About that raise…

I swayed to the music, singing along as I stocked the ‘fridge. “What if I could hold you ’til I feel you move inside of me….”
Suddenly a voice behind me made me jump, spin, and drop the pop I had in my hand. Aack!! The Boss! Here I am, singing (off-key) and dirty dancing with an imaginary partner!
My face turned four shades of red and I smiled sheepishly at him, hoping he was in a good mood. He raised one gray eyebrow, shook his head, and then smiled, turning away to put his files down on the table.
‘Darn!’ I thought, ‘Way to impress the Boss!’ I’d only been on the job for about six months, loved it, hoped to keep it, and to make matters more difficult, had a serious case of the hots for this man, who was only about 20 years older than I.
“What are you doing here today?” I blurted out, knowing he usually only spent two days a week turning my office upside down, and this wasn’t one of them.
His brows raised again, then he told me he was just trying to hide out and get some work done. I apologized for the noise and jumped to turn the radio down, but he waved me away, saying it was alright. He stopped me as I turned to go back to my desk and told me to hold his calls and flip the closed sign as it was five already.
I went back to my desk and tried to get some work done, but like always I was jittery with him around. Wanting to touch him was taking a serious toll on my concentration! I wandered back to the restroom and as I passed by his doorway, I could see him rubbing his neck distractedly and leaning back in his chair. Bravely, I popped my head in the doorway and asked him if he had a stiff neck. He nodded and groaned, and I stepped in, cracking my knuckles and explaining that I had been taking massage classes for a while in case I ever got fired for singing off-key and dancing at work, and all I needed was a willing victim to practice on.
He looked at me dubiously for a moment, then with a shrug, nodded and turned his back to me, waving me over.
At last! My palms fairly tingled with anticipation. I started with his shoulders and neck, kneading the tense muscles, then moved to his spine, sliding my thumbs up both sides of the spine and out along the muscles in his back. As I worked he leaned farther over, relaxing, and I leaned in closer, absorbing his scent and the sounds of his muffled groans of pleasure.
I leaned over him and said softly, “You know this would be easier with your shirt off, and I happen to have my massage oil and mat with me…if you’re comfortable with that….?”
He rolled his head over to look at me for a moment consideringly, then said “Be sure to lock the door; I don’t want to have to try to explain this to anyone.”
Yes! Yes! Yes! I fairly danced out of the room while trying to act nonchalant. I was afraid he’d change his mind if he saw how eager I was to get him undressed.
I walked back in the room to find him standing in his dress slacks with no shirt on. My heart skipped a beat and I decided to go for broke. “You know if you want a full body massage, that’s fine, too. Just strip down to your underwear; I do them all the time in class (I lied through my teeth).”
I could see the hesitation in his face and said “Good Lord, man, relax! It’s just a massage; I’m thinking of you as a body to practice on, not my next meal! Trust me. You’ll be glad you did.” Taking the initiative, I brought in my pad and laid it out on the conference table along with some towels from the restroom. “Come on.” I said in a business-like tone, patting the pad and nodding at his pants expectantly.
Finally, with a slight shrug of embarrassment, he dropped his slacks and laid down on the table, face down. I began work immediately, with a very professional air, trying to put him at ease. After a while, though, I got absorbed in my own pleasure…rubbing the oil into his muscles, the mixed scents, his groans of pleasure, all combining to create a liquid pool of heat low in my belly. I started to lean in closer and he stopped me, grabbing my wrist.
“You’re going to get oil all over your dress,” he mumbled, “you’d better take it off.”
I casually took off my dress then told him to roll over so I could do the front side. He rolled over and I struggled desperately not to notice his semi-hard dick pressing against his underwear.
Again I started massaging him, thoroughly and professionally. As I stretched across the table to massage his chest he suddenly opened his eyes and told me it would probably be easier for me to do that if I straddled him.
‘Oh Lord have mercy!’ I thought. ‘The man is trying to kill me!’ He had flirted with me before, but then always later made a point of saying he didn’t fool around at the office, so I never really knew if he actually wanted me or not. What if this was some kind of crazy test? What if? What if?
A million thoughts flew through my head as I climbed up to straddle him, last but not least being ‘I hope he doesn’t feel how wet this is making me!’ As I settled gingerly atop him, I felt his cock stirring, making my heart pound and my hands shake as I decided to play this out. I could act like this was just an innocent massage all day, if that’s what it took to stay right where I was at!
I oiled up my hands and started rubbing his gray-furred belly and chest, rocking back and forth against him as I massaged, nearly driving myself crazy sliding back and forth on his ever-hardening dick.
His eyes snapped shut and I decided that wasn’t a bad idea, shutting my own. I tuned out everything but the music, and the sound of him and I breathing, rubbing a massaging him rhythmically, allowing myself to slide against his pelvis, rubbing his hard cock with my desperate pussy through two layers of underwear. I peeked through slit eyes to make sure his eyes were still shut, and saw the intense concentration on his face, and his hands clenching and unclenching with the rhythm of each slide. Reassured, I picked up the pace, sliding along the length of his dick, bumping the head of it against my swollen clit faster and faster until the wave of an orgasm overtook me and I braced myself against his chest as my pussy clenched over and over uncontrollably. About midway through my orgasm he gave a muffled groan and grabbed my hips to hold me tight against him as his cock twitched against me, convulsing again and again in an explosive orgasm. We held this mindless position for a few minutes after we came, then I carefully climbed off him, handing him one of the towels and sliding back into my dress silently.
After giving him time to get fully clothed, too, I finally looked at him with a nervous grin….
“So do you think I could have a career as a massage therapist?” I asked in a casual tone.
He burst into laughter. “I don’t think you’re going to be fired from here anytime soon.” he replied with a wink.

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  1. swagsta

    Alwys loved a story with a ‘happy ending’

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