Night To Remember

Hi, we are a couple from Pretoria East, South Africa. We had 1 or 2 experiences before where one of my friends ended up in bed with my wife after a night out and this kinda opened the doors for us to explore further.

We decided to go to a local club that night. I picked out what she must wear and it was tight white pants with a nice revealing white top. She looked super sexy and of course she is well built, slender and good looking. At the club we split up and I chose my little dark corner with a clear view over the bar and dance area. It wasn’t long before guys were all over her, offering to buy drinks, chatting, and laughing. She was enjoying all the attention.

Around 2 am all the guys were drunk and horny as hell. At one point my wife was standing with her back against a seated guy with another guy standing in front of her. One guy was touching her ass and another guy holding her hand, seated next to her. It got me so horny watching her flirt with all those men.

Later, we met up at the bathroom and I jokingly asked her if she was going home with all three of them? She replied that it would be great, but very risky as the 3 guys are not friends of ours. She told me she was sopping wet from all the attention and they had been rubbing her most of the night. We then agreed that she would choose one guy for her to take home. Not long after, she came to me with the guy and introduced me as her brother.

To be continued.

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