My very own sugar Daddy

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My very own sugar daddy
I sat back stage waiting my turn to dance. It was a gay bar and lots of horny men wanting some young guy to take home with him; the trouble was I wasn’t young. Sure I had a great body slim smooth more fem then anything, and that was all my act was, to look like a girl stripper. Finally my turn came I walked out onto stage dancing shaking my ass like some two bit slut, what no one knew was I am a two bit slut. I would fuck every guy in the place and go back for more but they all wanted the young bucks. As the music played on I danced and when a guy wanted to put money into my thong I danced my way over to him shook my hips in his face and took his ten dollars letting him get a feel of my cock. After the song was over I went into the back of the stage and pulled out the only tip I got, ten dollars and a note. I opened the note ‘Will pay you a thousand dollars to fuck me tonight’ I peered out the curtain and watched as he lifted a drink my way.
I walked out in front of the stage to do some lap dances still in my school uniform. A few drunks slapped my ass but I made my way to the man who wanted to fuck me. “Would you like a lap dance?’ I asked him
‘I want more than a dance. When do you finish? He asked.
‘Now if you want to wait for me to get dressed’ I replied. He quickly reached under my skirt and grabbed a hold of my ass and pulled me towards him.
‘I like you the way you are’ he said. I got my stuff from the back and without changing I walked out with the guy. ‘I’m Charlie’ he said putting his hand around my waist. ‘What should I call you?’ he asked.
‘My stage name is Cuntessa’ I told him.
‘Oh I know your stage name I’ve been watching you for the last three weeks’ he said as a limo pulled up and he held the door open for me to get in. I sat down with him sitting across from me, still in my costume I had a red thong on under the skirt and nothing else so I crossed my legs like a good girl I am. ‘I think I will call you Cat’ he announced.
Puzzled I asked ‘why Cat?’
‘It really short for Catfish they are the great suckers of the water, I can only hope you are a great sucker too’ he said with a big smile across his face. I smiled back and looked toward the ground of the limo. ‘I love a girl like you, you can’t get knocked up, you always look great and I bet you fuck like no tomorrow’ he said leaning forward towards me. I couldn’t help but to keep smiling.
‘Well Charlie where are we going?’ I asked stretching my arms out to each side.
‘Well that depends; do you want a one night stand or a long term commitment?’ he said looking at me and crossing his arms across his chest.
‘What’s the difference?’ I asked
‘Well a one nighter is we go back to my hotel fuck like rabbits, I give you a few buck and we never see one another again. But the long term is we stop at the lingerie store by you what I want you to wear while we are together then take you back to the hotel fuck all night long then in the morning I get you a nice apartment leave you some spending money and you fuck me whenever I feel like it, and maybe, just maybe you will become a woman with my money drugs and surgeries I pay for. But for better word you become my personal Cunt’ He looked at me now with a slight smile on his face. I looked him over well dressed, well mannered, a little over weigh but not by much and he looks like he loaded with money.
‘Let’s go shopping’ I say and laugh not believing for a minute this guy was the real thing. The next thing I knew I was being measure for clothing, lingerie, and stilettos, then some bondage stuff, harness, open mouth gag and a few butt plugs with remote control. We arrive at some apartment fully furnished and Charlie orders me to get dress in the little black dress he bought me and the red lace bra with matching thong, and the black stilettos. After I was all dress Charlie wanted to take me out for dinner. We went to some very well to do place, with each table being a booth and very private. We sat down and Charlie ordered some wine. When the wine came the waiter poured it and left and Charlie toasted us then he noticed my hands.
‘You don’t have your nails done? From now on you have to have your nails done in bright red the same goes with your toes. I will have my manicurist see you first thing in the morning, she will do your hair and makeup as well’ he said clinging the glasses together then taking a sip of the wine. He moved closer to me then put his hand on my thigh. I was sitting with my legs crossed. The short black dress showed lots of my thigh already. “how many times fuck you been fuck up the ass Cat?’ he asked me bluntly.
‘Not enough Charlie’ I answered then he grabbed the back of my neck and gave it a slight squeeze while his other hand grabbed on to my balls.
‘How many’ he asked seriously.
‘Three maybe four times’ I answered.
‘Well you will stop at five with me although it maybe five hundred after I’m done with you’ he said rubbing my inner thigh and balls. Feeling a bit nervous we went back to my apartment that he was paying for, in the front door was a sofa a TV and a chair behind that was a kitchen table and chairs. ‘Go put on the leather outfit and lube up that ass I want to test drive it tonight’ he ordered me. I went into the bedroom to find all my bags of stuff there and searched through them to find what he wanted. It was a leather open bra that would show my nipples, hot pants with an opening to my ass and thigh high boots with a five inch heel. I walked out and he was sitting naked with a big hard on. ‘Where’s the collar?’ he asked I quickly moved back into the bedroom and found the collar that had ‘Daddy’s girl’ written on it. I returned and apologized. He had me lean over his knee and spanked my ass a few times.
‘You have a great quality that no one else had Cat, you have a smooth body and a great ass’ he said plunging his finger into my ass which started to turn me on. I move back down his lap and found his hard cock twitching, first I licked it then I started to lick it from balls to head as pre-cum oozed out of the tip. I could no longer hold back and started sucking his cock wanting his load. He pushed me off his cock. ‘Hold on little lady. I want a show first’ he said. Not sure what he wanted I looked at him with puzzlement on my face. He took my hand and lead me out onto the small balcony and he sat in a chair hidden by the metal railing and ordered me to dance and strip naked then ride his cock. I danced shaking my hips, removing piece by piece my leather clothing; leaving the boots on s I mount his hard cock. I wrap my arms around his head as I lower my ass onto his cock over and over. He pinches my nipples gently even sucking on them, and then out of nowhere he violently grabs my hips and starts fucking my ass hard and very deep with his ten inch cock quickly shooting his load deep inside my willing ass. We then kiss for the first time, his tongue flicking wildly in my mouth. We gently break our kiss and he orders me to move up off his cock but then makes me stand, legs spread hovering over him. He plays with my ass cheeks making his load drip out and onto his lap and cock. ‘Now Cat do what I know you do and suck it all up’ I move and lick every bit of cum that was there and suck his cock hoping to get it hard again, but he tells me that is enough for tonight and to go get dressed in my baby doll he bought. When I re turned there was a hundred dollar bill on the table with a note ‘not bad for one night wait until tomorrow have a good night Cat love Charlie’

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