My Friends, My Lovers

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My Friends, My lovers

It started out so innocently that I’m not sure how it happened. Erica and her husband Dave came over for a little dinner with me and Joe. Dave was a nice looking guy but that’s as far as it ever went in my mind. His wife Erica was cute, sweet and one of my closest friends. As we sat down for dinner the talk quickly turned to sex. We all joked around a lot and the talk had made me wet and a little horny, but I would never let on. Dave noticed that my mind had wandered, Jen you okay he asked. Oh sure I said just thinking. (About fucking you I said to my self). Then felt guilty as I looked at Joe. Joe was the one who liked to talk about sex but I kept it to my self. Never would I let on that I thought about being bad every once in a while. Just then Joe was called away to work and I was left alone with Erica and Dave. We finished dinner and settled into the living room for some conversation and a little wine. Joe called and said he would be a least two hours. When I told Dave and Erica, Dave said that’s okay your hotter than Joe anyway. I was surprised that Dave said such a thing and even more surprised that Erica didn’t even make a disapproving look. The conversation went back to sex and to fantasies. After three glasses of wine I finally blurted out that I would love to be with a man while his wife ate me at the same time and I would come all over her face. I said that I never wanted it to happen but it made for great thoughts when I masturbated. When I was done telling my secret I could not believe that I had told someone else let alone my best friend and her husband.

Then to my surprise Dave got up and Sat down next to me, leaned over and kissed me. His tongue flicked in and out of my mouth. I thought, what is he doing, but for some reason started to return the kiss, forgetting that Erica was sitting a few feet away. I wanted to stop but my body longed for him and he had made me soaking wet. Dave pulled at my shirt and almost ripped it off. Then pulling at my tight black lace bra released my large breasts. I always hated them but took delight when Dave said your tits are just like I have imagined so many times. He pulled lightly on my nipples which made them stand out. I looked over at Erica and couldn’t believe she was not staring in disbelief, what she was doing was watching Dave and me while playing with her own Pussy. She had already taken off her pants and both her legs were spread showing off her pussy that was just trimmed but not completely hairless. Dave started to suck gently on my nipples while Erica got up and pulled off the jeans I had on. Dave stopped sucking my tits just long enough to say how hot my matching black panties looked. As he moved to my other nipple Erica slipped her hand in my panties that were now very wet. Her finger slid between my lips while the rest of her hand rubbed my pussy. I knew for sure that Dave was going to get to fuck me, after all that’s what I wanted, nothing complicated just fucked hard. I also new that my fantasy was playing out, but I didn’t know if Erica was really going to eat me. I did have hope though. While Erica pleasured me with her finger I pulled off Dave’s pants until I released his short but very thick cock. I knew that it was meant for my pussy and could hardly wait. I stared to play with Dave’s cock but he pulled it away and went down to eat me. He told me he liked to see me with nothing on and started by pulling off my socks, rubbing my legs all the way up my thighs until he reached my panties. Then slowly, as a tease, he pulled my panties off taking his time, while looking at my waiting hole, knowing that he was finally going to have me. He took both hands and wrapped them around by bare ass and pulled me close to his face. I watched as he felt my thin light brown hair, only an inch wide just above my slit. He told me how nice it was bare. I am shaved from the top of my slit to my ass. I started to wrap my legs around him while his tongue flicked at my clit and he put his fingers in and out of my dripping pussy. I played and pulled at my tits because they needed touched. While I loved feeling Dave eat me I told him he had to stop and fuck me, that eating me was up to Erica. I then looked shyly at Erica who licked it her lips and said the best was yet to come. I laid back and Dave took me by the ankles and spread my legs wide. He just looked at me for a while his cock throbbing as my wetness dripped out of me and shimmered in the dim light. I then rubbed his cock as I guided into my waiting pussy. He felt so good, and I felt like such a slut that I almost came instantly. Dave held my legs as he pounded on my pussy. It felt hot to have my friend’s husband fucking me. I did wonder what Joe would think. He always told me he wanted to watch me with another man, but this was different this was our friends and he wasn’t here. My mind stopped thinking about Joe and went back to Dave who now was on his knees and moving in and out of me slowly. His dick filled my hole completely and I was very satisfied at having Dave. I thought about how much Joe would love to be in the corner of the room watching me being pleasured, while he played with his own cock. The best he was going to get was me telling him about it later when I fucked him. While Dave moved his cock in and out of me, Erica started sucking on my nipple her middle finger moving between my legs and rubbing my wet clit. I felt so good having never been fingered by a woman. Her tongue then started to lick all the way down from my nipple to my clit. Dave was on his knees, holding my legs apart and really fucking me, while Erica was licking my clit. I was so overcome with pleasure I could only moan and squeal in absolute delight. Dave was fucking me harder as he watched his wife lick and rub my pussy. Her chin resting on his throbbing cock, her tongue putting me into frenzy as I could hear her licking my juices. When I could hardly take anymore I heard Dave start to moan, then look at me and say “holy shit Jen, what a sweet little fuck you are, I don’t want to stop doing your hot pussy”. I was ready to explode when Dave started to come. I felt his hot load starting to fill my pussy. It was so hot I started to come at the same time, my juices flowing out of me covering his cock and soaking Erica’s face. She kept up her pace licking my clit. After coming with her husband I immediately came again, this time Erica was making me come, my body shaking with uncontrollable pleasure as my world was rocked. Dave pulled his dripping cock back out of me as Erica gave me the last couple of licks for good measure. I just laid there totally open letting Dave and Erica look at me and admire what they had both just done to me. I was so satisfied I could not move. As Dave and Erica both rubbed my body I thought about when I could have them back for dinner, so that they could have me.

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