My journey to ecstacy (Chapter – 9) The Landlady

My first job was that of a sales executive of a lubricant company. I was posted in Surat and was handling the south Gujarat region. I lived in a rented house in Surat. The landlord and his family were living on the ground floor and I had rented the first floor of the house. It was a two storey structure and there was a open terrace above my residence. The houses were block like structures enclosed on three sides with the walls common to the house next to or behind you. There were windows only on the front of the house. Due to the enclosed structure of the house there was no scope was cross ventilation of air and to get over this problem a two feet by two feet opening was kept in the floor and ceiling of each floor at the back of the house. This opening ran right from the ground floor to the terrace of each house. One could see the open sky above the terrace even if one stood on the ground floor under this opening. This was done to facilitate cross ventilation and to keep the atmosphere inside the house cool.
The opening on each floor was covered by a grill so one could not go from one floor to the other through this opening. The grill was there for security reasons. The houses were rectangular in shape. When you entered the house you first entered the living area, then the bedroom, then the kitchen and finally the bathroom and toilets. The ventilation opening was right above a large passage connecting the bathroom to the kitchen.

The landlord was about 50 years old and was a professor in a local college. He was a straight forward serious person who talked very little. His wife who was much younger than him was about 30 years of age. She was a shy person , quite pleasing to look at, but for some reason looked constantly hassled and unhappy. I later found out the professor had married her after the death of his first wife who was the elder sister of his current wife. She had quite a voluptuous body which was always demurely covered up. The other members of the family were a 18 year old daughter (from the first wife) who was studying in college and a 14 year old son (also from the first wife) who studied in school. Both the children were outgoing, frank and talkative. The daughter was voluptuous like her mother/aunt and had a certain freshness in her approach to life which was endearing to the heart. The son was very active and mischievous, and always seemed to be playing cricket.

Very soon after I shifted to the flat above my landlord’s I realized it was possible to spy on the family living below me from the ventilation shaft. I very soon watched, studied and analyzed the daily routine of the entire family. I realized that the passage was used by every member of the family to wear their clothes after their respective baths. It was also used to change their clothes, sometimes during the day and always at night to change into their nightwear before going to sleep. Very soon I was ogling the ladies of the house in various stages of undress and was thanking god for giving me this opportunity.

One night as I was about to go to sleep I heard voices in the passage below me. I quietly took up my position next to the ventilation shaft and looked at the scene below me. The landlady clad in her night gown was applying oil to the body of her husband. He was seated on a stool clad only in his underwear. At fifty years of age the professor body had lost all its muscles and there were only rolls of fat all over his body. His stomach looked like the stomach of a pregnant woman. He had also lost a lot of hair on his scalp and looked more aged than he actually was. He had a aggressive angry look on his face as he ordered his wife to rub harder and accused her of being a lazy bum who shirked her duties and responsibilities. His wife was on the verge of tears. However she continued applying oil submissively without saying a word in return. The husband was just sitting back and enjoying the massage being administered to him.

As the lady bent over her husband applying oil on his body, from my position I could look down the open neck of her night gown. She was not wearing a bra and I could see her heavy breasts swaying inside the night gown. As she came in front of her husband applying oil to his chest and stomach her swaying breasts must have been in line with his face. Seeing her heavy globes of flesh six inches distance from his eyes the husband also got turned on. Balancing himself on the stool with one hand on either side of his torso he lifted up his backside. I suppose this must have been a regular routine with this couple. The wife calmly pulled down his underwear, exposing his penis which was already semi erect. She took more oil in her palms and started massaging his penis and testicles. He had a normal size penis, neither short nor long. She was using both her hands rubbing his private parts making it swell and grow in size. Once the penis was fully erect the lady started giving her husband a hand job.

In the meanwhile the husband, all of a sudden taking hold of the front of her gown pulled it hard, tearing it away from her body. Very soon the night gown was hanging in tatters from the waist of the lady. The husband started to squeeze and maul her breasts as if there was no tomorrow. It looked like he was trying to rip her breasts away from her body. He was pulling her nipples away from her body in opposite directions. The lady must have been in tremendous pain because she had been calmly continuing her massage through all the abuse the husband was inflicting on her. But now she protested with a whimper asking him to squeeze lightly. The moment she opened her mouth, her husband gave her a slap on her face, calling her a whore and told her to continue with the massage. I could see the blood trickling down the side of her lips. I felt very sorry for her. By now the husband must have been ready to come because he got up and pushed her with his feet. She lost her balance and fell down, but immediately got up on her knees and hands. Her husband pulled the rest of her tattered gown from her body and pulled her panties down to her knees. He then positioned himself behind her and inserted his penis into her pussy. Then taking hold of her hips he gave her exact six strokes in quick succession and then emptied himself into her unsatisfied pussy. He collapsed on top of her and stayed in that position for a few minutes. Then getting up he entered the bathroom and I could hear him having a bath.

