Ilona was bored. Her gaze drifted from the computer screen in front of her to the new guy who had just started work that morning and now stood in the aisle between the cubicles. He was facing the other way, and Ilona studied his butt. In his well-tailored slacks, his buns seemed tight and muscular. Ilona liked that. In fact, she liked his entire six-foot-two build which was trim and action ready.

“Uh, Greg? Got a minute? This computer is screwed up again.” Ilona hit a key to accomplish the desired effect.

The 24-year-old male turned to face her. Good eyes, a firm mouth, and a shock of healthy-looking brown hair added to Greg’s positives, and Ilona twisted a bit in her chair. She was feeling a warm rush.

The guy grinned as he approached. “I’m no tech wizard,” he said, “but what seems to be the trouble?”

He moved up beside the blonde 36-year-old, and she felt his body heat as he stood close to her.

“Well, uh, you can see that I’m stuck here,” she said. “It won’t turn the page.”

“Oh? Do you mind?” Greg leaned down right in front of her and pressed a key, then another. Ilona liked his clean masculine scent. Was she getting moist already? Good God!

“Hmm.” Greg squinted at the screen. “It doesn’t seem to be responding.”

“I know. That’s the trouble I’ve been having.” Her voice was a little rough. Did he notice?

His gaze shifted from the computer screen to her pretty face. “If you have a few minutes…” he said, and glanced meaningfully at his watch.

“I know it’s quitting time,” Ilona said, “but John needs this report first thing in the morning. I was going to stay over and work on it. But now with the computer all fucked up, I don’t know what to do.” She bit her lip and looked helpless, which combined nicely with her casual dropping of the “f” word.

“Well…” Greg cleared his throat. “I could stay for awhile and help you with it.”

“Oh, WOULD you? I don’t want to impose.” Ilona put her green eyes and sexy lashes to work.

“Hey, I have nobody to rush home to.”

Neither did Ilona. She was a divorcee who lived alone. “Well, if you wouldn’t mind…” she said, and batted her eyes again.

“Not at all, Miss…uh…?” They had been introduced when he arrived the day before, but so many new names had been thrown at him that he hadn’t been able to keep them all straight.

“Ilona,” she murmured.

“Beautiful name.”

She smiled.

“Beautiful name for a beautiful lady,” Greg added.

She thrilled and laughed a little. She said, “Thank you.”

Standing, she brushed against the attractive man as she stepped aside to let him take the chair that her curvacious bottom had warmed. Now it was her turn to lean over him. She made it a point to press a breast against his upper arm.

He turned his head quickly to look at her. Their faces were just inches apart. A kiss was potentially so close. With some evident reluctance, Greg turned back to the computer.

“I think…” he began, and now it was his voice that was a bit husky, “we should just close this program and re-open it.” He clicked save, and reverted to desk-top. “Let’s see now…” He fussed a bit in calling up the program again. Ilona concluded that he was not very adept at computers, but she didn’t care about that at all. Right now she wanted to sit on his lap, but she restrained herself.

The others had left the office by that time, tossing waves at the two who apparently were having computer problems. Now Ilona and Greg had the room to themselves. Her excitement increased as the young fellow tried this, then that, as he dealt with the effects of the “wrench” she had deliberately tossed into the machinery. He couldn’t seem to overcome it, as much as he struggled.

“Fuck,” he said under his breath, and Ilona smiled.

“Look.” He stood up. “What do you say we go out and get some dinner, then come back and work on it?”

“Do you, uh, have the time to spare?” Ilona’s eyes conveyed a naughty sparkle.

“Sure. Let’s go.”

He took her arm, and she felt an electric tingle. As they walked to the elevator, an animated conversation began. It blossomed during drinks and dinner at the restaurant on the ground floor of their building. A bottle of Chardonnay kept the good feeling afloat, and the couple laughed together as they rode the elevator back to the office.

Ilona was pleasantly high. Her inhibitions were relaxed, and she believed Greg was feeling just as loose as she was when they entered the deserted office. As they reached her cubicle, her fingers curled around his arm and he stopped to look at her. Her lovely face was aglow, an effect only partially caused by the alcohol.

“You know…” she murmured, her eyes communing with Greg’s, “I don’t REALLY need to finish that damned report.”

“You don’t?” Greg’s lips were close to hers.

“There’s always tomorrow, and John can cool his ass.”

There was a moment of hesitation as Ilona and Greg looked deeply into each other’s eyes. Then she was in his arms, her softly firm breasts mashed against his torso. The tool in his pants began to assume operational status. Ilona felt it rise to press against her, and her knees turned weak.

His firm lips crushed her soft, moist ones, parting them. His tongue entered her mouth. She moaned in her throat as her arms tightened around him. She lifted one foot and leaned into him, letting her belly agitate against his lust.

It had been weeks since Ilona had felt the thrust of a cock, and she needed it badly. She needed this guy’s cock so much that she wanted to drop to her haunches in front of him right now and make love to his manhood. She wanted to stroke his dick and taste it, and she needed to have him use it on her. But she couldn’t act like the town trollop. She would have to trust him to make the move.

