sandy’s office part two

Another boring fucking day, Sandy thinks to herself. Today in her yoga outfit having changed because she intended to leave early.
An email put an abrupt end to this idea.
Her boss, Stephen (always insisted on his full name, never Steve) sent her an email with a video clip. It said simply:
“Watch this then look inside your left hand drawer”
Curiously she clicked her mouse to see herself masturbating in her chair.
Quickly she closed her laptop and pushed away from the desk, head swinging around to see if anyone was looking at her.
Her heart was racing when her phone rang, nervously she picked up the phone.
“I’m surprised you stopped watching so quickly. It gets better when you cum in your little panties. I always knew you were a slut, I just hoped I’d be saying that as I shoved my cock in your mouth.”
Her lips quivered as she struggled for a response, say something you dumb bitch.. she prodded herself to no avail.
“It would seem that this provides us both with an opportunity. Frankly I plan to make the most of it.”
His voice was just as assured as hers was nonexistent.
“Look inside your drawer and you will find a Bluetooth and a gift. Put the Bluetooth in your ear. Turn it on.”
She fumbled for the handle to the drawer, opening it she sees a thick dildo, some lube, an ass plug, the most massive vibrator she’d ever seen and the Bluetooth.
She inserts the device in her ear, clicks it on to hear Stephen’s voice.
“Hello again. From now on you will wear this every moment you are at work..”
Her voice shaking as she inquires,” you’re not gonna fire me? Why?”
He responds smugly, “why would I do that? We are gonna have so much fucking fun.. wait correct that so much fun fucking. “Now”, he continued, “since I’m out of town so often my cameras and this Bluetooth will help me make sure you are doing as told. You know I’ve always wanted an office slut and now fate and your wet cunt have brought us together.”
Sandy eyes the sex toys in the drawer.. her nipples pop out amid the confluence of thoughts racing through her head.
“Tomorrow we begin. No more of this casual wear. Skirts, heels, stockings, only panties and a bra when specified otherwise none and buttoned blouses. Keep your hair up unless told otherwise and glasses, no contacts. You will look like a professional as I make you do whatever terrible things that come to mind. If you do not, this video will go out to everyone you know. If you resist I will put the motherfucker on YouTube. Good luck finding someone to take you seriously when you try to find another job.
Do as you are told. There will be no problems”
The call is ended. She closes the drawer. Sandy tries to think her way out of this predicament, though she is quite intelligent, this is a bit of a pickle or in this case a 12 inch vibrator.
She sits at her desk until after dark, no yoga, no drink at a bar after work. She sits and wonders what tomorrow will bring.

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