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We had been married about three years and we were a bit short of money when my wife got a part time job as a waitress in a big hotel. Of course, the money was very useful and Maureen started to buy some new clothes and I could not help noticing that they were often rather sexy and revealing. Around the same time she started to get later coming home from work in the evenings. Then one Saturday evening she told me, “I am going out with some of the girls from work tonight and I may be quite late because we are going to a club.” I wasn’t very happy about it but I thought that she deserved a bit of fun after working hard every evening for a week or more. It was after 2 am when she arrived home and I wasn’t very pleased.”Where have you been until this time?” I demanded.”I better tell you the truth because some of the neighbors saw him drop me off, “I don’t know what they were doing looking out of the window at this time of night.” “What do you mean, who dropped you off? “Well his name is John and he has been after me for weeks and I have let him bring me home a few times recently then tonight I went out with him on a date.” “Jesus, what the hell are you playing at, I knew that I shouldn’t have let you work at that hotel.” She slipped into bed beside me and said, “I haven’t done very much with him yet” “Christ what do you mean.” She got hold of my cock and said why have you got a hard on? Do you want me to tell you about it?” I felt my cock stiffen and I climbed between her legs and when she allowed me to push it up her,she asked do you want me to tell you all about it?” I pushed up her and said yes, “tell me, ” “Well  when he was bringing me home before he would stop down the road and we would have  snog and he would feel my breasts,” “Go on go on, what happened tonight.” “You are getting kinky, if I tell you will you let me meet him again?” I was really turned on by this time and I heard myself say,”yes, just tell me what happened.” “Well tonight I let him go a lot further he had my bra off and was kissing my tits and I felt him slip his hand up the inside of my thigh and i didn’t stop him and he actually got his fingers into my pussy.” “Did you let him fuck you?” “No but I promised him that I would let him on my next date, are you still going to let me go out with him again, as I was cumming up her I said,”ok yes, you can if you really want to.” “Good, I have a date with him tomorrow night.”

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