Megan Gets Tricked

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Megan was walking home from another boring day at school. Thinking back over the conversation she had overheard in the toilets at school, where a girl in the year above her was telling her friend about how she had been made to suck off and then swallow her boyfriends cum. She went on to explain how she had been wanting to wait till she was ready. However after a heavy make our session where they had both been kissing and touching, her boyfriend had pulled out his cock and told her to suck it. She had told him she didn’t want to, but he took hold of the back of her head and forced her face down on his cock and pushed it in till she choked. She told her friend how she had not known how to stop him and the next thing she knew he was cumming in her mouth and all she could do was swallow. He had left her on the bed crying, with cum dripping down her chin onto her school shirt. Nothing remotely like that had happened to Megan in her short 18 year life; she had never had a boyfriend or even been kissed, but she wasn’t ashamed of this, she was proud that she was going to wait for the right guy. She was, however, sure that she wouldn’t have put up with a guy forcing her into doing anything and would have bitten off the guy’s cock if he had tried making her suck it. She smiled to herself as she reached her door and let herself in.

Walking through the house Megan wasn’t surprised to find that the house was empty. Her mum worked late most days and she usually had to make dinner for herself and her younger brother John when he wasn’t out with his friends or at football practice. As it was a Wednesday evening, she knew that John wouldn’t be home for a few hours and her mum could be in some time after 9 that night. She walked into the kitchen and quickly made herself a sandwich before putting herself in front of the television on the sofa and grabbing her laptop to check Facebook. After commenting on a few friends’ status’s and updating her own on the new Paramore song she liked, she quickly got bored and decided to go onto a chat site and mess about for a bit. Now although Megan was a virgin that didn’t mean she didn’t know about sex and didn’t play with herself now and again when she was bored or horny; she had discovered an online chat site for people on Google a few months back and had been on around once a week ever since. She would spend a few hours while she was alone in the house chatting to random guys about music or movies and as the conversation went on it would soon turn to sex and cybering. She had never actually touched herself while chatting to the guys, but would play along until she could feel herself getting very wet and then would log off and go up to her room and slowly fantasize about what it would be like to actually do some of the things the guys had told her about. Eventually she would have a nice long orgasm and lie still until she calmed down, then she would get a shower and chill out until her mum came home. She and her mum would then learn all about each other’s day.

Today was just like any other time. Megan had been logged into the site for an hour under her log-in name IvoryGurlM. She had chatted to a few guys but nothing fun had happened so far and she was considering skipping chatting and just going to get a shower when she got a PM from a random guy she had never spoken to before called Dominatus.

Dominatus: So you’re bored and sitting at home with nothing to do, you get the usual PM’s from losers in here asking all about your favourite band under some pretext to pretend they are interested in you to make you have cyber sex with them. Well I’m Dominatus and if you give me a chance I will give you something longer lasting than the 2 minute thrill you have gotten so far on this site.

Megan sat for a few minutes thinking that it was a strange introductory message to get but not the worse she had received by a long shot; she was intrigued and decided to answer him.

IvoryGurlM: Hello Dominatus; you’re quite right I am very bored and just thinking about logging off, so better you’d make the most of me!

She giggled to herself and thought she would see if he could live up to his claims.

Dominatus: Well let’s start by getting to know one another; you can call me Sir, and Sir wants to know your name and what you are wearing.

Megan laughed out loud at this straight forward demand, but decided she would play along and see what happened.

IvoryGurlM: OK Sir, lol, my name is Rachel and I’m naked.

She giggled to herself, thinking, that will get him going.

Dominatus: Very amusing, but if you lie to me again I am going to leave you alone and you will never experience what only I can give you and you will regret it for the rest of your life. Now tell me the truth.

For some reason Megan just didn’t think through her next message and told the absolute truth.

IvoryGurlM: Sorry Sir, my name is Megan and I only just got in from school so I have on my uniform.

Dominatus: I want to know every stitch that you have on Megan, not just a vague idea of it! Try again!

Megan was annoyed at the demanding tone but then found herself answering anyway.

