A Different Kind of Corporate Training – Part 3

Mindy made it back to class after a quick trip to the ladies room. She had no idea what happened to Rob– and held her breath that he didn’t get caught naked and rat her out.

Her face was flushed and her classmates wondered what was wrong. “Lunch didn’t agree, ” she smiled sheepishly. She could still feel tiny ripples of pleasure every time she shifted in her seat. She worked hard to focus on the presenter and sip her Diet Coke when Rob slid in the door on the opposite end of the room.
He glanced at her and flashed a grin. ‘Like the cat that ate the canary’…she thought to herself…’but he can be my pussy anytime.”

It was time for a team building activity, and as the class counted of 1, 2, 3, etc…Mindy and Rob were coincidently number two’s. Mindy sighed. She really wanted to avoid another encounter with him– but her nipples ached for his touch.
Throughout hte exercise, he stood a little to close, brushed his hand against her a little too much..just his musky smell drove her wild!
He was considerably taller, so he stood behind her for the class picture. The photographer kept telling them to scoot closer together. So, close, in fact, she could feel his rock hard cock.

She looked over her shoulder and smiled. He would have to satisfy himself, she had to go home to the hubby and not feel guilty.

He left a note on her car to meet him at a local hotel in one hour. As she crumbled the note to throw it away, she saw a message on her cell phone. Her husband had been called out of town on buisiness– she’d be alone for days.

She’d already strayed once today, what’s one more time? No, the right thing to do is to tell Rob that today was just for fun and move on.

She ran home to shower and put on that new lace thong and matching VS demi cup bra she’d been saving for a special occasion. By comparison, the turtleneck and jeans she chose were demure…but her nipples were hard and were quite visible through the taut sweater.

As she arrived at the hotel, she had a hard time reading the room number. The door opened easily and she heard the shower. Her heart raced. Is this the right room? She closed the door behind her and breathed deeply, feeling her panties getting wetter and wetter. She poured herself a glass of wine with a shaky hand and sat straight up in the molded plastic chair.

The shower smelled hot and sweet, and she resisted the temptation to get naked and jump in. She was here to end this. So she waited.

She heard a giggle and a woman stepped out of bathroom, towel on her hair, reaching behind her to stop a hand from smacking her ass cheeks. It was Rob.

The woman looked pleasantly suprised to see Mindy, and Rob said, “Surpise Lisa, I told you I’d brought you a present!”

Mindy was flabbergasted. She was not that kind of girl. What kind of ass was he? He already made a fool of her once today…but not twice.

Lisa threw off her towel and flew accross the room to Mindy. She grabbed her, and kissed her hard. During the kiss, Lisa’s hands ran up Mindy’s sweater and unhooked her bra with one swift motion.

They broke from the kiss, and Mindy stood gape mouthed at Rob’s hardening cock.

“Ooooh a toy for me! Want to PLAY?” asked Lisa.

“I um…” Mindy replied.

“I have a use for that mouth, Mindy” Rob said. She couldn’t help herself. Her panties were soaked. She couldn’t leave now.

She dropped to her kneed and took his thick rod into her warm mouth. She sucked and licked until she lost herself in his musk.

It wasn’t long before Lisa demanded attention. She pulled Mindy from Rob’s cock and undressed her right down to her pretty pink thong panties.

Lisa threw her on the bed and spread her legs wide, exposing her pink juicy clit. Rob straddled her face, running his cock across her nose, feeling her tongue play with the tip. He wanted to watch, though and took a seat to the side, cock in hand.

Lisa started by lightly licking Mindy’s clit, and each time she noticed a little more juice she gave her crotch one big lick.

Mindy moaned and Lisa spun around, offering her sweet pussy for Mindy. Mindy realized that girls really aren’t so bad…and lapped up her juice with pleasure.

Just as Lisa could feel that Mindy was convulsing with moans and pleasure she stopped…and sat upright. “No coming for you, bad girl”

Lisa wanted to get her mouth on those hot pink tits…she loved tits, she loved rubbing her own, she loved looking at them, but she especially loved how hard they got when she licked them.

Rob continued to stroke his cock, this was turning into SOME business trip. He was quite enjoying watching the two girls go at it on the bed, and he HAD to have some pussy now. But who?

The girls didn’t notice him round the foot of the bed, and stand at the edge, his cock throbbing and erect. By now, Lisa and Mindy were kissing furiously and fingering each other while laying one on top of the other.

Rob entered Mindy, who was on the bottom, and just as Mindy moaned with pleasure, Lisa realized she was being left out. Not so, he’d had a finely detailed dildo for her. He’d strapped it around him so he could fuck both girls at once.

He began thrusting into both women at the same time, and he spanked Lisa’s ass as she moaned and licked Mindy’s nipples. With each thrust the squeals of delight and pleasure were enough to make him explode. Mindy’s pussy was so soft and wet and firm…he could go on for a long time.

Mindy came first, so Lisa shifted on the bed on her back. Rob was delighted to finish in her, her tight little pussy had its own special rhythm. She screamed with pleasure as did he, coming all over both of their stomachs.

As he lay in the bed between both sweaty women, running their hands all over him, he wondered if he’d get their asses next.

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