He did. “Let’s go to the break room,” he said with urgency, and hurried Ilona to the rear of the section, opening the door and snapping on the light. In addition to coffee and snack machines and a couple of tables with chairs, the room had a large leather couch, and he guided Ilona to it.

Her heart was thumping, and she would have sunk right onto the couch except that he once more drew her against him and this time let his hands roam her back, from shoulders to ass, petting her buttocks through her thin skirt and panties. As they kissed, he pinched her skirt and pulled it up. Her nerves thrummed as her tongue twisted with his, and they swapped mouth-nectar. Her nipples were erect in her bra.

Greg lifted her skirt waist high and palmed the buns of her bottom which were spanned by thin, clingy silk. He patted her on the panties and massaged her springy-soft buttocks through them, squeezing the pliant flesh.

She tore her mouth from his and panted, “Let me…take my clothes off.”

He released her and watched as she stretched to reach the zipper at the back of her neck, then haul her dress over her head. He was tossing off his jacket, then attacking the buttons on his shirt. Her eyes smoldered, and her juicy lips were parted as she unhooked her white, lacy bra. That garment joined his shirt in flight.

Ilona’s tits were full and shapely, her nipples projecting from sizable rosy-beige discs. Greg lusted to lick and suck her titties as he opened his belt. She noted the prominent tent in the front of his trousers.

She waited, standing in front of him in her white bikini briefs, deciding to save that final garment for his removal. He dropped his slacks and, as he kicked out of them, his turgid cock sprang into view from the gaping fly of his boxers.

Big and totally stiff, his prick pleased Ilona. She could no longer keep from sinking to the carpet and curling her fingers around his long, t
hick sex-cannon. Let him think she was too eager; at that point she didn’t care. She aimed the bald, bulging knob of his dick toward her eager lips.

“Aaahh!” Greg excla
imed pleasurably as her man-pleasing mouth engulfed the head of his pecker.

She bathed his cock in her saliva and turned her warm eyes up to him, enjoying the look of rapture on his handsome face. Along with rapture, there was submission, and she liked that, too. She had total control of the virile young man at that moment. sucking his tasty dick and lapping at its underside with her tongue.

Her stretched encircling lips crawled toward the base of his rock-hard shaft, taking more and more of him into her mouth and into her throat as well. She moved her blonde head forward and back, forward and back, and Greg writhed on the balls of his feet, loving the sucking action of her lips and tongue and the wet warmth of her mouth that engulfed him.

Ilona reached into his shorts and brought out his balls to fondle those hanging treasures in their hairy sac. She quit sucking him for a few moments and held his dong straight up so that she could lick down its underside and go at his balls with her tongue. She released his rod and let it waver in front of her face before she caught the knob of it in her mouth once more and resumed sucking.

“Jesus, it’s too fucking good!” Greg exclaimed and pushed her away. His cock jerked up and down, dangling a strand of her saliva.

She stretched out on the leather couch, and he dropped to his knees beside it. He kissed her mouth and her neck, then her titties. He squeezed and fondled her beautiful boobs while he licked them all over and caught her nipples in turn to tug them out and let them snap back. He kept recapturing her nipples in his mouth and sucking hard.

His strong hands worked down her body. His face followed, and he teased her navel with the tip of his tongue. He skidded down over the smooth, thin silk of her panties and licked the inner slope of a thigh. He caught some of her soft flesh in his mouth and sucked at it, savoring her taste and subtle fragrance.

Greg skipped to her other thigh, licking and tasting. He held her legs up and licked the backs of them from her knees to the elastics of her panties. He rolled her over and kissed her shoulders, then the small of her back. He raised his head and looked at her cheeky buttocks in the light embrace of her undies. Raising his hand, he smacked her impudent rear curves this way and that, loving the sound of the slaps and the jiggle of her delightful asscheeks in her flimsy pants.

He began to roll her pants down, kissing along. Pulling her pants off, he knocked off her flats as well and lay her panties aside. He settled down to lick her ass where he had spanked it.

Ilona whimpered pleasurably and arched herself a little, serving her lush bottom up to his exploring mouth. He left no portion of her sweet ass undiscovered, licking and kissing every delightful inch of it. Then he gave her a twist and sat her up. Ilona’s brain was doing giddy cartwheels, she was so aroused and stimulated.

Greg spread her lovely legs apart and zeroed in on her enticing cunt. He lay his tongue on the fleshy split which was lined by little brown hairs with a thicker tuft above. Though Ilona didn’t shave, she kept herself neatly trimmed.

Greg licked upward on her slit, sucking up her juices which had oozed out, then fastened his open mouth onto the center of her pussy and ate ravenously.

“Ooh, my God!” Ilona exclaimed. “Don’t stop!”

