Morning On The Cruise Ship

You stand at the railing overlooking the sea, a gentle breeze flowing over your skin. A lightweight, transparent, white shirt draped over your bikini. The warm, morning sun heating your body as you bask in the rays. You close your eyes as the water laps against the boat rocking with the waves.

You feel someone walk up to the railing, I slide my hand underneath your shirt, gently caressing your back, my hand sliding just above the edge of your bikini bottoms. My fingertips brush against your skin, I lean in, my chest lightly touching your back.

You lift your left arm up and run your fingers down the back of my head, sliding over my close cut hair. You pull my head towards your neck, and my moist lips press against your skin. You push back against the railing, your smooth ass pushing against my thigh, only partially covered by your swimsuit. You slowly slide your bottom up and down, pressing against my thin swim suit, the edge brushing my crotch.

I press my lips against your neck, your hand pulling me closer, I kiss down your neck to your shoulders, my right hand squeezing your back, my left hand sliding along your side. You turn your head towards me, and our lips meet, your tongue gently flicking over my lips.

You turn your body towards me, pressing your body against mine, you can feel my cock stiffening, which arouses you further. Looking up at me, our eyes meet. You press your right hand against my chest, firmly grabbing it, you lift your lips up to mine, your tongue darting into my mouth, intertwining with mine. Your shirt slides back as you press your body against mine, our bare skin touching, flesh to flesh. Your left hands slides up my back pulling us closer together.

I glance around at the empty deck, still early in the morning, none of the other passengers on the small ship are awake yet, resting from a long night. I slide my hands down, pushing your flimsy shirt down, until it is hanging from your wrists, your back exposed except for a tiny strip of your bikini, small amounts of sweat beginning to form. My left hand slides over your upper back as my right slips down, caressing the small of your back, my fingertips sliding under the top of your bikini bottoms, brushing the top of your ass.  I pull your body towards mine, my hand caressing lower, massaging your back and teasing your soft ass. My tongue pushing against yours, nibbling on your soft lips.

You slide your lips down, biting my lower lip, my beard tickling your skin. Your soft lips trail to my neck, moist lips teasing me, you let your shirt float to the ground and caress my chest with your hands. You slide your leg between mine, pressing against my thigh, sliding your crotch against my leg. Your lips continue down to my chest, I let out a soft moan as your tongue flicks my nipple. You feel my cock harden and press against you through my flimsy swimsuit. You slide your hand down my chest, and untie the strings of my swimsuit and pull them down slowly until my penis slides out the top. Your fingers wrap around my shaft sliding up and down, as your tongue and lips tease my chest.

I moan as you caress me, holding you tight, I let you stroke me, as I run my hands over your smooth skin, wet from the salty air and sweat, my fingers sliding over your back. I move my hands down and cup your ass, squeezing you tight, I then push your bottoms down to your ankles, exposing you fully. The cool breeze tickles your skin, sending a shiver through your body. I turn you around, and you rest your hands on a deck chair for support. I grab your hips and slide my stiff cock between your ass cheeks, the sweat working as lubrication as it glides over your skin. My right hand slides between your legs, gently spreading them, my two fingers circling your wet lips, feeling your moisture, testing to see if you are ready for me to come into you. The palm of my hand presses against your clitoris, as my fingers slide inside you, my hand slides  up and down, my fingers sliding into your wet body.

You look forward across the deck, towards the handful of cabin windows that face the back deck, wondering if anyone may catch us. One of the curtains flutters as you see the shadow of a figure walk by, the thought of someone watching excites you. You reach behind you, grabbing my cock, and guide it towards you, the tip of it brushing against your pussy. You stroke me as the head penetrates you, sliding easily inside. You release and brace against the chair, pushing towards me as I slide all the way in. We gently fuck as we allow the motion of the boat to rock our bodies against each other. You move my right hand to your hip, to steady us.

Squeezing your hip with my right hand, I run my left one along your back, my fingers gently teasing your skin. I slowly thrust into you, enjoying the feel of being inside your body. I move my right hand to your ass and give it a tight squeeze.

You moan out as I release my grip, my cock filling you up, pressing inside. Your eyes look forward, glancing to the cabins, focusing on the one you saw movement in, noticing the curtain has opened slightly to the side. You can see the outline of a figure in the window, you can’t see his face, just the outline of his firm body. You look down, and see his arm moving up and down, unable to see him fully, but you know he is stroking himself. You let out a moan, enjoying the idea of him pleasuring himself, looking at you. You slide your left hand up and start to caress your breast, sliding under your top, squeezing and rubbing under your top, and then sliding the top down, exposing yourself, giving him a show. Your hand moves to the other breast, pulling the top down first, then circling your nipple with your fingers, teasing him, making him want more. The man in the cabin strokes himself faster, clearly enjoying the view, watching you tease your chest as you get taken from behind. You moan with pleasure, both at having a firm member in you, and at watching someone please themselves.

I slide both my hands around your waist pulling you close, pushing myself deeper inside of you, my left hand slides between your legs, rubbing over your clitoris, as I push my cock deep into you. My breathing gets faster as I go deep inside of you, moaning louder as I get closer to coming.

Your breathing is deeper as well, your pussy moist, as you get closer to orgasm. You decide to tease the mystery man further, sensually sliding your fingers into your mouth, wrapping your lips around them, and slowly pulling them out, your moist lips wetting them. You slide them in and out a few more times, in rhythm with our bodies, licking them with your tongue. You then take your wet fingertips and tease your nipples, first the left then right one, circling them with your fingers, pinching them. Your body is glistening with sweat, the sun further up in the sky. The man rubs himself more intensely as you tease. You then slide my hand up from your crotch to your bare breast, and move your own hand between your legs, your other hand on your breast. Both our hands on your chests, your fingers teasing your clitoris, you moan at all the different sensations, bringing yourself closer. You watch the man rubbing himself intensely, staring lustfully at your body. You slip your fingers from your breasts and to your mouth again, sliding your fingers into your mouth, sucking on them like a cock, teasing him further.

I grasp you tightly, my right hand on your chest, my left on your waist, as I begin to cum. I hold you still as my cock pulses, filling you up. You close your eyes, and massage yourself, bringing yourself to orgasm, your fingers pushing you over the edge as I push into you a few more times as I finish cumming. You let out a gentle moan as the sensation washes over your body. You grasp my thigh firmly, holding me close, riding me, as the orgasm begins to fade.

You open your eyes and look at the window, and the curtains are pulled closed again. With your desire fading, you realize how exposed you are and you quickly dress, pulling your swimsuit and shirt on again, and you see that I have pulled my swimsuit up as well. You briefly wonder who the man was.

I look at you with a big smile on my face, “I need to go shower and clean myself up, care to join me?”

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