Fem Firm, Part 1

Coxson & Dicster is a law firm made up of nothing but she-males. They are:

Debra Coxson is a 37 year old lawyer who has been working for 12 years and started the firm with her college roommate Angela Dicster  5 years ago. She’s a leggy ash blonde with 38D tits, a great ass, and a 9 inch cock. She loves to fuck and get fucked but her favorite thing is getting a blowjob.

Angela Dicster, age 36, started the firm with Debra 5 years ago. She’s a knockout brunette with a body women are jealous of and men want to possess.  She’s a tall drink of water at 5′ 11″ with 40Ds. Her cock is 8 inches but has a girth of about six. Few can take it without  screaming in pain.

Cynthia (DO NOT call her Cindy!) is 26. Receptionist-model a statuesque auburn haired beauty aloof to a fault but does her job well. NOBODY outside of the firm knows she’s really a man. Not even her modeling agency. She is a very imposing 6’1″in her stocking feet (6’5″ to an astonishing 6’6″ in heels!) with a wall of hair and 36Ds. Her equipment rivals Debra’s.

Veronica, age 30. She’s the office manager who not only runs the office but must coordinate the after work Friday fuck fest. It’s her job to make sure all asses are fucked and all cocks are sucked. She loves her job but is a bit insecure because she is not as physically imposing as the other girls; at 5′ 7″ she’s the shortest girl in the office. Her tits and cock also bring up the rear at 34C and 6 inches respectively. Debra often says the firm would fall apart without her.

Tabitha, age 29, is the office flake. She’s a brilliant lawyer (she got the biggest settlement in a case involving transgender discrimination in the history of the State) but her behavior can be unpredictable to say the least. A cute as a button redhead with a nape length pageboy, she occasionally shows up at the office in strange outfits. So far, she’s shown up as a cheerleader, a nun, a police officer (in full uniform) and as (GASP) a man! On that day she wore a man’s business suit, talked all day in her male voice and chain smoked. She insisted everyone call her
“Herb” for the whole day. Because of her legal skills she gets away with it. She’s 38D with 8″.

Tamera, 28. A gorgeous black shemale living as a woman since the age of fifteen. She put herself through law school by any means necessary; female impersonation, escorting and porn. Can be a bitch sometimes but everybody loves her. 5’9″, 42DD, 10″ 4″ girth.

Monique is 24 and the office paralegal. A beautiful sexy Latina boy who’s only been living as a woman for about a year and a half so it’s all sort of new for her. You will never catch her without perfect hair, make-up and nails. A Friday Fuck fest favorite because of her ability to come several times in a session. Her current record: 8 times in one session. 5’9″ 40DD 9″ 4.5″ girth.

The eighth and final member of the team is me, Ben, the mail guy. When the firm was first started, Debra figured Veronica could handle the mail. But after about six months it was quite apparent that she could not. She was overwhelmed. What with organizing fuck fests, giving on the spot blowjobs to the partners, keeping tabs on Tabitha (the day I started she showed up dressed as a birthday clown and spent most of the day making animal balloons and singing kid songs), making coffee, ordering lunch (and sometimes dinner, and pizzas after the Friday  Fuck fest), and keeping her cute little ass ready for whomever may need it during the course of the day. And that included partners and clients! (Whew! I got tired just
writing that.)

Now that you know the players I guess I should bore you with my story. Maybe bore isn’t quite the right word but I certainly won’t be as interesting as the girls, I can tell you that. So I’ll try to keep it as brief as possible.

I needed a job. Nowadays, just about everybody needs a job but I really needed one. I was going to get kicked out of my apartment for being behind in my rent and the prospect of having to move back with my parents did not appeal to me at all! I mean, I’d have a roof over my head but that’s about it. They’re great people and have always respected my privacy, but once you move out of your parent’s house you do all you can to stay out. That’s just the way it is.

I guess I should have smelled trouble the day I applied for the job at Coxson & Dicster. There was a guy who walked past me as I was entering the office who seemed to be in a huff muttering under his breath something to the effect “they have got to be kidding”…  I didn’t hear the rest of what he said because I was immediately distracted by the first person I saw – Cynthia.

Even sitting at the desk she was an intimidating presence. The huge wall f auburn hair, the face that brings most mortal straight men to their knees. She looked up at me as I entered.

“May I help you?”

“Yes. I have a 2PM appointment to see Ms. Coxson. My name is Ben Argyle.”

She looked at her appointment book, looked up and smiled and said, “Oh yes
Mr. Argyle, Ms. Coxson is waiting. Her office is right down this corridor, last one on your left.”

“Thank you.”

As I approached Debra’s office, I thought of the guy leaving (actually more like running) out of the office. It made me somewhat apprehensive, to say the least.

I knocked on the door.

“Come in,” I heard her say in a cheerful voice.

Debra was standing in the middle of the room. Her height (5’10” in stocking feet about 6’4″ in heels which she was wearing that day) was intimidating, to say the least. She dwarfed my 5’9″.

She shook my hand with more strength than I expected as she guided me to a chair in front of her desk. She then sat down behind it.

“Please, have a seat while I look over your application and resume.”

To say Debra was a beautiful woman was an understatement. With her tremendous figure, rather large breasts and beautiful long legs, she was nothing short of a knockout. I studied her closely. For all her obvious beauty there seemed something odd about her. Not just her height. Though she sported a beautiful manicure with long red nails, her hands seemed a bit large. I at first attributed this to her height.