Greg wormed his tongue into her little nook, screwing it around and pumping in and out. She came, quickly but shallowly, gripping his shoulders and squealing. He didn’t once slow his ministrations to her adorable pussy as his lips and tongue, even his teeth, made love to her sensitive cuntal flesh, sucking and licking and nibbling. He spread her soft, slippery snatch with his fingertips and lapped at the tasty feast she offered, noisily slurping up the succulent goodness.

“Ooh fuck yeah!” she cried. “I love it!” Crossing her legs over his back, she ground her throbbing cunt against him.

He raised his wet face from her pussy and looked at her rapt expression. He twisted his middle finger into her happy hole and began stroking the digit in and out while he watched her features contort pleasurably. He added a second finger to the job, frigging her cooch really well. She panted and mewed with delight.

“Dooooo it,,,” she breathed. “Ooh, fucking dooooo it!”

Greg curled his fingers inside her so that they would rub her g-spot, and she gasped, then let out a squeal. He pulled his wet fingers out of her pussy and offered them to her mouth. She sucked her own juice off them. Greg stuck the fingers back into her cunt and resumed frigging her.

Abruptly he stopped, kicked out of his shorts at last, and straddled Ilona on the couch. He spread-eagled himself above her face, offering his love-wand to her eager lips . She sucked his cock ardently as he gently fucked her face with it. Then, with her saliva coating his big dick thoroughly, he backed up, introduced the head of his woman-pleaser into her snatch and pressed, sinking his entire nine inches of throbbing manhood into her sex volcano.

“OOOOOOH!” Ilona cried.

“Like it?” Greg asked as he began to stroke.

“Shit!” Ilona said.

“Do you like…to be fucked?” he panted as he fucked her.

“Ooh, I LOVE being fucked! Drive that big dick into me! Fuck me with your horny cock!”

The young man pumped his power prick in and out of her tight, slick pussy, and Ilona came again. Greg kept fucking her. The vigorous copulation made a slapping, sucking sound, and the scent of sex filled the air.

Greg fucked Ilona harder and harder. Then abruptly he pulled his prick from her pussy, scrambled forward and placed it in her mouth once more. She sucked the tasty mingling of flavors off his cock, which he then replaced in her hoo-haa. He fucked her some more, making her big breasts bobble.

Greg backed off and positioned her on her knees with her body draped over an arm of the sofa, her head hanging down. He sank his nine-incher all he way up her cooch again. Sprawled over her upturned bottom, one of his feet on the sofa and the other braced on the floor, Greg pumped her pussy rapidly, his straight front noisily spanking her buttocks and making them shake like molds of Jell-o.

He began to slap her asscheeks with his hands – smack, smack, smack! Ilona howled with a little pain and a lot of pleasure. She came again, milking at Greg’s cock with her vaginal muscles. She showered his pumping prick with love juice.

Wild with lust now, and believing Ilona was loose enough by that time to accept the ultimate, Greg pulled his slick cock from her pussy and positioned it at the entrance to her ass.

“Easy, baby…easy…” he crooned huskily. “Just relax. You’ll love this.”

Before Ilona could marshal resistance, Greg popped the slippery head of his pecker into her narrow chute. She gasped, then cried out as he deepened his throbbing, thick possession of her asshole. Her shocked discomfort was almost immediately replaced by a wave of pleasure which was of a kind she had never felt before. Reaching underneath, Grag twiddled her clit as he began to pull and thrust, pumping his thick dick in and out of her stretched rear aperture.

Ilona panted and moaned as the sensation became more and more voluptuous. Soon her bottom was bobbing in time with Greg’s ass-spearing thrusts. He was fucking her corn-hole with long firm thrusts and she was loving it!

“Ooh…ooh…ooh!” she panted. “I’m gonna cum! Don’t stop! Oh you nasty fucker, don’t stop!”

Greg kept pumping his thick, hard prick in and out of her tightly rippling asshole while pinching and pulling at her clit at the same time. Ilona gasped. She stopped moving, seeming to hang suspended, then let out a lusty moan as a wave of wonderful warmth swept through her. Greg came in her ass,
spilling what felt like gallons of thick, warm man-juice into her rear.

After they were cleaned up and dressed, they
embraced and kissed with mutual appreciation for the intense pleasure and release they had given each other. But neither entertained an illusion that their encounter amounted to anything more than great sex, considering the twelve-year difference in their ages. Ilona needed a more mature man, while Greg was in search of his own personal Barbie doll.

Greg smiled and said, “Well, let’s have another quick look at your computer.”

He started to move toward her cubicle, but Ilona caught him by the arm. “You know, I have to confess something. I goofed up the computer just so we could get acquainted. Wasn’t that awful of me? I can fix it in the morning.” She batted her eyes at him shamelessly.

He laughed and pulled her into his arms. “You’re no worse than I am. I saw the problem right away and ignored it. Hey, let’s do this again.”

“Absolutely!” Ilona exclaimed, and once more they kissed. Boredom didn’t figure to be her problem for awhile.

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