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Aryel came in the front door of her flat and heard the shower running. Her houseguest, Aneesh, was awake. She had let the girl sleep most of the day, partially because she herself was at work, and the girl had still been plagued with jet lag. She set her
keys on the table, locked the door behind her, and flopped onto her couch. She unlaced and tossed her heavy boots into the corner, then dropped the socks, and her workshirt on the floor, so she curled cat-like upon her sofa in her black jeans and bra.

Aneesh shut off the shower and came into the living room wrapped in a towel, her long blonde hair hanging wetly down her back, her pale skin still beaded with crystaline drops of water. Her blue-gray eyes sparkled.

“I thought I heard someone come in.” she said, her thick Aussie accent low, and musical. She walked through to the spare bedroom and Aryel could hear her rummaging around for clothes in her suit cases. After a few moments, she returned in a pair of electric blue silk boxers and a black bra.

“It was just me, sweets.” said Aryel, and leaned forward to press her lips to Aneesh’s. The kiss was gentle at first, then increasingly deeper, their tongues twisting together, tasting each other. After a few moments, they broke, and Aneesh layed her cheek against Aryel’s shoulder.

“How’s that for a comming home welcome?” she asked, nuzzeling Aryel’s neck and breathing the words across her skin.

Aryel shuddered against the touch, goose bumps rising and falling along her arms. Aneesh brushed her lips against Aryel’s, neck, one hand trailing across her stomach to her ribs and the other twining through her long deep auburn hair. She closed her eyes and let out a sigh, pushing her body against the blonde girls. Her frame was muscular, long-legged, with deeply tanned skin, accented by almond shaped amber eyes, high cheekbones, pointed ears and chin. She was part fey, and looked it, with eight ear rings, four in each of her pointed ears, and none that matched.

Aneesh took advantage of her lifted chin and began kissing her throat and neck, causing her nipples to harden against the thin satin of her bra, making goose-bumps rise and fall again. The girls flesh was a soft even bronze, all the same color from nude sun-bathing, she had explained. Her muscles writhed and twitched against Aneesh’s wandering fingertips as they passed across the ring through her right nipple. The girl began kissing Aryel’s neck and collar bones, nipping along the soft tissue of her throat, pulling gently with her teeth at the pulse point, causing her to breathe harder.

Aryel’s heart pounded in her ears as she raised her hand to Aneesh’s shoulder, stroking the soft flesh, still warm and damp from the shower. She let her fingertips slowly wander, feeling the girls large breasts through her bra. Her clever fingers undid the front clasp and slid the straps off of her shoulders, then dropped the bra casually to the floor. She began kissing her way around the girls neck and ear, down to her shoulder, where she bit firmly on the thick muscle between her neck and shoulder, worrying the bite into a bruise, pressing with both sets of fangs, upper and lower.

Aneesh moaned softly as Aryels warm, wet mouth found her already hard nipple, and began to lap and suck, occasionally brushing her teeth along the sensitive skin, massaging her other breast with warm fingers. She kissed and licked and nibbled her way down the girls torso, across her ribs and stomach, teasing with her lips, tongue and teeth. She pushed Aneesh back on the couch and slid off to kneel between her knees on the floor. Her lips teased along the upper edge of the girls shorts, occasionally tugging at them with her teeth.

She continued her journey along Aneesh’s body, kissing along the silk down to her thighs, where she bit, hard, quick, unexppected, causing her to moan quietly, half pleasure, half pain. She kissed her clit gently through the cloth, sending an electric thrill up Aneesh’s spine and making her moan again. Her fingertips found the elastic at the top and stripped the shorts in one quick tug, leaving the girl nude and open before her.

Aryel could see that her clit was swollen and red with excitement. She leaned forward, her eyes locked onto Aneesh’s, gray and amber pouring into each other, and slowly, deliberatly ran her tongue up the length of the girls slit. Aneesh’s back arched and she moaned. Aryel again licked her, her tongue probing into the girls wet hole, then flicking over her clit. She nibbled and sucked her gently, occasionally letting her teeth brush over the soft skin. Aneesh’s moans got louder and louder as she closed in on an orgasm. She moaned and writhed against Aryel’s assaulting tongue, her hips bucking against the tall girls face. All at once, her head swam with pleasure and solid white light filled her vision as she screamed Aryel’s name, the orgasm overtaking her.