The lady of the house just lay there on the floor for a few minutes and then got up slowly, as if in great pain. She sat on the stool and pulling off her panties which were already half way down her legs threw them with the rest of the bundle of clothes lying nearby. I was seeing her totally nude for the first time. Her body was quite fit except for a gentle layer of fat around her tummy. She had quite large breasts which stood out proudly. Her nipples were dark brown in colour and about a inch in size. They looked quite thick and succulent. She had profuse growth of hair on her pussy, but it looked like she trimmed the growth regularly. The lady sat back and separated her legs wide exposing her pussy to my interested gaze. She started rubbing her pussy lips slowly with her long fingers, using her thumb to massage her clitoris simultaneously. She gradually increased her speed. The other hand was busy pinching and stimulating both her nipples turn by turn. She then inserted her middle finger into her pussy and started moving it in and out. It was later joined by her index finger and ring fingers also. I could see the moisture coated on her fingers as she moved them in and out of her hungry pussy. She was on the verge of coming when her husband came out of the bathroom after finishing his bath.

On seeing his young wife masturbating the professor lost his temper and charged at her in rage and abused her profusely calling her all sorts of names, saying ladies of decent families
do not do such things to themselves
and that it was a sin in the eyes of god. Finding no reaction from her he slapped her on the face a few times. He then brought a bucket of cold water from the bathroom and poured it on her head telling her this would help her cool down. He then walked out, presumably to the bedroom to sleep. His wife sat on the stool with her eyes closed, stunned and in shock. She displayed no reaction and the only indication that she was alive was the rising and falling of her breasts as she breathed. Suddenly she started sobbing and big drops of tears fell from her eyes. She cried quietly for about one hour, then got up, put on some clothes and left the room. I had been stunned by what I had just witnessed. I had just seen a supposedly decent, educated man act like a beast. I felt very sorry for the abuse the lady was taking from her husband. I also realized she was unsatisfied sexually and emotionally.

I believe in every problem lies an opportunity. Here the opportunity was for me to enjoy at the husband’s (my landlord) expense. So I bided my time and planned my next move carefully. In the month of March came HOLI, the festival of colours. As a matter of courtesy I went to their house to wish the family. After pleasantries they invited me to play with colours on the terrace with them to celebrate Holi. I declined citing ill health as the reason. I however kept a close watch on their movements as they went up and down from the terrace playing and putting colour and water on each other. Finally by noon they had finished their colour play and I heard them talking. The husband, daughter and son were going to visit their friends and relatives and would be back only by evening. Only the landlady was left behind to clean up the mess they had created with the colours on the terrace. I spied on the lady as she went up the staircase carrying a bucket of water to clean up the mess. She almost missed a step and after observing her carefully I realized she must have had bhang while celebrating the festival and was now in high spirits. Bhang is a drug which is usually mixed with milk or lassi in India and consumed while celebrating holi. I followed the lady up the stairs to the terrace. I saw her weaving her way with unsteady steps towards the table on which there were open packets of colour and a pitcher containing the heady mix of bhang and milk. I looked around and found the other terraces deserted.

I walked up to her and greeted her. She was surprised to see me and returned my greeting hesitantly. I had hardly spoken twice or thrice with her in all the months that I had resided in her house. As I have already said she was a shy lady and hardly interacted with me. However since they had invited me to enjoy holi with them she offered me a glass of the drink prepared for the occasion. I insisted she also should join me and poured a drink for her. I sipped on my drink, while she gulped down hers. She was already high from the succession of drinks she had already had and did not refuse another glassful that I poured for her. When she finished her drink, I put down my half finished glass and told her it was time to apply colour on each other. She applied a tikka on my forehead. But instead of doing the same to her I applied a palmful of colour all over her face and neck. She shrieked in surprise and ran to do the same to me. The normally reserved housewife was a totally transformed person today due to the effect of the drinks she had been continuously having. She had lost her inhibitions and was suddenly carefree and enjoying herself. We ran after each other like children throwing colour on each other.

In the process of all the running, pushing, shoving and applying colour I saw that her paloo had come off and was trailing behind her. She did not seemed to have realized it but I was very aware as I saw her large breasts heaving as she breathed deeply and fast due to all the running around. She was wearing a white blouse as is the custom, but without a bra. I could faintly make out her dark nipples on her breasts. I picked up the bucket of water that she had just brought up and poured some of it on her head. While I was doing this she caught hold of my hand and pushed me, in the process drenching me also. The water I had poured on her had made her blouse almost transparent and I could now see her dark brown nipples quite clearly. I could also see that her nipples were hard like little pebbles and were pressing against the fabric of the blouse quite hard making a big impression. I immediately took some colour and started applying it on her face, then on her neck and finally on her breasts. She did not object. She continued to apply colour on my face laughing loudly as if unaware of what I was doing. I continued to rub her breasts quite blatantly, squeezing them lightly. Finding no reaction from her I pinched her nipples with both my hands.

