Meeting the upstairs neighbor

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You are laying down late in the evening, watching some tv before bed. You have gotten ready for the night, dressed only in a blank tank top and blank panties, ready to drift off to sleep. You begin hearing a noise from upstairs, which begins to get louder. You hear the bass from the stereo upstairs turned on way too loud, vibrating your walls. You wait a few minutes to see if they will turn it down, but it gets a little louder, you can barely hear the TV, and there is no way you will be able to sleep with all the noise.

You throw on a red bathrobe, covering you to your knees, grab your keys, locking the door behind you and head upstairs, not stopping to put on shoes. You remember seeing a truck outside the weekend before, but have no idea who is up there. Following the sound of music you are able to determine which room it is upstairs. You had a pretty rough day at work, and are ready to rip into whoever this inconsiderate bastard is. You knock on the door, then pound to overcome the sound of the stereo.

The door swings open, and you begin to rant before even seeing who is there. Before you is a well built 6 foot man, glistening from his own sweat, wearing gym shorts, socks and shoes and nothing else. Out of the corner of your eye you see the TV on, with what looks to be a work out video. He stares at you for a bit, blank stare on his face. You stop, surprised to see him like this, and begin to look at his body. He takes the chance to say something but responds in what you think might be Russian, somewhere in there he may have said his name was “Alex”, but you are not sure. You give him your name as well, then try to figure out how to explain what the issue is.

You repeat “Radio” “stereo”, “music”, “too loud’, and motion without luck. Frustrated, you decide to just show him, you brush by, running your hand over his chest, feeling his strong body, and breathing in the musky smell from exercise, and head to the stereo to turn it down. You hear the door close behind you after you come in. You heart speeds up realizing you are alone with this man, and have no way of communicating. You turn the music down, until it is at a reasonable level. He comes up behind you, putting a hand on your back, steadying you, as he switches the song. It is a strong operatic sound, but again you have no idea what they are saying. He turns you towards him, places a hand at your waist, puts your arm on his shoulder, and his below yours, and is able to pronounce one English word, “Dance?”

You follow his lead, stumbling at first, unsure of the steps. He graceful leads you around his apartment, he has a fairly large open space with his furniture all pushed to the sides. You enjoy the feel of him as he gracefully moves you around the room. As you move, your robe begins to come lose, exposing more of your skin, the top of your breasts visible above your tank top and robe. You catch his eyes looking down, gazing on your fair skin, eyes lighting up to your beauty. He spins you out, and you get tangled in the belt of your robe, causing you to lose your footing. He catches you, and gives a gentle laugh.

You decide to see where this goes, and slide your robe off, tossing it to the side. His dark eyes gaze upon your figure, viewing up and down, eyes lingering on your legs. The music changes, this time to a slow melody, he pulls you tight to him, wraps his arms around you and you slowly move to the music. His warm arms wrap around you, your face nuzzled against his bare chest.  You move your arms along his strong back letting your fingers caress his flesh, desire building in you. Your right hand moves down to his ass, gently resting on top, feeling his firm butt.

When the song ends he takes your hand and begins to lead you, your anger gone, you begin to wonder how far this will go. You follow him to his bedroom, thinking you should say no, but longing for this to continue. He leads you to the bed and sets you on the edge. He begins kissing you deeply and you lay back on his bed as he does, letting him overpower you.

He kicks his shoes off and climbs into bed with you.  You put your arms around him as he climbs on top, kissing you deeply, his hand exploring your body. His right arm supports himself as his left starts at your neck, running it over your skin, and moving it down, sliding the sleeve of your tank top down, feeling the flesh over your shoulder. His firm hands move lower fondling your breast, sliding the tank top lower, so your breast is exposed. His lips kiss yours, gently kiss your top lip, sucking on it slightly. His firm hand surrounds your breast, squeezing it. His hand moves down, rubbing your side, stroking your skin, he pulls your tank top up and slides his hand along your side. His chest presses against yours, the bare flesh pressing against yours.

You move your hands along his back feeling his firm back, and running your fingers down, sliding your nails over him. With your right hand, you hold his shoulder, your left moving down to his butt, pushing his shorts and underwear down so you can feel his bare rear. You slide your hand up and down, giving it a squeeze.

His hand moves to your thigh, sliding along the side, his hand over your bare flesh, sliding over your skin and underwear, you feel his firm cock against your leg, as he holds above you. His clothing does little to suppress his hard on. His mouth moves down to your neck, then chest kissing down your body. His right hand moves over your panties, sliding his fingers over them teasing you. Your spread your legs as he does this, beckoning him to keep going. His mouth trails down to your exposed breasts, taking your nipple into his mouth, sucking on it. His fingers slide between your legs, rubbing against your pussy, sliding his fingers over it. Your panties begin to push inside of you as he rubs you, moistening as he strokes you, your pussy responding to his touch.  You moan out, spreading your legs further, enjoying his touch. His mouth moves lower, he lifts your tank top up, kissing down your stomach, down to your thighs. He kisses on the outside of your panties as his teases you, his left hand slides under you, fondling your ass, squeezing it. His mouth moves closer to your pussy, kissing your inner thigh, his lips against your skin. Your slide your tank top off, exposing your chest to him, your take your left hand and run it through his hair as he pleasures you, your right teasing your breasts.