When she had recovered, she looked at Aryel, who still knelt between her legs, sucking and licking up the sticky drops of her pleasure. The girl raised her right hand and pushed one finger deep inside of her, making her fall back against the couch. After a moment of probing, she found the G-spot and rubbed her fingertip across the delicate flesh of the girls’ insides, making her writhe and moan. She added a second finger, then leaned forward and began sucking and licking on the delicate knob of flesh of her cunt.

Aneesh came again, all at once, pounding her hips against Aryel’s tongue and fingers, causing the girls nails to dig into sensitive spots, making her come harder. Finnaly, her orgasm subsiding, she collapsed against the couch. Aryel crawled up on the couch and curled her body against the sweating, trembling girl.

“You okay?” she asked with a half smile. Her amber colored eyes held gold sparkles that twinkled with ammusement and pleasure. Aneesh nodded, unable to speak for being breathless. When she could breathe again, she pushed Aryel to lay back on the couch and leaned forward to hold herself on hands and knees to stradle the girl, her long blonde hair trailing across the girls skin. She let her hot breath brush across her lips and ear and neck, the bit gently upon the top or her right breast, causing her to gasp in pleasure.

“Harder.” she whispered, and Aneesh complied, letting her teeth take as much of the soft flesh as she could, biting down hard, untill she tasted the salty-sweet metallic taste of blood. Aryel moaned in pleasure and laced her fingers through the wet strands of Aneesh’s hair, pulling her bloodstained lips up to meet her own. She fed on the girls mouth, kissing her deeply and licking the blood off of her lips and nibbling on the tip of her tongue.

Aneesh broke the kiss and made her sit up. Her hands found the bra clasp at Aryel’s back and unsnapped it, then discarded the bra casually to the floor. Then, she ran her nails down the soft flesh of her back, causing her to writhe between her legs.

“You like to play rough?” she asked, rhetorically. She could already tell she did. She slid off of the girl long enough to relieve her of her jeans, dropping them, unnoticed, to the floor, leaving Aryel to lay before her in a black satin thong that matched the bra. She kissed herway down from the girls mouth, in a straight line down her check, and stopped to nibble on the barbell through her navel.

“That drives me wild.” Aryel breathed, her fingertips brushing Aneesh’s cheek. The girl nibbled some more, biting gently, tugging with her tongue and teeth, making things tighten low in her body. She moaned softly, and the blonde girl continued her trail down to the top of the thong. She kissed all over the thin, shiny material, then ran her nails up Aryel’s thighs and removed them. Now, completely nude, Aryel lay before her, her calm gold eyes shiny with excitement and exhiliration.

“I’m going to take you, Aryel.” she whispered, and lowere
d her tongue to Aryel’s hot slit, probing her dripping hole with it. Aryel’s
hips twitched, and she wrapped her hands around the girl’s thighs to keep her in place as she assaulted the girl’s swollen clit with her tongue. She took a cue from her prey’s own assault, and nipped playfully at the tender flesh.

Aryel came several times, quickly, and Aneesh lapped up her sweet juices happily. After a while, she stood up.

“I’ll be right back.” she said, and slipped into the spare bedroom. After a moment, she returned with a blue strapon harness with a 9in. black dildo that was covered in knobs. She stepped into it and tighetend the straps.

“On your feet. Turn your back, and put your hands on the back of the couch.” she commanded. When Aryel had complied, she moved up behind her, the plastic dick tickling the girls hole. After a moment of adjustment, she pushed the head of it slowly into the girls cunt, her own juices making her wet again.

She slid the toy deep into Aryel slowly at first, sliding almost all the way out before slipping back in. The girl moaned with every thrust, pushing back against the toy, making it plunge deeper into her. After a moment, Aneesh put her hands on both of Aryel’s hips, thrusting deeply into her, causing her to cry out. Faster and harder, she fucked Aryel, untill all at once, Aryel screamed out her name, collapsing on the couch.

“Turn over.” she commanded, not giving her time to breathe. When Aryel had complied, she knelt between her legs on the couch, leaning forward and pushing the toy inside of the red haired girl again. Aryel threw her legs around Aneesh’s waist, making her pump it into her harder, faster. They came together, and Annesh collapsed on top of Aryel, both panting and sweating, their skin sticking together.

“You’ve never actually been with a girl before?” Aryel asked, panting. She wrapped her arms around the girl and held her close as their hearts thundered together.

“Nope. But we’ve had lots of time to practice over the internet. I figured I could more or less re-create one of our role-play sessions. It seems to have worked.” she winked at the girl and sat up just enough to remove the harness and pull the blanket from the back of the couch over them, laying her head on Aryel’s chest.

They both laughed at the comment, and slowly fell asleep, enjoying each other’s flesh.

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