The Attorney, Part 1

My boyfriend recently decided that he wanted to sue a former employer. When he didn’t seem to be taking any steps, I contacted an attorney and we met him together in his office the following evening. Since my boyfriend is very difficult to reach during work hours, his attorney decided to email me all of the case information and drafts of his letters. I was amazed by how intelligent he was, and as I read the letters to opposing council, I edited the letters and suggested changes and emailed them back. As the case continued, we started emailing about things that were not case-related, and I found myself anticipating each email he sent me. He asked if we could meet for a drink, and I wanted to, but wasn’t sure how to sneak out of the house without my boyfriend finding out. I was able to meet him, though, and we spent the night in a dirty little bar downtown, then stumbled back to his office. When we got there, I sat down at his desk to review some more correspondence, and as I was working, he slid his arms around me and started kissing my neck. I wasn’t sure how to react, but when he slipped his hand inside of my pants, I knew that it was going to be an incredible night. I found myself sitting there, totally helpless as he slowly began rubbing my clit. I knew that I should stop him, but it felt so good that I couldn’t even make a sound. I turned around, totally mute, and he gently picked me up and set me on his desktop and slid my pants down to my ankles and onto the floor. Then he knelt on the floor in front of me and buried his face in my wet cunt and started licking me and teasing me until I felt like I was going to explode. He stood up and I felt his hard cock throbbing underneath his pants and I fumbled with the button and the zipper until they finally came off. He peeled off my shirt and started sucking my tits as he slid his hard cock inside of me. I buried my face in the hollow of his neck to keep myself from crying out, and as I wrapped my legs around him to pull him deeper, we heard a key rattling in the lock outside. He whispered to me that we had to be very quiet, that one of his partners was out in the main office, working late. His cock was still inside of me and he slowly started sliding it in and out of my cunt as we heard his partner walk by the dark office. I was wet and slippery and unbelievably excited and tried desperately to keep myself from moaning. All the stress sent me into the most explosive orgasm I’ve ever had, and I could actually feel myself squirting my hot cum all over his cock. I whimpered, and he slapped his hand down over my mouth and whispered for me to shut up. He kept driving his cock in and out of me as he held his hand over my mouth so I couldn’t make a sound. I thought of my boyfriend, of the fact that I was in a dark office having the best sex of my life with HIS attorney, and I felt consumed by guilt. I tried to convince myself to stop it, but I just couldn’t. I was so hot that I knew that I couldn’t bear it if the lawyer were to stop. I tried to push my boyfriend out of my mind, but the attorney whispered to me that since I was under the influence, legally, he would be the one accountable, not me. He told me not to worry, that our secret would always be safe and then he blew his load inside of me and I felt myself cumming along with him. Then we laid there, trying desperately to be quiet since his partner was in the next room and we just waited. His cock grew hard again after 20 minutes, and we started fucking again. Finally, we heard the office door slam and the keys in the lock and knew that it was safe. Then we got on the floor and started going at it doggie-style…

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