hot and nasty, the perfect employee

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When he started working for me I knew that I was going to fuck him I just didn’t know how soon I would get a chance.

Let me discribe to you how hot the man was. He was a gorgeous carmel color..looked just as smooth and creamy as caramel should be. He looked like he would taste just as sweet. He had gorgeous deep brown eyes. He was also bald. I’ve always had a thing for the bald black man. I just wanted to rub that head while I was riding that gorgeous black cock.

I finally got my chance one night when it was just me, him, and two other people working that night. We had the whole building to ourselves.

I convencingly came up with a job for him to do away from everybody else. The minute I had a chance to be alone with him I took the chance…I grabbed that cock like I owned it. He was huge. I felt up that cock underneath his jeans…he responded immediately.

Next thing I knew he grabbed underneath my arms and put me on the desk. He asked “You think you want this don’t you? But can you handle it?” Oh, baby I didn’t know if I could handle it but I was going to try my damndest.

He unzipped his jeans and let loose that beautiful 12 inch black dick…this was going to hurt but I wanted to fuck it so bad my cunt was already dripping with anticipation.

He spread my legs apart and hiked up my skirt. He wasted no time…he stuck me with that cock. I took as much in as I could possibly could. Feeling every inch of him in me I couldn’t help but look down…I wanted to watch him fuck me. I spread my pussy wide and started playing with my clit…..I was going to cum sitting right there on my desk. It never occured to me that we could get caught.

I came so hard I almost fell off the desk. the minute he realized I was coming he pulled out and came all over my clit…squirting his cum all over me. I started to finger myself and came again while he stood there stroking his cock squirting all over me.

This was the kind of special project I could every night.

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