Neighbor walking her dog.

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I have been living in my house for about 6 years and my wife and I have an OK sex life. But sometimes something is missing. Our daughter has a friend 10 houses down that she spends so time with.

The girls mother, Laura, is nice about 5’3″ short brown hair and a nice body. The funny thing is whenever she is walking her dog she says hello when she only sees my car in the driveway.

Well last sunday morning I was doing yard work and my wife and daughter went out for the day , so I was alone. Well, it was really hot and after I finished I was going to jump into the pool. When all of a sudden Laura is walking her dog and comes over and starts talking. She has a short skirt on and very tight tank top.
We are talking and she notices me checking her body out and she asks where my wife is and I say I am only for about 5 hours or so, she smiles and says you know I have never seen your new pool you put in two years ago.
Well we go into the backyard and she puts her dog under a shade tree and goes to the pool and says it really looks good, I say you are welcome to jump in, thinking she was going to go home and change or something. She says, it is so hot and starts talking off her top, revealing her full round breast and take off her bottom , and is in her bra and panty. She says you don’t mind do you and as she looks to my cock, she knows I don’t and she takes off her bra and panties and jumps in and tells me to follow.
I am naked in 20 seconds and am jumping in the pool.
She comes over to me and said she has been waiting for an opportunity to do this for two years and she comes close to me and kisses me long and hard, driving her tongue into my mouth. She then puts her hand on my cock and squeezes it.
I get hard and give a little moan and start to search her body underwater. Feeling those full round breast and her tigh butt and finally her pussy.
She wraps her legs around me and tells me to fuck her, so I put my cock in her and start to fuck her, I am standing for both of us and she just says, yes,,,fuck me hard,,I have wanted this so long.
It sort of funny, as I am fucking her, I am loosing my balance and do a little walk to the side of the pool, now allowing me to drive deep in her pussy, her arms tight against me and she just keep humping me and saying she is going to cum and she does, and does again. The cool water and my hard cock, drive her and she just keeps fucking but tells me not to cum.
I tell her, I try but I am in so deep that and I know any minute I am going to shoot my load.
Laura says for me to pull out and sit on the side of the shallow end of the pools which I do. My cock standing straight and Laura comes over and spreads my legs and takes my cock in her mouth. Licking the head and then taking my shaft.
She takes my cock out of my mouth and says she is going to drink every drop of my cum.
She then goes back down and starts to suck me once more , this time with a passion, she is playing with my balls and sucking me.
I feel my cock swelling and she keeps moving her head, her tongue up and down, and her hands are on my balls. I tell her I am going to cum and she just continues and I start to cum. Pouring my load deep into her mouth and Laura taking it all and sucking me until I am dry. She then releases my cock and goes for a little swim and gets out of the pool.
Her tight body on few for any neighbor who might be looking over the back yard fence, but she doesnt care and neither do I.
She dries by the sunlight and starts to get dressed. I just put on my pants and when she is fully clothed, she goes to the shade tree and gets her dog. She comes back to me and kissing me long and hard.
I start to talk but she puts her finger on my lips and says this is our little secret and lets just let it happen , when it can. This won’t be the last time and smiles and takes her dog back for a walk.
I smile and can’t believe this day and jump back in the pool. Just remembering and hoping no one saw us…to be continues..

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