All In A Nights Work

All In A Nights Work
In the 1980s when Dance Halls and Honky Tonks were the craze, back before Carrie came into my life and I was young single and bulletproof, I would make the local Dance Hall every Friday and Saturday night. I had become friends with the owners, and if I didn’t show up for some reason, they would start calling trying to make sure I was ok! But every Friday and Saturday night, unless I had a date, I would go home with a different woman. Sometimes they were single, other times they were not, and in the world of cowboys, fucking a man’s woman can get ya into some serious stuff, but in the end, a good blow job is always worth an ass kicking!
This one particular weekend was totally different then the rest. It was early summer and the weather was nice, I made it to my local Honky Tonk where I danced and drank for a little while. I met a young lady named Kim, we danced and laughed, then I asked her if she was married.

She said, “Right now?”

I laughingly replied, “Yeah.”

She said, “Nope!”

I wondered what that meant but decided to let it go. So as we danced I just asked her straight out if she wanted to go fuck?

She stopped dancing and said, “SURE! Let’s go to your place!”

So we got in my truck and went to my house. Once there she asked where the restroom was, I told her, and she exited, and when she did I turned the record player on, remember this is the 80’s, I still had vinyl LPs then! When she came out of the restroom she was naked!

I guess I looked surprised, because she said, “Hey! You asked me to fuck, I don’t have all night to get a hard cock shoved in my cunt!”

So it took me maybe ten seconds to get naked, and we landed in my bed and I shoved my cock into her wet cunt and started fucking her as hard as I could. She liked it hard and she started moaning. She finally came, then I erupted a full hot load of cum deep inside her cunt! I continued to pump my cock in and out of her as long as I could, then she motioned for me to get off of her.

When I did she said, “I got to get back to my car and get home, I told my husband I’d be home before midnight!”

So we cleaned up, dressed and I got her back to her car. She got in her car and left. Then I noticed the owner came out, and he was not happy!

He said, “Joe, I hope you know what your getting into!”

I said, “I don’t know what ya talking about.”

He told me that she was married to a mean mother that would not stop at just kicking my ass, but he would stomp me into a mud hole then walk me dry! I told him it would be ok, not to worry.
So I went back in and got another beer and was looking around and saw this woman I have known for a long time, but only as friends, and she was alone. So we started dancing and I asked her where her husband was tonight. She explained that the son of a bitch went to the bar without her, and that she wants a hard cock fucking her tonight! I replied that I didn’t realize her husband was ok with that. She grew angry, cursing him, and saying that she may just go in the parking lot and lay in the bed of her truck and let all the cowboys line up and just fuck her! So I started thinking, I might oughta help my buddy Mike and fuck his wife for him! So I invited her back to my place for a good hard fucking! She agreed and we left.

When she got there I heard a bunch of noise in my backyard and realized she had drove her truck into my backyard to hide her truck! I went to the back door and opened it up, and as she was walking from her truck to the back door she was undressing! So as soon as she got inside we headed for my already used bed! She pushed me down on the bed and crawled up on me, with my cock in her hand she placed it at the lips of her cunt then she just sat down! She moaned and told me how good my cock felt inside her, begging me to fuck her hard. Then she started bouncing on me like I was a wilde stallion! We fucked for a long time like this, and I guess she came three or four times, until I filled her cunt with my cum. She then rolled off and passed out, sound asleep!

As I laid there attempting to catch my breath, I heard the doorbell ring. I got my jeans on and answered it. It was Mike! He asked if Linda was there? I told him ALL about what had happened and that she was passed out!

He said, “Well if she wants a gang bang then shes gonna get it!”

I was just ready for this drama to be over. So he loaded her up in the back of his truck and off they went. Yes, she was still naked!
So I get dressed and head back out to my favorite Honky Tonk, again! When I get there, I see in the parking lot a line of cowboys, then as I get closer, I see Mike’s truck. He had taken Linda to the parking lot and was letting all the cowboys take turns fucking her in the back of his truck! I just went inside and got another beer and sat down and was listening to the band! Thinking about how tired I was, and I should have just stayed home this time.

Then as I was just setting there and from out of nowhere, my face hits a fist and I end up on the floor, looking up at this really big cowboy.

He says, “You ever fuck my wife again, I’ll kill your ass!”

I just sat there and looked at him and replied, “Ok, how about if she just sucks my dick?”

When I said that I kicked him in the nuts with all my might! He grabs himself, and then kinda shakes it off, and starts laughing, and he says, “You’re pretty funny, just don’t be messin’ with my wife!”

So I got up, he was a good foot taller then me, and I said, “How about a beer?”

So we had a beer and talked about whatever he wanted to talk about until closing time! Then I made my way to the door and I bumped into this little lady that asked me where I was going. I told her I was going home and she asked if I would take her with me! She even offered to cook breakfast! I was like OK!! We then left and went to my house, where I slept until after breakfast, then we had our fun! But what a NIGHT!

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