next door- monday night

After a long day at work thinking about his young neighbor watching him beat off to her sunbathing, Adam returns home just after dark. He makes himself a drink after jumping into the shower and sets at the computer. “I just can’t get that image out of my mind” he thinks to himself.. Anna looking up with her firm young tits out watching a grown man jerking off at the sight of her.

The phone jerks him away from the odd sensations of shame and arousal. “Adam proctor” he answers.

“Did you enjoy yourself this morning, Mr. Proctor?”

Nearly dropping the phone, he recognizes Anna’s voice. “There’s no reason to be ashamed, Mr. Proctor.. everyone plays with themselves at some point. I am right now. Walk outside.”

Adam walks out onto his second story deck to find Anna outside in a small skirt pulled up around her waist wearing knee high socks and a tight t shirt.. she is laying out in the chair she was in earlier that morning.. only now her legs were spread open and her hand was rubbing her tight young pussy.

“Feel free to pull your dick out, Mr. Proctor. I know this is making you hard” her voice was sensual taunting him.. in face what he wanted was to walk over and bury his face in her snatch..feel her fingers running through his hair as he lapped her creamy wet pussy.. sucking at her swollen clit, probing her gash with his tongue and his fingers.. eating her young pussy til she gushes in his face as she calls him daddy and begs him to never stop eating her cunt.

The reality is he stood there.. watching her play with herself, listening to her moan on the phone.

“Do you wanna see me cum mr proctor? I want you to tell me you want to see me cum for you” her voice was at once demanding and pleading with him.

“Cum. Cum for me.” He whispers over the phone. She screams out, squealing and squirm in her seat as she cums on her hand. Panting through the phone she asks for his email address adding.. “let’s keep in touch”

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