My Wife’s Fantasy is Sex With My Brother

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Well, it all started about 6 years ago. My wife and I have an open relationship. We enjoy sex, and now and again when she is cumming, she calls out someone’s name, meaning she is offering her body’s pleasures to him. I love hearing her do it spices things up for us.

Well, one particular sex session we were having I noticed she wasn’t calling out anyone’s name. Being she already came twice, I asked her what is the matter, and she said nothing was wrong. But I knew there was. So I slide down to eat her pussy and, as she was cumming, I stopped. She told me to carry on because she was cumming. I told her if she ain’t going to relax and be herself and give herself to others, I will not give her the pleasure she wishes so she agreed. And as I was looking up at her face seeing all the pleasure she was feeling and about to shoot out her cum I heard her call out, “Charles, please keep working on my body. I love you. Please make me cum for you.” Until then it didn’t bother me and we went on and on. Being she loves cumming a lot we normally take about one and a half hours in all. She cums about 9 to 10 times.

So when we were through, we lay smoking a fag and I asked who was this Charles she just offered her body’s love to. To my surprise, she said, “Your brother.” I asked why, and she said she has been doing it all along not wishing to show me who really she was giving herself to. Then I asked, “So you mean to tell me you have been calling out fake names, but in your imagination you have been fucking my brother?” She replied yes. She told me she enjoyed keeping the secret from me it made her feel adulterous and she loved that. I was already begging to get myself hard again on hearing her open up to me like that.

So I asked her when did all this begin in her mind, feeling the need to give herself to my brother. She asked if I wished to hear the whole truth and my heart started pounding thinking she was going say she had sex with him while I was away. But she told me she always fancied my brother from the first time I took her home to meet my parents when we were courting.

So I asked her, “Tell me, if I had to ask my brother to meet at his place with his girlfriend being he was separated for a drink and maybe probably get us all a bit tipsy and probably swap partners. Would you love to try this?”

She said, “If you two won’t end up being enemies after doing this, I would love to have sex with your brother; it has always been my fantasy.” My cock felt like it wanted to explode when she agreed to this. So mid-week I gave my brother a call and asked if he and his girlfriend would like to meet up and have ourselves a couple of drinks and he said he would love to. He told me if we would prefer just going to his place instead of wasting time finding ourselves a bar being they would be a bit busy in summer so I told my wife and she said that sounded even better just being 4 of us and we have more privacy then, so I told him it sounds fine to me and decided to meet at his place the coming Saturday. My wife’s face lit up when I put the phone down , now her fantasy was going to become real and she could have sex with me and call out his name even more being she had him inside her for the first time .

Well, Saturday came and around 6 in the evening I asked her how was she feeling about all this and she said very excited and can’t wait to get there. So I showered first and was sitting having me a glass of wine ‘til my wife showered and she was in there for ages and I told her to hurry up being we might run late and she said she was shaving herself. So she came out of the shower in her sexy underwear she wore for her first sex session with my brother run over to me and took a sip of my wine and asked how she looked. I told her she shined with beauty and she had this beautiful look on her face knowing what she was getting prepared for. Being we had to be at my brother’s place around 8 in the evening we left my place about 7.

So as we were driving there I look at her and she had this lovely smile on her face and it was there all the way to my brother’s place. Well we arrived went in had us a couple of glasses of wine and my wife which your normally never hear her saying anything being she is the shy type suggested we play spin the bottle and my brother’s girlfriend agreed straight away . So we began playing. And punishments started to become a bit sexier ones which in fact the girls started them. So my wife got my brother’s girlfriend to kiss me on the lips so she did and even stuck her tongue into my mouth so I just went ahead and sucked on it in front of everyone. My brother was a bit surprised, then it was my turn to punish and I got my brother to slightly slowly bite the tip of my wife’s nipple. He didn’t want to, but my wife insisted we obey rules given so she lifted her top so he will have access to her tit. Me and his girlfriend were looking at my wife’s face as he slowly bit the tip of her nipple and I have to say, she loved it. As this was happening my brothers girlfriend slide her hand up my inner thigh close to my crotch and I looked at her and she kissed me again. Then she got my wife to kneel down in front of my brother and bit him softly on his cock which could be seen bulged in his jeans. My wife, with no hesitation at all, did as ordered, which I believe, she enjoyed doing to him. After a while my brothers girlfriend got up and put on some slow music to spicy things up more as if she had the same intentions my wife had. So we were dancing and my wife was pulled away from me and handed over to my brother so she could dance with me instead. I kept watching my wife dancing and rubbing herself up against my brother’s thigh after a while we swapped again and as my wife came to me which by now with drinking wine more then she normally does and being tipsy eyes hardly open I slid my hand down till I entered her knickers which were soaking wet with love juice for my brother so I stuck two fingers inside her and she just stopped dancing opened her legs more so I can go in deeper and I did in front of them. She was really ready to get herself laid that night. My wife hardly speaks when she is outside, so you can imagine the animal came out of her that night .Well I pulled my fingers out of her wet love hole and straight into her mouth they went and she just looked at them as she licked them.

Next thing I know she was feeling a bit dizzy and needed to vomit so we undressed her and put her in my brother’s bed hoping her dream will come through. But it never did unfortunately. We sat in his sitting room sipping on wine as she rested and about 45 minutes later she came out in her underwear showing herself of to my brother and his girlfriend, it was the least she could do being it was all  in vain what we had planned for her . So I had to leave my brothers place and take her home. But till today she knows what happened and what she done that night so she holds on to those loving memories and calls his name more openly and lets him know how much she loves him and wished he had fucked her that wonderful night . Hope you do enjoy reading my wife’s fantasy, and hope to hear comments what you think of her the sexy bitch.


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