Night Visitor

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I was lying in bed on a summer night. I had a thin sheet over me, and I couldn’t sleep. I kept thinking how long it had been since I’d had a good fucking. I could feel my pussy starting to drip, and my nipples were rock hard.

I used both hands to rub my hard nipples, rolling them back and forth between my fingers. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I slid my right hand down to my shaved pussy, rubbing the wetness on my swollen pussy lips, dipping my fingers between them. I moaned out loud when my fingers brushed my engorged clit, and let my hand slip down so I could finger fuck myself. My tits are so big, I can suck my own nipples, and that’s just what I was doing as I frantically shoved four fingers deep into my dripping hole. I reached into the nightstand, and pulled out my 12″ rubber cock. Sucking it to lube it up good, I shoved it full force into my cunt. Pinching one of my nipples with one hand, I was furiously humping the dildo I held in the other. I slipped the cock out of my cunt, and shoved it in my ass. As I fingered my clit and fucked myself in the ass, I could feel myself start to cum, when I saw movement from the corner of my eye.

It was my neighbor. He was a good looking man, in his late twenties. He told me he’d been watching me masturbate night after night, and he could tell I needed to be fucked. I was terrified.

I tried to cover myself with my hands, and he just pushed them away laughing. He climbed onto the bed between my spread legs, admiring the dildo still jammed up my ass. He pulled it out, setting it carefully aside. He dropped his pants and ordered me to suck his cock. When I hesitated, he grabbed me by the hair and pushed my mouth down onto his cock. He was fucking my mouth and holding the back of my head, and I could taste the precum on his thick rod. To my own amazement, I could feel my pussy juice dripping down the insides of my thighs. Suddenly he pulled his cock from my mouth, and jerked himself furiously until he shot his load all over my face and tits. He shoved my onto my back, and pulled my legs up over his shoulders. He ordered me to lick his cum off my tits while he ate my cunt. I grabbed my tits by both nipples and started licking the hot cum. He was pulling my pussy lips apart and tongue fucking my hot hole. I could feel my hips starting to buck, and I started grinding my pussy into his face. He found my clit and sucked it hard, making me scream with pleasure. I could feel my orgasm building, and it let go with a loud scream when he shoved two fingers up my still lubed asshole. Lifting his face from my dripping cunt, he ordered me onto my knees, facing the wall. He pushed me until I was bent over on my hands and knees, and he started licking my cunt and my asshole. I moaned each time he flicked his tongue over my little pink hole, and started pumping my hips again when I felt his tongue slide up my ass, and his fingers reach around to my clit. He tongue fucked my ass for what felt like an eternity, until I came with a gush of juice all over his face. He stood up, and I could feel his huge cock head rubbing my pussy lips. He rammed his 10″ into me as hard as he could, and I felt myself shudder in climax again. He rode me hard, his hips slamming into my ass on every hard thrust.

Just when I was ready to cum, he pulled out of me, and stuffed his dick straight up my ass. He started fucking me, matching the rhythm of my screams to his insistent thrusts. I loved getting ass fucked, but I felt like he was ripping me in half. I loved every second.

When I could hear him start moaning, I knew he was going to cum again. He gave me two more violent thrusts, then pulled out and flipped me over. He shoved his dick into my mouth, down my throat, and fucked my face until I could feel hot cum shooting down my throat. Rubbing his still swollen cockhead on my lips, he pinched my nipples and told me he would be back the next night, and wouls fuck me until I begged him to stop.

Tomorrow is just a day away, right?

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    Not bad. Keep them coming…

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