Melissa's Tales ch 4 edited

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Melissa was really starting to come out of her shell having a good time with all of the roommates. The remaining roommates really wanted a taste of her too to see if Nicholas and Angela were really telling the truth. The remaining roommates all wanted their taste of Melissa and they were planning to get it. There was three roommates left s to go and Melissa didn’t mind servicing them as this was beginning to become fun.

Melissa was at the house thinking she woke up she was alone so she didn’t bother to put on any clothes. She only wore panties to sleep so that left her breast bouncing as she ran to the kitchen for breakfast. She was sitting at the counter eating an orange when out the blue Serena and Jared into the kitchen both naked, as always and Melissa attempts to cover her breast. Serena and Jared laugh while saying what you covering those tits for? Jared pulls on his dick and comments I much rather see the pussy along with those tits as he licks his lips smiling at both of them.

Serena comments that maybe Melissa should feed us breakfast just as she pushes Melissa back on the counter and tugging her underwear off. She spread Melissa’s legs and leans down to lick on her pussy. Melissa is thinking she wants to tell Serena to stop but it is feeling too good. Jared slyly moves to Melissa’s mouth and slides his dick to her lip Melissa starts to licks the head. Jared dick is an about three inches thick and it seven inches long compared to Nicholas 2 inches thick and almost 12 inches long. He is playing with her sensitive nipples and Serena can tell it turning her on because her pussy is getting wetter.

Jared is sliding in and out of Melissa’s mouth as she doing a really good job. He takes his hand from her breast and moves them to hold her head as he forces his dick down her throat he can feel her gagging so he pulls out. Then he does this over and over again. He about to cum but he decides to pulls out. He could tell Melissa was about to cum before he pulled out because her throat was relaxed and his dick just slipped right in. Nicholas and Angela was right when they said Melissa flowed she flowed like a river Serena would experience when Melissa cum’s was all over her face. Her pussy juice left a sweet taste in Serena’s mouth. And Jared was already sucking on one of Melissa tits again as she jacked him off.

Melissa pleads for someone to please, someone finger my pussy as her body was still quivering from the orgasm Serena had just given her. She was about to the job herself when Jared put his finger in her pussy then she began to play with Serena tits while Serena was sucking hers. Melissa pussy was clenching around Jared’s two fingers. He would flick them back and forward in Melissa pussy seeming to send her over the edge with another orgasm. Jared and Serena were both enjoying their time pleasuring Melissa. She came so easily and when she did it was like a waterfall. The taste of her pussy still had Serena licking her lips.

Melissa had three fingers working on Serena’s pussy and she had already cum on her fingers and had to herself sturdy using the counter. When both women had cum Jared move Melissa body to the floor and put her in a doggy-style position he pushed his dick into her slick pussy and thinks to himself she was tight and wet. Melissa was glad that Jared dick was not as big as Nicholas but he did fill that tight hole up. He was fucking her good while forcing his way into her tight pussy and Serena while on her back sliding in front of Melissa to allow her to begin licking Serena’s cherry in her mouth and sucking it harder every time Jared slammed into that little pussy. This action had Serena Moaning and Cumming in Melissa’s mouth and all over her face. Then Melissa was about to cum because the sucking had become uncontrollably on Serena clit and pussy lips.

While Melissa had just cum again Jared hadn’t yet so he continued to fuck Melissa as he grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them apart. He continues fucking her while her pussy is holding him tight and on edge he was losing control and just about to cum so he slides his thumb in Melissa ass and she try to raise her head up but she holds it in place. Melissa continues licking Serena as Jared slowly starts to pulls his thumb out of her anal opening and she orgasms again. Jared decides to pull out of her pussy and to cum in between her ass cheeks then Jared held her in place while Serena got up and came behind them. Serena and Jared start licking all that cum from Melissa’s back side that Jared had just placed there while she orgasms again. Their decision was the same as everybody so far and that was Melissa had some sweet pussy!!!!

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