IvoryGurlM: I have on a white shirt and black trousers and plain white knickers and a bra; I took off my tie when I got in…Sir

Dominatus: OK Megan, much better; now tell me how old you are and how long you have the house to yourself for?

Megan wondered if it was a lucky guess that he knew she was alone, but didn’t question it.

IvoryGurlM: ummmm I’m 18 and I will be on my own for a couple of hours; how old are you?

Dominatus: You forgot to call me Sir, so now I am not going to tell you my age or answer any other questions you have about me; instead I want to know more about you. Do you have a boyfriend Megan?

Megan got a little more annoyed at this and considered closing down the conversation if she wasn’t going to learn anything from this guy, but then took a deep breath and answered.

IvoryGurlM: No SIR, I’ve never had a boyfriend.

Dominatus: So you’re a virgin then; that’s good. I don’t like what you’re wearing so your going to go change for me. Go and put on the shortest skirt you own, a vest top with no bra and a thong.

Megan blushed when she was referred to as a virgin but then smiled as he told her to change; it was more usual that she was being ordered to strip not put clothes on. She waited 5 minutes and then replied.

IvoryGurlM: OK Sir I have on what you asked.

Dominatus: This is the second time you have lied to me Megan; once more and I’m gone from your life for good. Now get your ass up to your room and change as I’ve told you!

Megan sat for a second, wondering how he knew she hadn’t done as he asked and then she decided she would go change and see what he had in mind next. There could be no harm in it.

When she got to her room she slowly stripped off her school uniform and underwear until she was naked and then looked at herself in the mirror. She had long dark brown hair which she had straightened that morning for school. It came down to her shoulders, Her thin eyebrows arched over deep blue eyes, all complemented with a small nose and a sweet small mouth. She was quite thin but well toned from all the running and swimming she did for school. As she looked at herself she turned and cupped her small b cup breasts and felt her hard nipples poking between her fingers. She let her hands drop and brush over her flat stomach and then down over her trimmed pubic hair onto her pussy lips, which she found surprisingly wet. She realised she had let her mind wander and quickly went though her drawers and pulled out an old denim skirt from the bottom drawer that she hadn’t worn in about 3 years. She quickly pulled it on, along with a white vest top and her only thong that she had bought one day when she was in a strange naughty mood and had only worn a handful of times. She looked at herself again in the mirror and wasn’t unhappy with the way she looked. She would never have worn this all out, but she thought she looked pretty anyway, apart from the skirt being just under her little bum. She turned and rushed downstairs thinking that he would probably be gone because of how long she had taken.
She discovered that instead the chat program had logged her off for not using it in 15 minutes and strangely she felt disappointed that she wouldn’t discover what Dominatus was going to say next.

Megan was considering just forgetting all about the night so far and just going back upstairs and stripping out of the clothes and giving up, but instead she hit log-in again and re-entered her nickname and looked through the list of people in the chat room to see if Dominatus was still there. She felt her face break out in a smile when she saw his name and quickly opened a conversation window.

IvoryGurlM: I’m soooo sorry sir! It just logged me out while I was away.

Dominatus: That’s OK Megan. It wasn’t your fault, perhaps you had better give me your MSN address and we can chat on messenger; that way I wont lose you again

Being so pleased that she hadn’t missed out on what else was going to be said by Dominatus, Megan didn’t even think before she quickly typed out her personal MSN address rather than the one she usually gave out to guys on the chat site. Once she realised what she had done she regreted it, but then decided that now that he had it, she should just log onto her own MSN and chat on there. She logged on offline so no one would disturb her and then sat and waited till she got Dominatus friend request. Once she accepted it she opened up a window with him to chat.

Megan: I’ve put myself as showing offline so I wont get loads of people trying to chat to me. I hope that is OK

Dominatus: No I want to see if you go offline, so just change it to busy and ignore anyone who sends you a message.

Megan pouted slightly and then did as she was asked. What she suddenly realised was that she had a picture of herself as her display picture sitting by a tree in jeans and a t-shirt smiling up at her brother as he took a picture of her. She had quickly changed it to the default fish picture when she got another message.