She suddenly pushed me away and ran towards the stair case stopping as she reached it to see if I was following her. Finding me right behind her she shrieked loudly and ran down the stairs. I caught up with her on the first floor, on the doorstep of my apartment. I caught her from behind wrapping my arms around her stomach and pulled her playfully into my apartment. She did not resist. She only giggled loudly and groaned as I tickled her tummy. I put her down and tried to apply further colour to her face. She ran further into my apartment and I caught the paloo of her sari which was trailing behind her in an effort to stop her. She turned round and round to avoid me and in the process unraveled the sari from around herself. She ran into my apartment in her petticoat and blouse. I threw the sari to the side and followed her. I caught up with her as she reached my bedroom. She collapsed on my bed. I ran up to her and pushed her petticoat up to her waist, exposing her fair, hair free legs and black lace panties. She looked very sexy. I immediately applied colour to her thighs and continued to rub her thighs as she did not object. She was just lying back and enjoying the games we were playing. I rubbed some colour directly on her panties on top of her pussy and rubbed her there. She moaned loudly. I knew she was just ready to be fucked.

I took hold of the waist band of her black lace panties and then looked her in the eyes with a questioning look. She was looking back at me with a undecided look in her eyes and chewing on one corner of her lower lips. She was debating it in her mind. Then apparently having come to a decision she gave me a nod and a tentative encouraging smile. Having got the green signal I pulled down her panties . She lifted her ass in order to help me pull it off. I took it off entirely from her body and threw it to the side. I was surprised to see a bald pussy. She must have shaved off all the pubic hair just the previous day. It looked like the pussy of a newborn baby, just larger and plumper. She had plump pussy lips and they were already slick from all the love juice she had been leaking when our games were going on. I immediately attached my mouth to her pussy lips and started licking and sucking her ardently. I simultaneously pushed up the hood and exposed her swollen clitoris, which I proceeded to lightly rub with my fingers. She had a very prominent clitoris and having swollen looked like a pencil or my little finger. She was now moaning loudly and pulling my hair with her hands to achieve greater penetration of her pussy with my tongue. She came screaming loudly within minutes. She emitted a huge quantity of juices which I lapped up and drank down. I did not stop. I continued to suck on her pussy. After some time I attacked her clitoris stimulating it at great speed with my tongue which I was holding straight like a cock. I took her clitoris in my mouth and sucked it. She came again, screaming on the top of her voice. I continued to suck and lick her pussy. She must have come about 4 times before she begged me to stop. I got up from between her legs. She just lay
on the bed exhauste
d from her continuous orgasms.

I undressed myself. She was watching me with half closed eyes. Her eyes widened when my cock came into view. She half sat up with the support of her elbows. I made her sit up and unbuttoned her blouse. I pulled it off and threw it to the side. I pushed her back on the bed and straddled her chest. Making her hold her breasts together with her hands, I pushed my cock between the two mountains and started moving in and out. After some time of this tit fucking I presented my cock to her mouth. She looked shocked but the drinks had loosened her inhibitions and she slowly opened her mouth to accept me into the warm confines of her mouth cavity. I pushed my cock into her mouth slowly, allowing her to take me comfortably as she had to widen her mouth to accept me fully. I then started to fuck her mouth with slow strokes. Sometimes pulling out totally and making her lick my testicles turn by turn. When I could not control myself any longer I pulled out and came all over her face and chest. She licked up the juice I had spurted on her face while I rubbed what had fallen on her breasts on to her body. I got off her and lay down next to her on the bed. We rested like this for a few minutes.

After some time she turned on her side and taking my head in her arms guided my mouth to her nipple. They looked succulent and I immediately attached my mouth to her nipple sucking it ardently. I licked and sucked them turn by turn while simultaneously squeezing them hard with my hands. She was moaning deeply in her chest as I massaged her breasts. She was now ready for round number 2. She put her hand on my cock and started to rub the cock up and down while simultaneously massaging my balls with her other hand. I became hard once again. She then pulled me on top of her and guided my cock to her pussy. She wrapped her legs around my waist encouraging me to fuck her. I was ready for anything by then. I started to fuck her with deep strokes. I took hold of her breasts with both my hands and squeezed them hard, pinching the nipples simultaneously. Since I had already come previously, I lasted quite some time. In the process she had two orgasms before I came inside her spurting my juices into her palpitating pussy.

When we got up from the bed, I saw a pool of come had wetted my bed as if somebody had poured a pitcher of water on it. We both went to the bathroom and soaped each other thoroughly. This rubbing of soap on each others body turned both of us on and we had our final bout doggy style under the steaming hot water of the shower.

After this incident the landlady would smile at me whenever I passed her on my way up or down. She would also talk to me flirtatiously. At such times her eyes seemed to promise me future encounters.

After that I observed her from the ventilation shaft masturbating herself with a banana or such similar objects. On such occasions she would first suck the banana and rub it between her breasts before inserting it into her pussy. This indicated to me she was masturbating to memories of our afternoon of rollicking sex. However this was an one night (or one day) stand for her and she was not interested in any further encounters. The drinks she had consumed on that fateful day has loosed her morals and inhibitions and she had given into an afternoon of unfettered sex. However I did get a chance with her
daughter. But that it another story ……………………

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