New job, New boss, Wow

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I shall start by telling you a few things about myself, I have always been a big burly bloke and definately one for the ladies! Standing 6 foot 2 inches tall very muscular and dark hair i have had my fair share of pussy over the years! What i didnt realise was that upon starting a new job my life would change forever. Having got fired from my last job for assaulting the boss i was quite surprised to be employed by anyone soon!

The First Day.
I walked into the office suited and booted ready to learn the tricks of the trade when a smartly dressed very attractive lady approached me. “you must be Mark” Dragging my eyes from the her long slender legs i replied. “Well first things first i like to get to know all of my employees” she said escorting me to a large room with 2 black leather couches opposite each other. “please take a seat and we will get right to it” At this my mind raced with things i would love to get right to with this woman despite the fact that she was the boss or nearly double my age. Drawing the blinds she sat opposite me, her skirt raising just enough for me to see the top of her stockings, my mind raced once more! i would love to be kissing my way up those long legs feeling the stockings against my lips making my way to her… “oh im sorry” she said “i havent introduced myself im Stephanie owner and manager of femco” a few garbled words escaped my lips as i tried to collect my thoughts. We sat for a good 2 hours my thoughts constantly slipping back to the way i preffered thinking of her. Each time it drifted my arousal levels would rise until i had to cross my legs to hide the massive erection i was sporting in my pants.

“Dinner” she said, i had got to admit i was starving and thinking we would just pop to the canteen for a sandwich or snack i jumped from my seat forgetting all about my stiffy. Her eyes seemed glued to my pants! “i know a fantastic restuarant just down the road my treat”. We left in her car to a nice hotel / restuarant just down the road where we ate lunch and made small talk. I discovered that she was i divorcee no kids having divoted all her time to the company she hadnt had time to raise a family although i am sure many men would have offered to help her make one!

“Well i can say the girls were right” “what girls” i quickly replied “Joanne, Aimee and Claire, They were my spys when you came for your interview they told me everything, that you were polite more than qualified for the job but most of all to quote Joanne Fit as Fuck” I blushed and tried to hide myslef behind my glass of wine. “Whats the matter don’t you like compliments?” Stephanie quickly noticed, “Only when i am giving them” At which i couldnt help myself! my higher state of arousal plus a few glasses of wine pushed me over the edge, “take you for instance your husband he must be crazy” “if i was him i wouldnt stop touching and kissing your body for long enough to get a divorce, you have to be the most attractive woman i have ever laid eyes on!”

That sealed it “really i would like to know what you mean by that” she said as i felt a soft foot climbing slowly up my leg and resting softly on my crotch. “Where do i start your legs are made for kising and stroking your toes i would nibble” her foot began to massage my cock throught my pants “and the rest i will leave to your imagination” i said, “all i can gaurantee is hours of endless pleasure” At which her hand rose quickly to the air “Garcon, check please” Her foot left my now stirring cock and returned to her stilletto heel and she rose form the table “follow me”. She led me to the lift my heart racing and my cock thumping but i didnt care who saw it i was going to fuck this woman like no man before and i didnt care what anyone thought! The lift doors opened and we stepped inside.

They closed with a thud and steph was immediateley infront of me. “prove it” she said as she kissed me deeply. i kissed her back and my tongue slowly entered her mouth massaging hers as it went. I placed my hands on her firm round buttocks and started to lift her soft skirt, sliding my hand over the now naked behind. She stopped me. “wait and be a good boy” “All good things come to those who wait” The lift doors opened again and we walked down a long corridor passing many doors along the way until she stopped me. “Inside this room you are mine you do as your told when your told! agreed” I nodded quickly in anticipation.

She opened the door and led me inside and locked the door behind us. She told me to undress and lay on the bed. I have never stripped so fast. My cock sprug out my shorts and stood to attention. “i see your a big boy in all areas! i dont think i have ever had anything that big before but im gonna get it now” i lay on the bed. Steph stood infront of me and slowly teasing me she undid her blouse exposing the most perfect set of tits i have ever seen no bra but they just stood there perfect nipples so round sticking straight out at me. I reached up to feel them but she slapped my hand, “who said you could touch slave you will lie there until i tell you otherwise” i nodded and lowered my hand to my side. She stepped onto the bed and walked slowly up me until one foot rested either side of my head i could see she wasnt wearing any knickers just stockings and a skirt her lips glistening to me. She immediateley removed one of her shoes and brought her toes to my mouth which i first kissed then nibbled then sucked the entire thing into my mouth, i licked across the tops of her toes and a small moan escaped her lips. “now you are going to eat my pussy until i cum and you will lick me clean or no more for you” i nodded in agreement as she slowly hitched her skirt and lowered herself onto my waiting mouth.

First i circled her clit with my tongue the slowly ran it down the crack of her pussy. She tasted so good. I circled her hole with my tongue and slowly eased it into her drippin love hole. lapping at the juices that had already collected there. Her moans became louder as she started to ride my face using my tongue to fuck her and my nose on her clit. My tongue pulled from her hole and i moved down the bed slowly i raised my head and gently licked at her a-hole. she lifted quickly “you dirty little fucker! licking my shit pipe” and slap I thought i had blown it!! “I bet you love the taste of my anus dont you, you dirty little pervert” i couldnt deny it it tasted good aswell as looked good everything about her did “well since you like it so much” She stood turned round and lowered her arse right to me “you can tongue fuck my a hole pervert”i did as i was told and quickly started to rub her hole with my tongue again then i pushed it as far as i could get it into her! hard and fast i pushed it in and pulled it out. “im cumming you fucking pervert, your lickin my shit hole and i cumming” she started to shake i forced my tongue harder into her as she shook a few more times then her arse clamped around my tongue as she came loud and hard.

She shuffled back removing my tongue from her arse “Now lick me me clean pervert” Her cum juices tasted better than a fine wine i couldnt get enough she came twice more while i was cleaning her hole of every last drop it had inside and out, Swallowing the lot!

“now we shall see what you can do with that big dick of yours”….


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