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What a ride that bus trip was

I am in the military. I was on my way back to the base and since money was low I had to take the bus back from home. It was like a 30-hour bus ride. People getting on and off at different stops along the way. It was about our third stop when this young lady got on with no place else to sit she came down and sat by me in the back of the bus. She introduced her self as Candy. She was a cute little thing no more then around 23 or so red hair long down to the middle of her back and a figure that most women would die for nice perky breast at least a C cup she had on a button down blouse with a skirt that was almost a mini but just a bit longer showing off her hot long legs.

We talked for a long time telling each other stories about this and that she lets me know that she is married has been for a few years now. I can’t help think of how lucky this guy is.

I couldn’t help to be turned on by Candy she was just so hot and gorgeous.

It had gotten late the sun had gone down and was rather dark outside as the bus drove down the long dark highway. Candy fell asleep with her head close to my shoulder I couldn’t help but to be turned on so much by her knowing she was married and all. Lust over came me I just had to look take a peek of her hot tits I reached over and started to undo her top button hoping not to wake her up. She didn’t move so I continued to unbutton her blouse just enough to get a nice view of her tits as I was able to undo four buttons to be able to open her blouse up enough to expose her C cup to me with bra on. I felt my self-getting more and more excited my cock was rock hard. I figured that I got that far with her why not see what her panties looked liked. I reached down moving her skirt up slowly she moved just a bit when I pulled my hand away from her but to realize that it was in my favor like she wanted me to do but naw she couldn’t have she was sleeping. I reached back down moving her skirt up more to see her panties they was a light color red almost see thru. I could feel my cock starting to throb wanting some attention its self I looked around to see if anyone could see me I was in luck I reached down unbuttoning my jeans and slowly unzipping them. Still looking around I pulled my hard cock from my jeans and slowly stroking my hard cock as I looked over at Candy her tits her panties.

My hand was just not enough for me with this sexy hot women next to me I wanted her so bad that I slowly reached over taking her hand and moving it close to me slowly not to wake her up. I placed her hand on my cock with my hand I closed her hand around my throbbing hard cock and began stroking my cock with her hand. Her hand felt so good so soft around my cock with out thinking I started to stroke faster feeling so good not realizing that I had woke Candy up. Feeling a bit more of a squeeze on my cock then the pressure that I was putting on it I glanced over to see Candy looking at me smiling as she keep on stroking my hard cock for me. I reached for her panties to return the favor to find her own hand there inside her panties rubbing her own clit as I moved her hand and replaced it with my own I could feel how wet she was. She leaned over to me whispering I have never done this before please don’t think ill of me. Turning my head I kissed her lips softly as her hand stared to pick up pace stroking harder and faster her breaths become heavier she arched back grabbing the armrest next to her and grabbing my cock so hard that I felt it stop throbbing as she let out a heavy moan throwing her legs out in front of her arching as she relaxed looking at me oh god she said that was so intense I have never cummed like that from a guy rubbing my pussy before. She leaned over kissing my lips as her hand left my cock she arced back up pulling her panties off her and putting them in the seat pocket in front of her. It was to dark to see her hot wet pussy but from what I could feel it had just a bit of hair over the clit and nicely shaved down around her lips. My hand moved down cupping her pussy lips as I massaged them as her hand went back to work stroking my cock. Feeling the wetness from her pussy lips I slide a finger into her wet hot lips braking them apart as I finger fucked her she moaned so loud that I thought the whole bus was going to turn and look at us.

Candy couldn’t take anymore teasing. She wanted my hard throbbing cock by now she leaned up just enough to move over on top of me. As she lowed herself down slowly I placed my cock so that as she came down it would slide right into her wet pussy. You could tell that she was a bit nervous her hands shaking as she could feel the head of my cock touching her pussy lips. She lowed down just a bit more the head of my cock braking her pussy lips open as she gasped she inched herself down more letting out oh god this feels so good as she took my entire cock into her pussy she sat there on it for just a few seconds moving her hips around on mine. Leaning back against me Candy reached down taking my balls in her hand and moving them around she keep moving her hips in a circle over my cock this felt so good no women has done this to me before. Then she began to fuck me hard her hips bouncing up and down on my cock her hands on the arm rest so that she could use them for leverage I reached around as she moved up and down my cock taking my finger on her clit rolling it around over her clit as she fucked me harder and faster she came for the third time as she came settling down on my cock her fingers found the base of my cock she lifted her self up a bit then began to stroke it for me moving her hips just a bit over the head of my cock I couldn’t take anymore as I exploded inside her. She felt me shooting my load into her she came back down letting me feel her up.

Candy went back to her seat sitting there smiling at me her head on my shoulder we slept for the rest of the night when we arrived to the base she to got off to and headed to the officer housing so I knew I would see her again.

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