Mr. Slippers Picks Up A Streetwalker

While flipping through the channels, I found a movie about prostitutes. I, myself, had sworn off street walkers years before, after some especially nerve-wracking experiences. But as I watched the movie, I became more and more aroused. Finally I said wth, and headed out into the night (still in my slippers, of course).

As I drove towards the red light area, I tried to remind myself to be hesitant and careful about whom I pick up. But my brain just couldn’t find a place to keep those warnings, as they were constantly replaced with my fantasies of fucking a random, anonymous hot Ebony chick. I mean, there isn’t much that’s better than that.

Upon reaching the hooker area, I saw a few walking on the next block. I sped up to reach them and then hit the brakes just short of them, in order to slowly cruise by and get a look at them. One was black and two were Latina, but all three were kind of ugly. Don’t get me wrong, I’d had sexual relations with ugly women before (and even paid for it), but I didn’t notice anything about these three that would make me think of picking one up.

As I drove on, every hooker I saw looked better than the one prior, but I just couldn’t pull the trigger. I just kept driving, hoping that I’d eventually find the one that just left me no doubt. And then I saw her…

She was standing on the corner, arms akimbo, a black beauty with darkish skin and orange-red hair, wearing sunglasses. She stood about 6′ tall in her (at least) five inch high red patent leather pumps. She looked absolutely majestic, and my mouth started to literally water. Unfortunately I was stuck at a traffic light and couldn’t get anywhere near her. The light just wouldn’t change, and I prayed silently, as I watched car after car pass by her.

“Let her be there, God. Let me pick her up. Please!” I was sweating and biting my lip and my face was turning red, and I must’ve looked like a total freak. But luckily car after car were passing her by, and finally after about a total of two minutes, the light changed. My tires actually peeled out, as I eagerly sped towards her. I pulled my car up next to her.

“Hi,” I said. She looked down her nose, over her sunglasses, towards me. “Umm, are you going out?” I asked.

Without a word, she held her head up and surveyed the entire area for what seemed like an eternity. I once again, started praying to God.

Finally, she took that first step towards my car and then made her way in the passenger side door.

“Hi,” I said nervously. “I’m Steve, but you can call me Mr. Slippers,” I told her raising my foot off the pedal.

She sighed, shook her head, and looked out her window, and I felt like an idiot.

“Um, can we go to a hotel room,” I asked her hopefully.

After a long pause, she replied, “MM-hmm” in the sexiest way.

My dick immediately got a level or two harder than it already was, and I put my gas pedal to the floor.

We arrived at a local hotel within five minutes, and we walked to the front desk together. The cute little Latina desk was very polite, but it seemed that she kept looking at my partner very strangely. I just shrugged it off, paid the fee, and got the key. I made the move to hold my hottie’s hand, as we walked, and she obliged. I was already in ecstasy.

Upon reaching the room, I told her I’d like to start with some oral and then get to some full on sex. I took out some bills from my wallet and asked her how much. She walked closer to me and softly grabbed my hand, peeling of eight twenty-dollar bills. Then she stepped away and started to undress. I lay on the bed, rather than undressing, as I was desperate to see her naked already.

Off came her jacket, and her breasts looked big and good so far, under a her tight yellow tunic. Then off came the tunic to reveal huge, round, fake breasts (just the way I like them) cupped in a Victoria’s Secret bra. Then she slipped out of her heels, revealing finely pedicured feet. Then she turned around, while she shimmied out of her skirt and panties.

I sat up in anticipation as she turned around towards me, and the first thing that caught my eye was…

“Her” dick.

I got up off the bed and shuffled towards “her”. It had been so long since I’d picked up a streetwalker that I had forgotten that the best looking ones often weren’t actually female…

or had I?

I got down on my knees and started the oral…





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