He grabs your panties with his hands sliding them down your legs, past your knees, down your calves and off your feet, tossing them to the side. He is kneeling at the edge of the bed, looking over your bare exposed body, viewing your soft skin, his eyes lusting after you. He begins to kiss you starting at your feet, and working his way up. His hands slide along your legs as his lips press against your skin. He works his way up to your thigh, his lips approaching you slowly. He kisses around the edge of your pussy, teasing you, moist lips against you, his right hand on your ass, his left on your inner thigh, his thumb teasing your clitoris. He looks up at you, his dark eyes looking at yours, making sure you are enjoying him. His mouth kisses the edge of your pussy, teasing you, his tongue begins to flick against you, and he breathes in your scent. His right hand rubs your ass, moving closer to your hole as he rubs you. His left hand slides over your clit, circling it with his index finger.

You moan as he pleases you, focused on filling your desire, you stroke his thick hair, and close your eyes, letting him fulfill your need. He turns his left hand and slides two fingers into your wet moist pussy, rubbing them against the top of your vagina fingers pressed against you. His tongue moves to your clitoris, licking over your skin, as his lips kiss you. He swirls his tongue around, slowly circling you, looking at your eyes to see if you are enjoying it. His right hand moves to the edge of your anus, sliding over it, putting pressure on you but not going inside. He pushes back the skin above your clitoris, and moves his lips onto it, gently kissing it, a light flick with his tongue, he then presses his tongue against you and pulses it, his fingers sliding up and down inside of you, reaching for your gspot.

You look down at him, his face buried inside of you, his nose on your mound, as he pleases you, teasing you, fingering you. You begin to orgasm, moaning out, your body shivering as the pleasure moves up you. He slows his fingering, and just holds against you, tongue on your clitoris, fingers on your ass, and fingers in your pussy. You grab his hair and hold him in place, keeping him pressed against you, and grind your pussy against him, trying to keep the orgasm at its peak. He closes his eyes and stays still, just slightly pulsing his tongue against you. You grab him tightly one last time, then pull him up your body. You guide his face up to yours, you smell your own pussy on him, and guide him to your neck, not wanting to taste yourself. You pulls his shorts and boxers down to his knees, exposing his long hard cock. You run your hands over it, feeling his hard organ, and run your hand over his balls. You guide his cock towards your pussy, you press it against the outside first, sliding it between your legs, using it to stimulate yourself further. You hold the top of his cock as it slides against your pussy, and over your clitoris. You moan wondering if you could orgasm again so soon. His lips press against your neck, tasting your skin. You rub his shaft against you, using him for your own pleasure, treating his cock like a sex toy to arouse yourself, you slide the tip around the edge of your pussy, running it along your lips. He pushes down, wanting to go inside you, he can easily overpower you, but doesn’t, and lets you use him further. He sits up kneeling between your legs, his cock pressed against you. You look down, watching the head of his cock slide up and down as you press his shaft firmly against you, its moist from your pussy and his own sweat. He moans, grab your ass firmly in one hand and teases your left nipple with the other. You hover on the edge of orgasm, and finally slide his cock deep into you. He moans as he cock slides into your well lubricated pussy, moist from your excitement.

He pushes deep into you, but slowly, driving his cock as far as he can, grabbing your ass to push himself deeper, fondling your tits with each thrust. His cock feels so good in your pussy, sliding inside of you, filling you up. You lift your hands above your head, and he holds them both down, pinning you to the bed. Your breasts move up and down with each hard thrust, you struggle against him, but he holds you firm. He begins to kiss you thrusting his tongue deep into your mouth, pushing like his cock is pushing against you. He pushes harder with each thrust, clearly in control, using you now as you used him. He thrusts faster, no longer concerned for you, but working towards his own orgasm. He holds you down, you are his toy, his slave to be fucked as needed. You close your eyes and struggle against him, but unable to move, his firm muscles and weight keeping you pinned down. You try to push him off you, but are nowhere near his strength. He moans as he thrusts, deeper and faster, his tongue pushing deeper as well, flicking against yours. His raw animal lust overwhelms you, and you orgasm one last time, moaning and writhing against him.

He grasps your arms tightly and cums inside of you, his cock hard, his warm semen filling up your vagina, he lets out one last moan. He slowly thrusts a few more times, as the last of his semen spits out of him. When his cock stops pulsing he slides off of you, you feel an emptiness without him inside of you. He lies on his back and pulls you onto him, your head on his chest, and your leg over his. He rubs your back, your bodies pressed against each other. Your rest in his arms for a few minutes, then dress and head back to your apartment.

You don’t hear his stereo again that night, but a few nights later, the bass is pounding again as you get ready for bed. You put on a thin black nightie, with matching see through thong, 3 inch heels, and put your robe over it and head on up to his place, thinking about your last experience, you’re wet before you even get to his apartment.

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