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Festive Fun (For Saffron)

It was unusual that I had to work on Christmas Eve but as it happened, it didn’t take me too long and I was soon on my way home. I wasn’t looking forward to the journey as it would probably take a good two and a half hours and the winter weather was closing in fast. Soon, I couldn’t see anything in front as the sleet and snow fell heavy. It was no good, I had to find somewhere to stay and fast.

I crawled along the main A1 and after about 3 miles, I spotted a sign for an Inn with accommodation. Hopefully they had rooms! Fortunately they had one double left and I checked in for the night. It was very cosy with an old wood fire and loads of comfy seats and oak beams. It was very quiet with only a couple of others drinking at the bar. Amazingly they had fast wi-fi so I checked my emails and was surprised to see one from a woman who had read my other stories on this site. She wanted to meet up and could I contact her. I replied to her and explained that I was stranded and within no more than five minutes she responded saying she lived in the next village and asked if she could come over.

Apart from being shocked she lived so close, I was apprehensive as I don’t like meeting married woman but this lady said she was in a sexless marriage (like me) and would love to meet up for a drink and a chat. I agreed she could come over and awaited her arrival. I had no idea of her age or looks but hey it would be some company on this awful night.

About forty minutes later this attractive woman walked in and I was pleasantly surprised! She looked great with fabulous large breasts. I’m useless at guessing ages but she was somewhere between thirty and fifty! She introduced herself as Jane and I ordered a nice bottle of red wine. We sat by the fire and once the pleasantries were out of the way, we started talking about my stories on She said she hadn’t had sex (apart from on her own!) for months and months and loved reading my stories about my wife’s young niece. She said they made her so wet and horny she had really powerful orgasms with her fingers and battery operated friends.

She too had tried to write but hadn’t managed to finish anything yet. I told her that my stories were in fact based very much on the young niece and she was indeed a horny young cum slut. Jane said she was getting wet again and would I please fuck her as she had forgotten what a cock felt like inside her. We finished our wine and went up to my room. I was already hard and hoped I could satisfy her lust. She undressed and slid into the large comfy bed. I too undressed and got in beside her. She had truly wonderful large breasts and I just had to play with them. I squeezed her firm nipples and took them in my mouth. As I sucked she moaned quietly. She reached for my cock but I pushed her away for a moment. I guess I wanted to tease her.

She took my hand and placed it between her legs. Oh my, she was not only soaking but SO HAIRY! I hadn’t played with a hairy bush for as long as I could remember. All the young girls now like theirs as smooth as a newborn baby. This was lovely to touch. So soft. I rubbed around in her hair and soon found a little bump of a clitty. I pushed her lips open and slid a finger just insider her love tube. She was really tight, possibly as a cock hadn’t been up there for ages. I slowly finger fucked her as I sucked her large titties and it wasn’t long before she came. She howled like a banshee as love juice flowed down her thighs.

She now insisted on touching my cock so I gave in. She reached around its girth and run a finger up and down its length. She said I was at least twice as big as her husband’s from what she could remember. She begged me to put it in her so she parted her legs wide and I climbed between and offered my cock tip to her puffy labia. She took my thick shaft and guided me inside her. Although she was really wet I had to push quite hard to get it fully up inside her. She whimpered as I pushed more inside her. Finally I was fully inside with my heavy balls against her thighs. I just left it there for a moment but she really wanted to be ridden.

She told me to tell her about my young niece as I fucked her. As I told her what she wanted to hear, I too got really horny and it was all I could do to hold back my salty load. Jane was like a woman possessed and was coming time after time. I truly lost count as one orgasm flowed into the next seamlessly. It was getting close for me now so I asked if she wanted me to spunk inside her. She said it was up to me. I kept thinking about her hairy pussy and just as I was about to empty everything inside her, I pulled out. As I yanked the foreskin down hard, a thick stringy jet of sperm landed in her black pubic hair. She took hold of my cock and wanked a silky fountain of spunk all over her pussy. I was so horny and could not stop pumping out my hot white liquid onto her. Eventually I was dry and I eased up off of her.

