My day with the neighnor

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Now I have wanted my neghbor, Jane for a long time now, 5 years to be exact, but I never thought I would have the chance to fuck her. She is 40 years old with a perfect body, tits are probably large C and you can see her thong threw her pants, witch drives me absolutly crazy!!!
My name is Dave i am 24, 6’2 short brown hair about 210 lbs. and pretty ripped if I do say so my self.
One day I was in my backyard enjoying a beautful summer day when i see jane sunvathing her tan skin on a raft in her pool. I dont know if she saw me starring but she called me over to join her. I took my shirt and pants off, now in my boxers, and got in. She told me that I had always attracted her and she wanted to suck me dry. So after flirting for a while in the pool we went inside together. I sat on the couch half naked as she came in in her tiny bikini. She sat next to me and slowly undressed and told me to do the same, i did.
Her body was more perfect then cood be imagined.At this point my 8″ cock was very hard with excitement. She slowly took the whole thing into her mouth and sucked like a pro for 10 minutes, then i layed down and she sat on my face so that i cood lick all of her juices, the taste was heavenly. Then i put my cock into her wet pussy. Her warm juices felt so good. After 20 mins of fucking she and I were ready to cum. Both of our bodys tensed up as we spilled into eachother. After we finished that i thought we were done but boy was I wrong. She got down on all fours and told my to fuck her ass harder than i did her pussy. So I did. Her ass was so tight and felt so good on my still very hard cock. I fucked her ass for a long time till i was ready to cum and took it out and busted in her mouth witch she licked up happly. After whe went out into the pool again, naked, hooked up for a while untill we were both ready to do it again, but this time she said she wood get her 16 year old daughter to join in the fun…

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  1. TJ911Turbo

    Next time you write your beat-off fantasy maybe you can beat-off then write a story. I mean develop a plot with maybe some reality and hopefully you’ll last longer too.

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