My next-door neighbour invites himslef in

i lay in my bath and let the heat take over me as i’m soothed by the different smells and the sound of my radio, it’s late afternoon and i have waited for this bath all day whilst shopping and carrying out tasks for my grandmother. i let myself slip into the hot water to wet my hair and stay there for a while fascinated by how the world sounds so much different whist submerged.
it had begun to get dark outside as i had got into the bath and now the only light in the room was being set my two candles on each end of the bath, i love bathing in the dark there’s just something so relaxing about it!?
i lent over to the radio and turned up the volume and settled back into the tub not thinking about anything at all. i closed my eyes, i felt myself getting turned on and didn’t think twice to letting my hand travel towards my breasts and start feeling my nipples get hard as if to know what was about to happen, whilst leaving my left hand to explore my breasts i placed my right on my shaven pussy and began rubbing between my aching lips finally reaching my throbbing clit i began to circle it as i sighed the bathroom door opened. i sat upright to see my intruder and there he was my next-door neighbour stood in the doorway with his huge hard cock in his hand stroaking it gently but firmly “Mr Nicholls? what are you doing?” i crossed my arm defensivly across my large breasts, realising he must have seen a lot to be masterbating. “i love your body Toni, i noticed the light from the bathroom window and knew you’d be in the bath, i couldn’t help myself, i’ve wanted this for so long!” i looked at his cock he had let go but it was still stood to attention rock hard and it looked so big, i had also been yearning for him since i was at school, he was a teacher at our rival school and had always hoped he would get transferred to our school so i could spend more time with him! i just cannot resist older guys, the domination, the experience and the huge cocks. what harm could it do to let him fuck me? plus he’ll think i’m doing him a favor so no doubt he’ll be overly enthusiastic about showing me an incredible time!
i stood up looking at him the soapy water was dripping off my body, over my nipples turning me on even more, i step out of the bath and reach for his hand and lead him to my bedroom “please be gentle Mr Nicholls i haven’t had much experience” i thought i’d play the part of the little girl he wants me to be and he responds the way i want him to “oh don’t worry Toni i’ll take good care of you!” if at all possible i was getting even more turned on i couldn’t wait to feel that throbbing cock inside my pussy!
i sat on the edge of my bed and looked up to him, his cock just inches from my face “suck it toni please” i smiled and licked around the tip of his cock before taking it into my mouth and i began sucking, i love sucking cock and the taste of cum and i could tell it wouldn’t be long before i got my reward, a mouthful of hot, sticky cum to drink. “oh toni thats it suck it hard and deep” i had his cock deep in my throat and was sucking harder than i’ve ever sucked a cock before, i felt his cock twitch, he was gonna cum, i sucked harder and faster “ohhhhh yeaaaaaaahhh i’m cumming toni” he grabbed my hair and squirted his hot cum in my mouth, i milked him dry and lapped up every last drop which had run down onto his balls.
i looked up at him and he smiled at me “kiss me, i wanna taste my cum” i stood and he kissed me hard his tongue probing my mouth enjoying his taste in my mouth.
“fuck me Mr Nicholls, fuck me hard” his cock was immediatly rock hard again “your such a horny little bitch toni, i’ll fuck you soooo hard you’ll regret you said that!” “never” i said getting onto the bed i laid down and he crawled after me, checking my wetness with his hand “that’ll do nicely, i can tell you like sucking cock almost as i enjoy getting it!” i could feel my juices running down towards my arse and i raised my hips as he got hold of my legs and put them over each shoulder i could see him position himself easily and he plunged his big cock into my tight pussy i felt a shot of pain which quickly subsided to emmense pleasure as he started thrusting his cock deep into me i let out a moan and he smiled “ever been fucked like this before toni?” i shook my head as he pulled his cock almost out with each thrust then ramming it back in hard i flung my head back onto the bed and moaned loudly which made him do it even harder everytime, i could feel my orgasm building and then there was no stopping it i couldn’t hold back i started convulsing and came hard. he didn’t give me time to recover and flipped me over and rammed his cock into my arsehole and started pumping “your arse is so tight, i fucking love it” after several more pumps he came in my arse and i came yet again, i flopped onto my bed and he leant and whispered into my ear “put a candle in the bathroom window everytime you wanna be fucked hard” and left.
i struggle to keep a stock of candles now!!

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My next-door neighbour invites himslef in, 4.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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