I looked at the beautiful mess of my load on her cunt. I really had outdone myself! Jane began to rub all  my mess around her hair and pussy lips, pushing some of my spunk inside her. She noticed I was still quite hard and pulled me to her mouth. She took me in and began to lick around the swollen head and gently slurped the cummy juices, swallowing what was there. By now I was fully erect again and this time she wanted me to empty deep in her belly. I climbed back between her legs and almost fell inside her, she was so hot, stretched and soaking. I pounded her cunt for a long time and again she seemed to be in one continuous orgasm. She writhed her ass on the bed, trying to get me deeper. She said she had never had such deep sex and she had missed out all her life. I was lucky to have a nice seven inch fat uncut cock but she wanted more I felt!

I spun her over onto all fours and gave her such a deep doggie-style fuck that I could feel the head of my cock through her stomach! I really pushed hard, so hard that she said I was now hurting her. I eased up but she said NO quite firmly so I bashed away again. My balls were slapping hard against her ass, my cock head was so swollen and fat I could feel it stretching her pussy hole as it slid up and down inside her. I squeezed her nipples so hard as she had asked me too. I couldn’t last much longer, my fluid was rising slowly from my balls. I pumped and pumped her pussy until I could hold back no longer. I felt a powerful jet of spunk flood into her pussy. Jane too felt it as it washed her insides. I emptied every drop, drip and lump of thick semen inside her until my cock was so sore and sensitive. I slowly withdrew and watched as after a few moments a river of silky white sperm trickled out of her cunt and down her thighs. They reckon a man ejaculates about 5ml (teaspoon) but I’m telling you this was a hell of a lot more than that! We both lay there and drifted into a deep warm spunky sleep.

We woke some hours later and looked out of the window. The sleet had finally stopped. I looked at Jane and knew she wanted sex one last time before I needed to head off home. My cock was covered in flakey dry spunk and pussy juice. This didn’t stop Jane taking me in her mouth and slowly sucking up and down my shaft till I was hard again. The helmet was still very sore and sensitive from the previous round of fucking. He was soon fully erect and ready to go again and this time, Jane climbed on top and lowered herself onto me, parting her lips to ease the swollen head inside her.

As she lowered herself onto my length, the full sensitivity of my cock became apparent and without warning I ejaculated inside her. She looked a little disappointed as my liquid spurted inside her but I begged her not to stop. She began to ride me hard and very deep, each down stroke pulling my long foreskin down over the purple end. Each upstroke covered it again. The sensation eased and I was happy that I could now go some time before squirting again. Jane soon came on me, followed quickly by three more intense orgasms.

I asked her to ease off and take my cock out. Christ he was bright red and very very swollen, all covered in sticky spunk and love juice. I asked her to part her lips and give me what I believe is called a cameltoe slide. This is where the woman slides a cock between her parted lips, rubbing her clitty on the mans hard cock. I had seen it in porn films and never had the chance to try it. She willingly obliged and began to rub her cunt up and down my solid penis, pushing it down against my belly. She came quickly as her clitty swelled and began to slide up and down quicker and quicker. Her juice and my load slid out of her hole and lubricated her current movement.

My foreskin was trapped down hard now behind the fat helmet and everything she was doing was rubbing and stretching the sensitive part of my cock, the frenum.  I was in heaven, with my head raised watching Jane slide her cunt on my cock length. She reached behind and caressed my ball bag, squeezing my testicles as she slid. I was getting so close now and told Jane to speed up and watch. My balls tightened and as she slid down on my shaft, a beautiful jet of hot spunk shot up my belly, landing on my nipple. She slid up and down my cock pushing down hard and each down stroke produced another stream of silky liquid. My nipple and belly was covered in slimy sperm and Jane wasted no time in bending forward and licking it all up, collecting some of it in her hand and slurping it down from there. Eventually she had cleaned me up, finishing off on my now limp cock. She took the whole cock, balls and all in her mouth and swirled her tongue around, cleaning every crevice and fold of skin.

I was so knackered but felt wonderful. Jane showered to wash away the spermy evidence of our lustful fucking and sucking and we went downstairs where we said our goodbyes.

She still keeps in touch by email and I hope to get back up to see her again soon.


(Image Source: AmberChaseXXX)

I adore sex. Personally, I love tantric, erotic and lingam massage. My marital sex life is non existent now so I am always looking for new and exciting ways to ejaculate.

Writing these stories always invokes a stream of clear sweet pre-cum and when I read the stories back, I always have an intense and copious orgasm.

I would always like to chat with other authors and maybe meet to share ideas and more...

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