Night games

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Karen sat up in bed, startled awake by some noise outside. She listened in the stillness, but the noise, whatever it was didn’t repeat itself. “Oh well,” she thought, “I’m thirsty anyway.” She pushed the thick comforter off of her shapely legs, and shivered in the cool of the night. With nothing more than a short satin nightgown covering her body, her nipples quickly hardened and poked through the material. Quietly, Karen padded down the stairs on bare feet, wrapping her arms around herself to ward off the chill. As soon as she entered the kitchen, however, she had cause for a different kind of shiver. She flicked the light switch and nothing happened. Peering into the darkness, she tried to tell herself that it was just a faulty fuse, and she’d take care of it in the morning. However, she had the strange sensation that she wasn’t alone in the room. Trying not to panic, she pretended she hadn’t felt the others presence, and acted as if she was still going to get herself a drink. Maybe he will just leave me alone if he thinks I haven’t seen him, she thought.

Slowly, she walked to the cabinet and reached up on her tip toes to get a glass, but before she could bring it down, a hard body pressed against her backside, pushing her pelvis against the counter. Instantly Karen froze. “Do what I say, and this might be an enjoyable night for both of us. If you don’t, I will rape you anyway, then kill you.” The man whispered calmly as his lips brushed her earlobe.

Karen’s arm was still extended up towards the cabinet, while the other was braced on the countertop. The man took her hand from the countertop and raised it up to grasp the cabinet with the other. Then slowly his gloved hands ran down the length of her arms and brushed across her already hard nipples. She gasped at the contact, and his breathing quickened near her ear. “I want you to keep your hands on the cabinet above your head at all times, understand?” he asked, and she fearfully nodded her head. He took off his gloves and she heard him unzipping his pants. Instantly she felt his rock hardness against her buttocks through the flimsy material that was now barely covering her because of both her hands being raised over her head. He brought his big hands back around to her breasts and began to lightly play with her nipples again, while grinding his penis against her ass. Against her will, she felt a tingling in her clit and she felt herself getting wet. She bit back a moan as he fondled her. Suddenly he turned her around and she had to quickly grasp the cabinet again as she now faced him. She tried to see his face in the darkness, but it was impossible. He brought his mouth down on her now aching nipple and sucked on it through the cloth, while his hands slid down her sides and back up slowly along her inner thighs. He bit her nipple and she stifled a cry of suprised pain, and he chuckled as his calloused hands began to spread her legs apart. He pushed her up the few inches until she was sitting on the counter, with her hands still above her head. He began kissing her mouth, and she again felt herself responding. When two of his thick fingers slid inside her, her hips jerked in pleasure and she felt him smile against her lips. Without taking his fingers from inside of her, he brought his mouth down upon her swollen clit and began to suck and lick her as his fingers jammed into her and back out again roughly. It almost hurt her, but the pleasure was overwhelming and she couldn’t help but buck against his hand and press herself against his tongue. He then slipped another finger inside, stretching her even more and she tried to pull away at the pain. “Don’t” he commanded and his tongue began its attack again, and she quivered and began to ride his hand again. “Please” she moaned. Again, she felt his smile, and he stood up, grasping her hips and drove his huge dick into her now sopping pussy. She writhed and bucked beneath him, and he bent his head to roughly bite her nipples as he pounded into her. She had never had sex this rough before, and had certainly never had a man his size inside her. She felt pain, and yet the pleasure coursing through her completely shadowed it. She could hear his deep grunts as his dick slid in and out of her tight pussy, and she could hear herself responding with whimpers and small cries of ecstasy. She finally came and her body convulsed around his, making him cum too. He panted in her ear as he emptied into her. Then slowly, he pulled out of her and whispered “Did you like that?”
Karen could only faintly respond with a “Yeah” as she recovered from her climax.
“Good” He said “Then I’ll be back tomorrow as long as you don’t tell ANYONE about my visit” And he disappeared into the darkness again. Karen shivered and climbed down off the counter, completely satisfied and actually excited about the intruder’s return the next night…

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