My New Kitchen

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My new kitchen…
The day finally came when I was to get my kitchen refurbished I was so excited. On this morning two Polish men turned up one of them was fairly broad and muscular and the other quite slim. They started work immediately. I noticed the bigger one had beautiful green eyes with thick eyebrows and had to stop my self from entering the kitchen unnecessarily.
Around lunch time I went in and asked them if they wanted something to eat, the smaller one said he needed to make a call but would be back in 20 minutes the larger guy said he was ok. While doing so he looked me up and down, his eyes stopping at my big, hard nipples as I was standing next to the fridge. I could feel their aching stiffness against my bra and felt embarrassed that he could see them through my blouse. I smiled this in turn made me look down at his crotch to see the out line of his very thick erect cock in his trousers, now he was embarrassed and turned away pretending to stack wall tiles.
I went to the fridge and offered him a carton of Ribena, as he took it his hand brushed accidently over my right nipple. It felt so good I let out a little moan but then turn around catching my self, I held on to the work top and then felt him come up behind me nuzzling my neck and saying ‘never had Black lady before’ (I’m mixed race) then slipping back into Polish. He pressed his thick cock between the crack of my bum over my panties and started sliding it up and down. I could really feel the hardness of it now which made me so wet. He pulled down the DD cups of my bra and started to squeeze my long dark nipples hard between his rough fingers, it felt so good, this made me push my arse hard on to his cock and start to grind on him, and he then quickly released it from his trousers. It slapped against my arse, I had to see it so I turned around and grabbed his very thick, 8″ uncircumcised cock, and it had a big engorged head and slit which was dribbling with pre-cum.
We started to kiss passionately and deeply as I massaged his cock head, he was moaning and fucking my hand gently, more pre-cum oozing with each thrust. I stopped and dropped to my knees, sliding his thick cock girth into my mouth, his pre-cum and my saliva made a rich lube. I grabbed his arse cheeks prising them apart and rocking him backward and forward in my mouth, he then gently started to fuck my mouth. I could feel the shaft of his cock harden. I tried to deep throat him but he was too thick for me and I gagged a little, he pulled out with a big stream of saliva hanging from the head.
I didn’t want him to cum before he fucked me so I stood up. I pulled up my tight skirt and opened my legs. He pushed aside the crotch of my thong for him and slipped his thick warm fingers into my now dripping wet pussy. We were In a corner, so I rested my elbows on the work top and let him suck my tits and finger me madly while rubbing his broad thumb over my swollen clit until I came very quickly, squirting over his hand. I could tell he was really excited now. He licked some of my cum off his hand and started to rub the rest on to his cock then wank it really fast as if he wanted to cum. I said ‘no… not yet’, I definitely wanted to feel that smooth Polish meat inside me and knew we didn’t have much time.

I told him I wanted him to fuck me right there in the kitchen where we stood. I turned around so he could open me up. He pushed up my skirt up further and pulled my wet thong down, I leaned on the work top and felt him open up my pussy lips with his thumbs and slide his fat cock between my legs, up and down between my wet pussy lips and I could feel the rim of his cock head against my now huge clit. I pressed his cock there for a minute and rode my clit on it until I came hard, as I squirted he pushed his thick trunk up inside me and started thrusting deeply while holding my hips, I was so wet there was no pain from his size. I was still shaking from my previous orgasm and could barely hold on to the counter.
I was moaning so loudly and so was he the, ecstasy was just too much for both of us I was loving the feeling of having this thick European cock inside me no language between us just fucking sounds . I could feel his ball sack hitting my pussy, I reached under and stroked them I then pushed down and firmly circled the base his cock. This made him pump me faster and harder, my pussy was so wet my juice now ran down to his balls and made our fucking even louder as he thrust his cock into me and I pushed back on him.
He had his hands on my shoulders now and fucking slow but deep, my bare tits and hard nipples were brushing the counter. He whispered that he was near cumming. This made me let out an almighty moan and explode on his cock with it deep inside me. I turned my head toward the garden patio door in time to see the slim guy stroking his long hard cock then shoot a big thick wad of cum on the out side of the glass. My lover near bursting point then gave two mighty thrusts, pulled out then shot his hot White load on my Brown back.
Then I heard my husband’s key in the front door which jolted me back to reality…

I got really wet while writing this story and didn’t even realise, lol, I had to stop then come back.

Hope u liked it??

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