Melissa's Tales Ch 2

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Chapter 2

Melissa and Nicholas went in the house. Melissa was still very arouse after what just happened. Her tits were still hang from her torn shirt and her pants were still unzipped showing part of her black pussy. Her nipples were still very hard.
Melissa was a very attractive woman. She was dark skinned about 5 foot 4 weight about 140lbs. Her size 42D tit and nice round ass just turned any man on. Those chocolate brown eyes those thick lips. Those lips could give any man or woman pleasure.
Nicholas loved peeking in Melissa’s room as she dressed everyday. Jared, Bensen and he like to watch Melissa, Angela, and Serena in the hot tub together. Melissa his the biggest breast and roundest ass. Guess its true what they say black women have the sexiest figure. But looking at Melissa right now he knew she was very aroused.
Melissa was very horny and looking at Nicholas six pack didn’t help. He was so fine that she had always had a crush on him. Nicholas was very handsome. He had shoulder link blond hair. He was six five with a six pack to be licked. This was the first time Melissa had seen Nicholas completely naked. His dick was huge it look to be about twelve inches long and two inches thick. Melissa had fucked only one boy and that was her high school boy friend and that was two years ago.
Melissa goes to sit on the couch. Nicholas goes to the kitchen to get her a cup a water. Melissa is so horny that she begins to rub on her breast, hoping that Nicholas will not come back to fast. She pinches her nipple. Nicholas stands in the door and watch. Melissa does notice him stand there. She stick two finger in her mouth and sucks them. Her other hand is easing down her pants. She begins to play with herself. Nicholas pulls on his dick and walks over to her. He sits the water down. He grabs both of her hands and pushes them above her head. She struggle a little pushing her tits closer to his mouth. The put her gumdrop nipple into his mouth and begins to suck.

“Hmmmmm Nichooolas,” Melissa moans.

Nicholas lets go of her hand and yanks off her pants she had on no underwear. Nicholas flips her over on her stomach and pull her hand behind her back. He pickes up a scarf he finds on the couch and ties her hand together. He put her chin on the back of the couch. She’s almost parallel. Nicholas spreads her ass cheeks apart.

“No Nicholas not my ass.”she plead.
He licks her asshole and he can feel her tightened up.She still pleading. Nicholas licks her ass again. He rubs his finger into her fat pussy. Is so wet he can see it on his fingers. He use his lub finger to stick one in her ass.

“No Nicholas not my ass.” Her is tight he can tell she’s an anul virgin.
He pushes another finger in her fat tight ass. Then he put a finger in her pussy. Melissa gave juice box another meaning for how tight her cat and ass was. Melissa was starting to like having a finger in both of her two holes and she was moaning now. It felt so good her nipple was hard she was so close. Melissa felt like it was a pulse in her ass and pussy. Then Melissa cummed over Nicholas hand. Her body felt light.
Nicholas entered kissed her ass hole one more time. He licked Melissa’s pussy and he knew why the man looked like he was eating candy. Melissa pussy was tastey and delicious. After Melissa came again he entered hear hot cunt.He could barely go in. He fuck slow first. One pump two pumps and then three pumps. Then he fuck her hard and fast force cock the rest of the way into that tight juicy little fat pussy. He was shocked he could get half of hisself into her . He was only six inches in and he she was crying and moaning all at the same time.

“Nicholos it hurt,” Melissa moaned “My pussy too small”

“Do you want me to stop,”Nicholos has only five inches to go before he is completely into her body, he pumps into four more time hard.

“No Nicholas but slow down” She moaning her pussy is still very tight around his huge cock. Jared and Serena is around watching.

Nicholas has stopped fucking Melissa and she begging him to kept fucking her with his huge dick. Jared and Serena goes around to see Melissa face.He begins fucking her again.He get more inch into that fat pussyshe starting to loosing up and her hip are rolling around. She close to the edge when she notice Jared and Serena watching but she so close she can control nothing. Her pussy is jerking around his dick and she has come over and over again. She feel him about to cum she move more they are both out of control, she feel his ball smacking against her ass . It feel so good now that her pussy has stopped hurting and and the she came. Nicholas pull out and nut all over Melissa’s back and the black couch.
Nicholas unties Melissa and let her sit down. He spread her legs and look at how pink her little pussy is. Jared and Selena look too. Melissa reaches down to touch her pussy she put her finger in her mouth. She is so tired. Jared , Selena, and Nicholas all taste the mixed cum in Melissa’s pussy and they think she taste like candy too!

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