But her voice was somewhat odd as well; it was feminine yes, but with a strange undertone. Perhaps I was over thinking it.

“In looking over your resume, Ben, you seem to have all of the qualifications for this job. There are, however, some things you need to be made aware of before I hire you.”

She was very matter of fact.

“Coxson and Dicster was founded five years ago by two college buddies who got tired of living lies and started living the lives we should have been living for a long time – as women.”

I looked at her quizzically.

“Confused, Ben? You see, my partner Angela and I are really men. We’ve been living as women for the past seven years. In fact, the entire firm is made up of “women” like Angela and myself.”

“Even a…?”

“Cynthia? Of course!”

I probably could have caught a lot of flies with my mouth agape after Debra dropped that bomb on me.

“I know you’re shocked but we deal exclusively with the transgender community and only hire transgender people to work as lawyers and support personnel.”

“Then why offer me the job as mail clerk?”

“Because no transgenders applied and we really need somebody. Actually you’ll be the first non TS we’ve hired. If you take the job, of course.”

I’ve always been a liberal type of guy and have never judged anyone for any reason so the fact that all of my co-workers were men who lived as women didn’t bother me in the least. I was here to do a job and that’s all.

Then Debra gave me the rest of the story.

“Your salary will be $750 a week. Plus three weeks’ vacation and fully paid medical. How does that sound?”

“Great. When do I start?”

“Not so fast, Ben.. There is a little more to the job than just sorting mail.”

I looked at her quizzically again.

“Have you ever sucked a cock, Ben?”

I thought back to eighth grade and Frankie Wilson. We were best friends and one day boredom and curiosity took over and long story short we ended up sucking each other off. The one and only time though.

“Yes, but just once.”

“Well, that’s better than nothing. You see, as co-head of the firm I claim certain perks and one is a daily blow job at around 3pm. Right now Veronica does it but since you will be taking over some of her duties you would have to do it.”

“You mean suck your dick?”

“Yes!” she said cheerfully. I thought to myself no wonder that other guy dashed out so quickly.

I thought about it for a minute and began to weigh my options. Did I want to go back to my parents? No! Was 750 a week a lot of money? Yes! I looked at Debra. She was a gorgeous woman. She had clear blue eyes and a long tapered nose with high cheek bones and full red lips begging to be kissed. I decided that since the cock I was to suck was attached to such a beautiful woman I could suck it and not feel “gay”.

“Ok, I’ll take the job.”

“Wonderful! When can you start?”


“Great! But there is one little thing I have to check out first.”

She then got up from her chair and came to where I was sitting and very matter-of-factly pulled her skirt and panties down and revealed her large cock.

“Well, I have to see if you can do this at all. As I said, it is a requirement of the job,” she said.

I turned the chair to face her and she spread her legs a bit and placed her hands on her hips and waited for me to begin. I was a bit hesitant at first (for about 2 seconds) but then took hold of her impressive tool at the shaft and swiped my tongue on the head.

I didn’t gag, choke or die so I began to lick it with a little more enthusiasm. As I moved my tongue and lips over the head I realized something: I liked this. I couldn’t believe it but as I began to move my lips over the smooth shaft of Debra’s cock I thought how much I enjoyed the feel of her gorgeous cock in my mouth. As I had told Debra, I had done it once before but it was under completely different circumstances.

Maybe it was the fact that I was doing it without the pressures of getting caught or thinking that I was doing something wrong freed me from any inhibitions, I really don’t  know. All I know is that I loved sucking Debra’s cock. And the prospect of  “having” to do it on a daily basis only excited me more.

My own rod (though much smaller than Debra’s) was rock hard in my pants. I
momentarily took my mouth off her cock.

“Debra, would it be ok if I jerked off while I did this? I can’t believe how turned on I am right now!”

“Of course you can. I love to watch somebody jerk off while they’re sucking my cock! Veronica does it all the time. You should see the way she fists her little fucker when she’s doing this!”

With that I got up, pulled down my pants, took hold of my swollen member and
furiously stroked my own shaft while I sucked hers.

I don’t really know how long I’d been at it and because I was oblivious to my surroundings at this point, but there must have been a knock at the door because I suddenly heard Debra say, “Come in!”

I looked up and saw Veronica standing there with a knowing smile on her face.

“I’m sorry to bother you, Deb, but I need your signature on this deposition.”

“Oh yes, the Maxwell case.”  Veronica handed her a pen and she quickly signed the document.

“So it seems like we have a new mail guy, huh Deb?”

“We sure do!”

Right after Veronica left, I could feel Debra’s cock stiffen up and even though my blow job experience was limited, I knew she was cumming.

And cum she did.

Her load was a gusher of jizz that seemed unfathomable; she shot five straight ropes of dick juice down my throat. I was unable to keep up and I gagged. Chunks of it rolled down my chin as I coughed and attempted to swallow the rest.

“Oh shit, that was fuckin’ great! You’re a natural, Ben!”

“Sorry I gagged. I wasn’t ready for that much cum.”

“Yeah, I usually shoot a pretty big load this time of day. It’s usually been about 24 hours since the last one so my balls are pretty loaded by then.”

“So I guess I start tomorrow.”

“You bet! 8 to 4 ok? For your hours, I mean.”

“Sounds great!”

As we were talking, Debra went behind her desk and took out a roll of paper towels, took a few off and wiped her cock off. She then threw the roll to me.

“Better wipe off your chin.”


(Image Source: Joey Silvera Productions)

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