My wife Maureen 2

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The next evening my wife was getting reasy for her date with John.She called me upstairs and asked, “where are those sexy undies that you bought me for my birthday?” “Do you mean the ones that you said were silly and a waste of money?” “Yes but I think that John will like them.” I took them out of my cupboard and watched as she slipped into them,”you look great, real sexy.” I told her. A few minutes later off she went to meet the man who I knew was going to be allowed to fuck her tonight. I was in bed when she arrived home about¬†1 am. “You are earlier than I expected, how did it go?” She quickly undressed and slipped into bed. Then she got hold of my cock and asked do you want to hear all about it?” “Of course I do, did you enjoy it?” “Yes and so did John, we only did it once but he lasted for ages before he cum up me and I had 3 or 4 orgasma before he did cum.” “Has he big cock?” “Oh yes about 2 inches longer than yours and a lot fatter, it felt enormous when he pushed it up me.” I tried to get on top of her, but she said, “no not tonight but I will give you a wank,” “Ok but go on tell me all about it.” “Well we got in the back of his car and kissed and cuddled for a long time then he was feeling my breasts and I felt his hand on my knee, so I opemed my lefs so he could get right to the top. After that it wasn’t long before he got between my legs and I felt his cock end pushing against my pussy lips. I had to help him to get it into me but once it was inside me he started pushing hard and fast up me ang I was really enjoying the feeling of his big cock moveing inside me. I soon had my first orgasm and that seemed to excite him more and he was really ramming his cock hard up me and I soon cum again. Of course he soon came after that.” ”¬†Did he use a rubber.” “No I am on the pill and anyway you know that I don’t like those things.Anyway doing it in the car was not very comfortable so I told him that he could come here when you are on night shift.” Are you going to let him fuck you in our bed?” “Yes of course I am and he will probably want to stay all night with me so he can fuck me more than just once.”

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