Dominatus: You are incredibly gorgeous Megan! You may as well leave the picture up. I have seen it now…you should never hide; you’re way too pretty for that.

She blushed hearing the compliment, the first she had ever received from someone who wasn’t family.

Dominatus: I’ll tell you what, if you send me that picture of you so I can see it in full size I will send you one of me, so you can see what I look like.

Megan sat and thought about this for a minute; she was very curious to find out what this guy looked like after chatting to him for an hour and there was no harm. He had seen her already after all. She clicked send a file or photo and found the photo amongst other random photos of her and her friends. She hit send.

Dominatus: Well Megan you have got me all hard seeing you in full screen; you truly are a beauty.

The file request appeared on her screen and Megan quickly hit accept and waited for it to download. Then she opened the file and was greeted with the sight of a guy in just jeans with a well build body, six pack, big arms, short dark hair and bright blue eyes and a stunning smile. She couldn’t believe how gorgeous this guy was and wondered why he would be talking to her.

Dominatus: Megan? Anything you want to say?

Megan: You’re very handsome sir, I feel lucky that I got to talk to you.

Megan felt her hand straying and rubbing softly over her thong covered mound when the next message came.

Dominatus: Are you horny Megan?

Her hand moved away from her pussy quickly and then she laughed at herself; it was just a lucky guess she thought and put it back onto her pussy.

Megan: What makes you think that?

Dominatus: I can tell when a girl is wet; its one of my talents.

Megan laughed again and thought, if only you knew. Now she wanted to know what he had in mind next.

Megan: What now Sir?

Dominatus: Now I want you to pull your vest top up over your tits and pinch your little nipples for me.

Thinking for a second, Megan laughed and decided to just pretend again. She had never had the most sensitive nipples and hardly ever played with them; she was happy where her hand was right now, she started to typ

Dominatus: Remember you’re on your last warning; any more lies and we won’t be continuing our conversation.

Megan laughed, convinced that he always made this point and assumed she would do it anyway the second time. She sat for a second again, slowly rubbing herself over her now wet thong and then again began to type that she had done as she was asked.

Dominatus: Megan, if you can’t take this seriously you will never benefit from what I can give you, this is your last chance.

She sat stunned for a second, wondering how he could know she wasn’t following his orders. Then she made a decision that would change things forever; she reached down and pulled her vest top up over her small boobs and slowly started to pinch her hard little nipples.

Megan: Ok Sir I’m doing what you said.

Dominatus: Good girl, you’re doing great. Does that feel good baby girl?

Megan smiled at the compliment and quickly replied.

Megan: My nipples are not very sensitive, I prefer just rubbing my pussy.

She blushed not meaning to say so much but feeling confident enough to make this confession.

Dominatus: Well I want you to enjoy yourself, so instead I want you to stand up, take off your thong and push a finger inside your wet little pussy for me.

Megan got up quickly pleased she could touch her pussy again and pulled her skirt up around her waist before pulling down her thong and slowly running her fingers over her pussy, spreading herself slightly. Then, sitting down, she slowly pushed a finger into her tight wet pussy.

Megan: mmmm that’s so much better.

Dominatus: Are you using a laptop Megan?

Megan: Yes Sir.

Dominatus: Let’s go up to your room so you can get more comfortable.

Jumping up again, Megan decided this was a great idea and quickly took her laptop upstairs into her room and positioned it between her legs as she propped herself up sitting so she could read and type while she was playing.

Megan: Ok Sir I’m in my room on my bed….touching myself lol.

Dominatus: Good girl; put the finger from your pussy in your mouth and tell me how you taste.

Gross! Was Megan’s first thought, but then she decided she would go along with it; so far this had all been a lot of fun. She put the finger into her mouth and sucked off all the juices. She smiled; there wasn’t a really strong taste, just a slightly tangy and sweet flavour. She wouldn’t object to tasting more.

Megan: I taste sweet Sir

Dominatus: I bet you do! I can’t wait to try and see for myself. Have you ever played with your ass before Megan?

Wow she thought, this is getting more gross by the second

Megan: No and I don’t think I will be starting today either, nobody can enjoy doing that.

