"I'm sure glad I hired you…"

I remember it like it was yesterday… Yesterday, yeah, Angel… I knew she didn’t approve of me and all of these men being together, but I knew that sometimes she would go out and get some, so I knew that it was my turn. He was absolutely perfect. It was my boss. His name is David.

I don’t know how I knew that he wanted me besides the fact that he looked at me all of the time, or if it was that I swore I saw him get a hard on while I was talking to him earlier, I don’t know but he did want me too. It wasn’t until our next case came in did we ever spend a second alone together. We had to split the staff into pairs and out of the four of us he picked me to come with him. I was excited, but more than likely it was because I was the new guy and he wanted to show me around and make sure I was worth it.

We drove in his car, oh the car I loved and he didn’t speak a word to me the whole way there. I knew for sure that he had to hate me! SHIT! I had to have him. No you don’t undestand that this guy was perfect. I loved his ass, his eyes, and oh my god, when he took his shirt off, what a body… Either way I had to have him one way or another.

We drove up to the old building where the guy we were looking for was. He turned to me and said, “Do you even know my name?”

“what?” I asked shocked that he even talked to me.


“No, you’re my boss, I think that’s all that’s important.” even though i did.

“I don’t want you to think of me like that.” He turned and walked into the building… Oh, he was shy…

We walked in to the building and up stairs that seemed forever long. WE ended up in a decrepid par tof the building that seemingly hadn’t had an occupant in years, alone. Perfect.

“Why have you been watching me?”


“See, you can’t even stop staring long enough to talk to me, nor do you know my name, yet you stare at me so adoringly and sit and daydream about fucking me all day long.”

“No I don’t.”

He walked to me and kissed me. He kissed me hard and started to grab around me. I don’t know why I didn’t walk away, I could have made him wait, but I knew I couldn’t. I couldn’t wait to have him, it had to be here and now. He threw me to ground and started to rip my clothes off of me. The sheer pressure from his cock rubbing on me made me wet. I had never wanted someone so much in my life.

Suddenly he stood up and started to walk away, “you are like half my age, and you work for… this isn’t right.”

“Yes it is.” I grabbed his arm and turned him to me and pulled my bra off so he could see my bare breasts. That made him come back. He threw me to the ground hard this time and started to suck on my nipple and bite them ever so gently. Oh, he was good. He moved down my stomach to my crotch and unbuttoned my pants with his teeth, that was hotttttttt…… He started to take off his clothes when I pushed him to the ground and crawled on top of him. He tugged my nipples lightly as as stripped him butt naked and started to lick his cock. Oh, when it ploped out of his pants, it had to be a good 11 inches long and two inches wide. It seemed unreal. I started to suck on his cock head when he grabbed my arms and pulled me over, “no, that’s not what I need.”

He rolled me to the floor and spread my legs and went down on me. He only kised it a few times and nibbled on my clit before he pulled himself eye level with me and shoved his cock deep in my pussy.

My eyes must have rolled into the back of my head it hurt so bad, I had never had a cock as big as his. He started pumping me slowly and moaning so deep it almost sounded like a growl. SLowly he got faster, faster, and faster until it felt like i was getting fucked by a jackhammer. I couldn’t contain myself. I felt the orgasm hit so fast and suddenly it was like and earthquake. “Oh, David, fuck me baby… OH…Oh… I’m cumming!” I felt him tighten slightly and he pulled out of me.

“What’s wrong?!”

He turned me over started to do me doggy style. his cock kept hitting my g-spot. i could tell that he was experienced. I pushed hard against him and begged him for more. He didnt say a word, but just kept fucking me hard. Then suddenly he blurted, “Oh, yes…yes…yes…oh, I’m about to cum baby…” he shuttered a little and pulled out.

“No, baby, you can cum in me…” He just stared at me a minute and laid on his back. I wasnt ready for it to stop yet so i crawled on top of him and started to ride cock hard. He just moan and pinched my boobs and they bounced in rythm with my stroke. I felt him grab onto my hips and start directing me to fuck him harder and harder. “Yes, David, oh yes… Oh… OH… ” I was going to cum again. then he sat up to me and started to kiss me, and stopped me from moving.

He moved me off of him and stood up and grabbed me again. He picked me up and pushed his cock in me deep. He started to fuck me again, this time hard and he moaned. I felt him seem to weaken and he started to shake. He took me to the wall and started to fuck me hard again.

I could feel the cold marble on my back as he pounded me harder and harder. His breath hot on my neck as he bit me and started to fuck me even harder. I couldn’t handle it much longer iwas going to cum again.As soon as i felt the climax rising i could feel David start to shke again, this time he didn’t stop.

“Oh….ugh….im about to cum baby…. oh… yes!!” I felt him fucked me slower and harder than before and then i started to cum again. He He laid his head back and I could feel his hot load shoot deep into my pussy.. and oh it felt so good.

He immediately put me down and walked away from me. I don’t know if he was being shy or if he was disgusted with me…. We both got dressed and started to walk out when he said, “I’m sure glad I hired you, we’re going to have fun!”

To be continued…

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