she suck away the mate also pull his cock out matching the size of his mate pull my wife thong to one side and starting to fuck my wife with get force as he was big i standing there watching these two guys fucking my wife i was loving this as my wife was they was fucking her foe along time until they both fill her up at both ends and made their exit i return to my wife telling her i watched it all and god was i up for more all that she looked at me with such abig smile and repiled it was the best sex she has had for a long time and telling mr the guys are comings around our house next weekend i cant wait i fill you in next weekend guy

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