Dominatus: How do you know when you have never tried and why do so many girls do it if they all hate it?

Megan was surprised that she wasn’t told off and ordered to do it, but she sat and thought for a second. She had definitely heard of anal sex before and not just in the gay way, so there must be a reason people did it.

Megan: What would you like me to do?

Dominatus: Take your wet finger and slowly rub it all over your asshole and get it nice and wet, then get some more of your pussy juice on your finger and slowly push it into your bum.

She took a deep breath and followed his instructions, slowly rubbing her asshole with a finger, which was surprisingly nice and then coating her finger in her pussy juices. She then slowly pushed her finger inside. About half way in it started to feel uncomfortable and then once she was nearly all the way in it started to hurt, so she stopped and took out her finger.

Megan: I don’t like it, it hurts!

Dominatus: Well you will learn to love it I promise you that. Move back to your pussy then and slowly play with your clit.

Megan smiled that she had been let off so easily and didn’t have to turn off her computer when he insisted. She went back to rubbing her clit and enjoying the feeling.

Dominatus: Ready for the next part of your training?

Training? Megan laughed; as if. But she was interested to see what was next on the agenda, so she quickly replied with one hand.

Megan: YES SIR!!!!

Dominatus: Do you know your next door neighbours well?

Megan decided that this had gone too far and she wouldn’t do what he asked next, but curiosity made her carry on to find out what it would be before she blocked him.

Megan: Yes there is an old couple on one side who are like 80 or something and then on the other side is this creepy guy who my parents don’t like and is always trying to speak to me, why?

Dominatus: Well as you’re so rude and don’t speak back to him, I think he deserves a treat. I want you to go next door and knock on his door When he answers, ask him for some milk as you have run out. Then when he gets back I want you to drop your house keys on the floor, turn your back to him and bend over to pick them up without bending your knees. Then you will look over your shoulder while bent over and thank him for the milk. Then come back to me!

She laughed out loud at the outrageous demand and then rolled her eyes. As if she was going to expose herself to a creep like him. No one had seen her pussy apart from her parents when she was really young, she wasn’t about to let the next door neighbour be the first to have that privilege.

Megan: ummmm No I won’t be doing that, sorry Sir.

Dominatus: Well actually, Megan James from London, you will be doing it.

Megan felt her mouth drop open as he called her by her full name, she was sure she hadn’t told him that and she definitely knew she hadn’t told him where she lived.

Dominatus: Don’t look so shocked; it wasn’t very hard to find out all about you once I had your email address you stupid bitch While you have been busy playing with your tight, little cunt, I have been looking at your face book page finding out all about you and making sure I knew who all your friends were.

She felt herself get angry at how stupid she had been but then laughed and decided he had done her a favour; she wouldn’t make the same mistake again and could easily make her page more private so he wouldn’t see anything else. If he contacted any of her friends she could just say he was a stalker or something.

Megan: Like I give a shit you weirdo, I’m going now. Don’t message me on face book. You will be blocked!

Dominatus: I wouldn’t be so fast to go yet Megan. I have a surprise for you, and trust me you don’t want to ignore this.

Megan saw a link appear to a website; she hesitated for a second and then clicked it. The page loaded slowly but then all of a sudden she saw herself on the page in a video, sitting in her living room downstairs with her boobs out, slowly pinching her nipples. The colour slowly drained out of her cheeks. How could this have happened? The webcam light had never gone on. How did he do that?

Dominatus: I see you’re watching your present; quite the little slut you seem. I especially love the part where you finger your tight little bum. I bet all of your class mates and your parents would love to see too, not to mention your little brother.

Her world slowly came crashing down around her. She was in total shock and didn’t know what to do.

Megan: What do you want?

Dominatus: From now on you’re mine. You will follow my orders to the letter and do anything I ask. If you please me until the end of the summer holidays, I will delete the video and let you start your new school year free from me.

Megan sat and thought about this, it was only 6 months away. While 6 months was a long time, it was better than her life being ruined forever. How bad could it be anyway? It was only over the internet.

Megan: Ok Sir, what do I have to do?

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