My Lucky Night

I’m at the local sports bar having a few drinks watching the hockey game. It’s about 9:00 in the evening and it’s fairly busy. I’ve been here since about 8:00. I hear some loud talking coming from one of the tables behind me. I usually don’t pay any attention, but it’s kind of loud and it sounds like a guy fighting with his girlfriend. I look towards the noise and I recognize the girl from one of the sandwich shops I eat at regularly. I don’t know her that well, but we are friendly when I eat there. She’s hot, about twenty five, small breasts, maybe 32B, nice ass and great legs. I wondered what she would be like in bed. But I’m forty five and she’s way too young for me.

But back to the problem; I ignore them for a while, but he’s getting abusive and very rude. I don’t usually get involved in something like this, but no one else is paying any attention. So I get up and walk over. I ask her if everything is ok. She says no he’s being rude to me. I look at him and say why don’t you go outside and cool off. This is none of your business. You’re making it my business by being so loud. Why don’t you leave for a while? She’s obviously not happy with you right now. She says ya leave. He gets up and storms out of the place. She says thanks. I say don’t mention it and go back to my stool at the bar and order another drink.

Next thing I hear the bar stool next to me move and it’s her sitting down next to me. She says thanks again. We start to talk and I say I’ve forgotten your name. She says Autumn. That’s right I say. Dave right? Yes. Well Dave my boyfriend can be quite mean. I see that. She is looking really hot tonight. She’s got a black t-shirt on and a pair of white shorts and sandals. She’s got a dark tan with brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. We sit at the bar talking and drinking for about an hour and a half. The game has ended and it’s getting late. I get up and say I need to go. She says no, stay and puts her hand on my leg. I can tell she’s a little drunk. I get up and say no I’ve got to go. Thanks for the drink and conversation. She nods her head and I leave.

I walk out and get into my car to make the long drive home. I live about twenty miles from town. The road to my house is a state highway, but at this time of night not very busy. A car has been following me almost since I left town, but that’s not unusual. I turn down the road to my house and the car follows me. My house is about three miles down the road and there are not many neighbors. I pull into my driveway which is about 100 feet long. The car pulls in behind me. I’m thinking it might be the boyfriend. I get out of my car as it pulls up.

The car door opens and in the light from inside the car I can see its Autumn. I’m relieved it’s not her boyfriend. She stubbles out of the car and says I want to party some more. She been drinking enough that she shouldn’t be driving so I say come in the house, you can stay here tonight. We go in and she says do you have anything to drink. I say I don’t think you should drink anymore. She goes to the refrigerator and opens it and gets out a beer. She gets one for me to. I say ok one beer then I’m going to bed.

We sit on the couch and talk a little more when she moves closer to me and puts her hand on my leg again. I’m wearing a pair of shorts. I’m thinking what is this young girl up to? This time she slides it up my shorts so her hand is resting next to my underwear. She looks at me and says I said I want to thank you for protecting me. I know you want me, I’ve seen the way you look at me in the shop. She moves her hand up so it’s on my crotch, but outside my underwear. My cock is getting hard and she can feel it. See I knew you wanted me. I’m thinking what does she want with an old man.

She stands up and removes her t-shirt and white shorts. She’s wearing a black lacy bra and a pair of matching black panties. Her small chest barely fills the bra, but it’s very erotic. She looks down at my shorts which are now being filled by my hard cock. She kneels between my legs on the floor in front of me and unbuckles and unzips my shorts. She pulls them off revealing the bulge in my underwear. She rubs my bulge with her hand and says you feel big. Now I’m not that big, but I’m adequate. She pulls off my underwear and takes my cock in her hand and starts to stroke it. This is what I meant when I said I wanted to thank you. I can’t believe this is happening. She strokes me for a while then takes me into her mouth. She is sucking it and rolling her tongue around my head. I can tell she hasn’t done this a lot, but she’s giving it her best and it’s making me very excited.

I have leaned back onto the couch and am looking down at her working me over. Her mouth is making sucking noises as she moves her head up and down. Then she stops and stands up in front of me. I sit up and reach behind her and remove her bra. Her small breast are white against her tanned body and beautiful with nice pointy nipples, which are fully erect. I run my hands over one of her tits and lightly brush her nipple. She pulls away. I can tell their sensitive. I move closer to her and suck on them gently biting her nipples and flicking them with my tongue. I can hear her breathing.

I put my hand on her panties and when I touch her, her breathing gets heavier and I can feel her wetness through them. I slid my hand in the front of them and I feel there is no pubic hair. My hand slides down between her legs as she moves them apart to allow me access. I feel like I’m in high school again. As I slid my fingers down between her lips, she is very wet and my fingers easily slid across her clit. I pull my hand back and remove it from her panties, reach out with both hands and slid her panties down to her knees. She moves her knees together and the panties fall to the floor. She steps out of them and moves her feet about shoulder width apart exposing her wet bald pussy. It’s the most beautiful and inviting thing I’ve ever seen. I slid my hand back down between her legs again and slid a finger into her. She takes a deep breath. I move my finger deeper into her and start to rub her clit with my thumb.

She acts like she’s about to explode in my hand. I pull my hand back. She straddles herself over me and squats down, reaching down with her hand and taking my cock and guiding it into her. It slides right in and as it does she takes a deep breath. She then starts to move herself up and own the length of my shaft. When she gets to the bottom I push back up against her and she seems to like it. We continue this for about five minutes until we are both breathing hard. I can feel myself starting to cum and she starts moaning and breathing very hard like she’s about to explode. She pushes herself down onto me and I push myself as deep as I can into her. We sit like that until we both go limp.

She falls onto me and we lay there like that, exhausted. I can feel her wetness on me. As we lay there and my cock goes limp and pops out of her. She giggles like it tickled. She looks up at me and says I always knew you would be good from the first time I saw you in the sandwich shop. I look at her and I say I’ve thought the same about you.

I’m the luckiest guy in the world.

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