My Young Wife, Pt 1

I had just started my own business, at age 35, as a home architect. I had a new house built in a nice neighborhood, with an office. When I moved in, all the neighbors were extra friendly, I really felt welcome. My immediate neighbor, John, had two daughters, Mindy, who was 15, and Sarah, 13. Their mother had died a few years ago from cancer. John was wealthy, and told me he’s out of town a lot on business.
After I had been there for a month, John decided he wanted a new office, and knew my specialty was houses, but asked me to do it. He did put one restriction on the deal. Mindy had been un-officially working on a design with him, and he wanted her involved.
Now, Mindy was beautiful. She stood about 5′ 6″, and she had beautiful long, light brown hair. She also was a gymnast, participating and as an assistant coach at her high school, so she had great shape to her body. We had to match our schedules to work on her dad’s office.
One weekend, it was very warm, and she came over to work on the design. She was wearing a button up shirt, chino shorts, and sandals. She had beautiful long legs and she had left the top three buttons undone, to stay cool. As we worked over the drawing board, she was showing the initial corrections her dad wanted to a CAD drawing, she leaned in next to me. I glanced over to see her shirt gapping, and I could clearly see one of her nipples. My cock stirred, and I got up and turned on the computer to get my mind off of what I just saw. When I went back to the board, she had undone another button. I asked her “Are you too hot, working here?” She replied “A little, but I’m okay.” I notice a slight sly smile on her face. I went over and turned the temp down on the thermostat, to keep from getting into trouble. The smile left her face as I returned. As she left that day, she told me that she was having a small birthday party, just her dad, sister and her, and they all insisted I come. She was turning 16. I went, reluctantly. If she were only three years older, I wouldn’t have had a problem.
John told me “I have to go out of town for a month, Sarah going to stay with her best friend, but Mindy needs a place to stay. You have room, would you please watch over her?” “I don’t know John?” I hesitated. “Look, I trust you, and I’ll make it worth your while, I promise.” He replied. The thing I didn’t want to tell him was that I didn’t trust myself! “Look,” he continued, “I can’t find anyone else, and she can’t miss that much school. I need your help, please?” He had placed his arm around my shoulder, and was nearly begging. I agreed to help. “What am I getting into?” I asked myself as I fixed a spare room for her.
The next afternoon, the doorbell rang, and I went to go see who it was. It was Mindy. She was standing there with a small bag hooked over her shoulder. “Are you sure you have enough clothing?” I asked. “Well, I can always go get more as I need it. It’s not that far.” She said as she jerked her thumb over her shoulder toward her house. I invited her in, and showed her the room I had prepared. She handed me a letter from her dad and said “Don’t open this until later.” She asked, “Can I take a shower? Do you mind?” I showed her the bathroom, and gave her a full set of towels.
I went back to working on some paperwork I had laid out on the coffee table. She had gone back into the bedroom, to get ready. I heard her come out and cross the hall to the bath, and looked in time to see… “Was that her naked ass I just saw?” I asked myself. “No, it couldn’t be.” I reassured myself, and went back to work. About half an hour later, she came out, towel drying her hair. I know my chin hit the floor, because she didn’t have anything on! She had also shaved her pussy! I shook my head, as she sat on the couch, placing her feet on the edge of the coffee table, spread for my view. “Mindy! GO put some clothes on, RIGHT NOW!” I demanded loudly. She looked at me, shocked. “Steve, are you gay?” “No.” I replied, “but I could get into very serious trouble if you don’t get dressed!” “It’s time you read dad’s letter.” She replied.
I grabbed up the envelope, and ripped it open, not knowing what I was going to find. Was he going to tell me she was an exhibitionist? I pulled out the letter, and began to read;
“Dear Steve,
I am sorry to due this, this way, but I want you to teach Mindy about sex. She thinks she is in love with you, and wants you to be her first. She is on the pill, so she shouldn’t get pregnant. She will either want you wholly, or it’ll end quickly, because that is how she is. Once she gets what she wants, she is either fully dedicated, heart and soul, or she gives it up. The only thing I ask is this, if you love her, marry her as soon as I get home. You have my blessings.
I couldn’t believe what I just read, my mouth hung open as I re-read it over and over. She quietly got up, walked over, and placed her finger on my chin to close my mouth. “Well?” she asked. I was shaking, totally confused. I wanted to, and had her fathers permission, but… She turned my head gently, and kissed me. I sat quickly, saying, “Just give me a moment.” She came up next to me, so close I could smell her sweetness. I turned my head and all I could see was the cleft of her pussy. I quickly turned my head back when she gently hugged my head to her. Her smell was intoxicating. She let go and knelt next to me. I turned slowly and gave in. I kissed her lightly, several times. I backed off and asked her “Are you sure?” “Absolutely” she replied. “Just be gentle, I am still a virgin.” My cock got so hard at that point, it hurt as it strained in my pants. “I want to do something to you first. I think you’ll really enjoy it.” I told her.
