My Wife Niece

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This is some crazy shit.I still wake up scared thinking my wife found out.I know she will eventually,but what is ,is.My wifes’niece Sandy,and her husband and three kids came to stay with us.I had to get her hubby ,John a job where I work.But I only could get him a night shift job,4 pm to 4 am. My wife worked from 3 pm to 1130 pm . So Sandy and I were together preety much alone all night. Sandy
is pretty hot.About 5’5″ maybe 120 lbs.Nice tits and a great ass.21 yrs old.My wife is 37,5’4″ and about 250 lbs. Now , I’m a big guy myself.About 285 lbs. But , I carry it
well. It was working out great,till about the third week.we started playing video games and at first sandy was kicking my ass.We bet houshould chores on the outcome. And we had alot of fun.After the kids were in bed,we sat next to eachother, and played.
Then it changed . By the third week,she was resting her feet on my legs.Now all men have those two voices in thier heads about this time.I only heard one.I massaged her feet one dick was hard the whole time.The next time,I was rubbing her feet,and accidently brushed her foot against my dick.She was cool about it.But pulled her feet away from me.After that ,the foot rubs were a litte distant.
But the next week,I was laying in bed,when she came in ,wrapped in nothing but a towel,and asked if she could use my shower. I told her ,hell yeah!! So when i heard the water runnin,I could just picture her fine ass all sudsy and wet.rubbing and lathering all the places i wanted to lick.When the water turned off,I had to pull the covers over my bulge.She came out , wrapped in a towel,and another wrapped around her head. And sat down on the bed right next to me. she began to dry her hair and hold the towel loosly around her sweet little body.My mind was all over her.My dick was ready to burst!!! The towel around her kinda slipped down past her tit,and I guess i made a sound, and she smiled at me.Thats when I knew I was in trouble.She brushed her hand against my hardon,and I knew it was on.I grabbed her towel and pulled it away,and she kinda fell against me.I just went for it.I pulled her up to me and kissed her.She startd to say no,but never got it out.I just pulled her naked body to me and stuck my tongue in her mouth.She kissed me right back and grabbed hold of my dick.My shrit and shorts came off pretty quick,and the next thing I knew,I was inside her.She climbed above and rode me for awhile.Her tits were slapping me and I just tried to hold on.She felt so fucking good . Her body was so soft and warm.Her titties were in my face and mouth when i could grab one.She jumped off and flipped around to 69.Her pussy,not quite soaking, was all of a sudden in my mouth.And her mouth was all over me.Licking my balls and taking my shaft all the way down.She really felt good. So soft and warm.Her pussy really tasted good.And when she fliped back,I knew i couldn’t last too much longer.She took me from tip to base,then jumped on me and I felt her insides as she rode me.She started to really grind on me,and she made too much noise.But I let her go on.We came almost together.Me first of course,then
her puddle right afetr me.She fell on top of me and we just held eachother for about ten minuets.Till our breath
slowed and our sweat dried a litle.I couldn’t take my hands off of her.She was soooo fantastic to hold.And her grasp of my dick was the same way I held her.
Now that they have moved out, I’m just waiting.For her to teel , or invite me over for dinner.I’ll east her fine ass!!1 again!!!

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  1. Bullshit

    Your story is bullshit, now go fuck your mother.

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