My sisters inocent adventure

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My sister is 10 years younger than me, and watches my house when im gone, she lives across the road in a house i had biult aou parents died when she was young so are family raised us, shes only 14. every thing im my house not hers mine is taped this is what i found.

Was out of town for the week, on day one she was petting butch,my only indoors dog, he’s a full size doberman pincher well behaved,until now. they were watching a movie. she was rubbing his stomach with her hand, then she started paying atention to him his tip was showing so she started to touch it, it came out a little more, then she put her mouth around what was showing he being as much a virgin as she was jumped to his feet and stared at her she had this startled look like she couldn’t believe what she did, she sucked on dog cock,

she went to the room she stays in and tried to sleep but see for some reason wanted more she fond her self playing with her nipples then moving her right hand down to her clit, and started rubbing it violently until she came hard she then tasted her self, rolled over and went to sleep.

she woke up the next morning to an earth shattering orgasm butch was taking his long tongue and slurping her dry cum out of her tight pussy.

after taking of all the animals and making rounds with butch being by her side all day sis sat down on the floor rubbing his stomach,this time intentially rubbing his sheath, when she got him out enough she sucked on him until he stood up again, this time more determined, she got under him with her pussy under his head she was sucking and slurping as hard as she could and he started his tongue thing on her pussy she was in heaven until she realized his cock has in her thoat she started to gag then she pulled it out, sat up patted him on the side i only wish our races could mix sexually, she got a bucket and sponge atarted to clean she was still slick with his juices all over her face and ample yet firm c cup breast, she was still naked after that romp, she got down onm all fours when she felt sharp tearing pain in her pussy butch was no longer the virgin dog he was he was humping my virgin sister to, with each trust it felt better it got to were he was just going fast she was still tying to catch her breath, she then accepted her actions if she didn’t suck on his cockhe wouldnt be fucking her now, she colapesd to floor in exaustion he was still fucking her so she a chair that was in reahc and placed her stomach on it when he was done she took her fingers and felt her steaming hot pussy now spread wide open, she sat back and asked herself “am i still a virgin if it was a dog cock in stead of man cock?”

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