I lead her by the hand to the dining room table. She looked confused. I pushed her against the table and began to kiss her. The more we kissed, the more my hands roamed all over her young body. She felt great, soft, tender. I started to feel her breasts. As I rubbed, her nipples quickly became erect. I moved down and started sucking on first one then the other nipple, as she started to moan. She tasted fantastic. As I worked her nipples, I moved my hand down and started to feel her cleft. As I pushed a finger into it, she raised her leg and put her foot on the chair. This was great. I slipped my middle finger into her cleft, but not into her hole.
I just gently rubbed back and forth. I could feel her clit get hard as I rubbed past it. I removed my wet finger, and I could tell she was disappointed, but she had no idea what was next. I licked her juices off of my finger, she definitely is sweet. I placed both of my hands on her nice, round, firm ass. I lifted her onto the edge of the table all while kissing her. I stopped, and she looked puzzled. I said, “I’m hungry, and you’re delicious. Just lay back and enjoy.” Her puzzled look continued, but she did as I asked. I grabbed her ankles and put them on the arms of the chair that I had pulled up. I then started kissing my way up her thighs. As I got closer to her pussy, I noticed she was oozing. I worked all the way up to her sweet pussy. As I got to her pussy, I licked up all her juices, and kissed her right on her pussy lips. She let out a squeal of delight, and grabbed my hair. I began to lick her, and gently suck her. First just her pussy lips, but then I pushed her lips apart with my tongue, and started working her clit. She was squealing in delight. It did not take long for me to give her a large orgasm. She screamed and closed her legs on my head, all while pulling my hair. I swallowed, as she gushed hard. Boy did she taste great.
As she relaxed, still breathing hard she exclaimed “OH MY GOD!” a moment later, as I stood up, she said, “I’ve never felt anything like that before. That was GREAT!” I carefully picked her up and carried her to my bedroom. I gently laid her on the bed, and removed all my clothes. I walked back to the bed, and carefully attacked her pussy with my mouth again. I was relentless, and in no time at all, she was screaming through
another orgasm. As she came down
from that, I crawled up next to her. “This next bit could hurt.” I told her. She just pushed me onto my back, and straddled me. I grabbed her ass and pulled her up so I could attack her nipples. As I did that, I reached around with my fingers and started to play with her clit. She moaned and smiled. “My turn.” She said. With that, she reached back for my hard cock and aimed it as she slid back. As she pushed back, I realized she was going to be tight, because as she leaned back, she nearly bent my cock in two! “Go slowly baby!” I told her. She pulled up, then slowly sat back. This time the head of my cock slipped in, but that’s as far as it went. She pulled up a little, then sat back, allowing a little more in. One more time, she pulled up, and this time she impaled herself all the way. She screamed as I felt her hymen break. I pulled her close, and kissed her. A moment later, I felt her start to move up and down on me. She was so tight, there was not much movement. She still felt great, and I knew I would not last long, so I reached with one hand and started playing with one of her nipples, while with the other I reached for her clit. She was moaning louder and louder. Soon, we both exploded and she screamed. She clamped down on me so tight, I wasn’t sure she wasn’t going to rip my cock off! After she had come down off that orgasm, she started pumping me again. Damn, was she a great lover, especially for a beginner. It did not take long before she was cumming again, this time I noticed her cum was streaming down my balls. She kept going until we both came again. She waited for a moment, and said “Awe!” as my cock began to shrink. I told her “Baby, you got to give me some time to recover!” and with that I kissed her. She carefully pulled herself up while I held her hips, as I was still stuck in her, even though I was limp. When I finally popped out, I pulled her back on top of me, and held her tight while kissing her. We rolled to our sides, and decided to take a nap together. She did not realize how tired she was. We didn’t wake until hours later.
The next few days, we did not wear any clothing until she had to go to school on Monday. While she was out, she called and asked me to look for a ring she had worn to my place and lost. I found it, took the ring, and went to the jewelry store to get her an engagement ring, and had a set of wedding rings made. They were the most beautiful rings ever. When she got home, I asked her to sit a moment, though she wanted to go at it again. She did sit down, and I asked her to close her eyes and hold out her hand. She did as asked. I then said “I found your ring after you called, so I want to put this on you.” As I said this, I slipped the engagement ring on her finger. She said, “No, that’s not it, my ring is fatter.” “Open your eyes.” I commanded. She did and screamed in delight. She attacked me with kisses. She then said, “We’ve got to call dad!” I dialed Johns cell, and told him I had agreed to his terms, and we would marry when he returned. He then informed me he would be back in a few days, as he had closed his deal early.
To Be Continued……

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