The Passdown

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Our job requires us to do a lot of standing. We men usually wear jeans or slacks with comfortable shoes. The ladies usually do the same. It’s not hard, back breaking labor, but doing that much standing and walking can wear you down if the clothes you’re wearing aren’t comfortable. Each area of the company has 2 supervisors. One covers the first part of the day, second covers the later shift. As I was making my normal rounds, the late shift supervisor walked through the door to begin her shift. I froze in my tracks. Everything around me seemed to be moving in slow motion. I just watched as she walked towards me wearing………..A DRESS!!! It was nothing formal or extravagant, but damn it hugged her figure nicely. I had no idea her legs were that gorgeous. The way her hips moved back and forth as she walked towards me was hypnotic. The dress had an opening at the top that exposed her cleavage nicely. Tastefully. The cleavage was nothing new as she often wore blouses that showed off her wonderful gifts, but when put with the entire package of this dress, her cleavage was nothing short of magnificent!! “Shit! She caught me looking.” I said to myself. She did notice me looking too, but gave indication that it bothered her. “Hey, sorry I’m a little late. I had an appointment this morning.” she said.

To be perfectly honest with you, I didn’t hear a word she had just said. I was replaying her walk over and over in my head. “You look amazing!!” I said. The words just came out. I couldn’t believe I had just said that to her. I don’t think she could believe it either. At first she looked shocked by what she had just heard. That look gave way to a blushing smile very quickly however. “Thank you.” she replied. “I’ll change after we do the passdown.” she added. “What for? I think you look just fine. Hell, I may work overtime just so I can look at you some more.” I said. At this point, I just didn’t care. She looked great and I wanted her to know that I thought so. She laughed and waved me off. “You so silly.” she said. I could tell she liked hearing it. I had never seen her smile that much.

As we walked to our shared office, I gave her the rundown of the day so far. What had been accomplished, what needed to be accomplished, who was slacking off. The normal stuff. She sat down at her desk when we entered the office. I closed the door and continued. She started to give me her normal barrage of questions, and then she just stopped. She gave me a really big smile. “You gotta stop looking at me like that.” she said.  “Why? Am I making you uncomfortable?” I asked. “No, not at all. I just might start liking it, and that could cause some problems.” she said. There was a stillness in the room. Neither one of us said a word. I stood slowly. Walked to the door and locked it. As I walked towards her she looked shocked. “What are you doing?” she asked in a soft voice. “Taking a chance.” I replied. I leaned towards her and kissed her lips softly. She didn’t resist. Our kiss grew more intense. I softly sucked on her bottom lip. I could feel her breathing getting heavier and heavier. As my tongue slid in her mouth, her hands slid from my face to around my neck and she began to pull me closer. When are kiss was broken, I began to kiss her neck. She moaned softly. As my lips and tongue moved down to her chest, she whispered “I can’t do this. I can’t. I shouldn’t.” I couldn’t have stopped if I wanted to. The whole time she is whispering this, she is pulling me closer. While sliding my tongue between her cleavage, I slowly slid my hands up her dress to pull off her panties. To my surprise, she wasn’t wearing any. I squeezed her ass softly, and in one motion, slid her dress up to her waist and pulled her ass to the edge of her chair. She gasped. “What are you…..” and before she could get another word out I gave her wet pussy one long stroke of my tongue. She raised her hips to my face to feed me more, and I happily took all she was willing to give. I began to suck and lick her clit simultaneously. As she moved her hips she gripped the back of my head tightly. I could almost hear her silent screams. I could tell that she was enjoying everything I was doing. I looked up at her while still feasting on her clit. She had her eyes closed. As she opened her eyes, our eyes met. She let out a low moan and came. HARD!!! I kept licking as she squirted all over my face. “Mmmmmmm, my first golden shower.” I said. She didn’t say a word. She leaned forward in the chair and slid her tongue in my mouth. After a long kiss, she stood, put her left leg on her desk, bent over, looked back at me and said “Let’s see if I can make you give me a shower.” I unzipped my pants and I think I pulled them down. I’m not really sure. My dick was pulsating so hard I had to be inside her instantly. As I slid inside her, we both moaned. Her pussy was so tight I almost came right then. But there was no way I was going to let this end that fast. With each stroke I could feel my orgasm building, but I fought it off. Her pussy fit me like a glove. Her ass smacking against my hips was driving me crazy. Watching the ripple in her ass after each impact was breathtaking.

As I began to speed up my stroke, she looked back at me. She reached back with her left hand and grabbed the back of my neck as if to encourage me keep going. I kept the same pace for several minutes. “Oooooo, yes, fuck me!!!” she said. I reached forward and slid her left breast out of her dress. I softly pinched and rubbed her very erect nipple. Then she squeezed the back of my neck extremely hard and let out a low moan. She was cumming again. That moan was so sexy. I couldn’t hold back anymore. “Shit!” I moaned as I came inside her. I squirted out what felt like a gallon inside her. She moaned again. “Yes baby, give it all to me.” she said. When my orgasm was over, I had no legs left. I collapsed in her chair. She laid on the desk and caught her breath for a minute. There was silence in the room. She stood up, straightened her dress, and what she did next will be burned in my memory forever. She kneeled down in front of me, grabbed my sensitive and throbbing dick in her hand and said “You were suppose to give me a shower, not a cream pie.” And before I could get a word out, she took my dick in her mouth and sucked it like it had NEVER been sucked before. Her suction was so tight, so wet. Damn it felt good. I’ve had my dick sucked many times before, but this was different. She took OWNERSHIP of it. She sucked it like it belonged to her and nobody else. And between you and me, IT WAS ALL HERS that day. If she had asked me to get a tattoo of her name on it, I would have had it done within the hour!!  With each slurp and smack of her lips I got closer. With each stroke of her tongue I could feel myself losing control until finally…….”OH SHIT BABY” I yelled. I almost passed out as I watched her jerking my shaft as I came. I watched her slurp some, and let the rest come to rest on her face. If she was trying to prove to me that she was the sexiest woman I had ever been with, she succeeded. “So do you have anything else to passdown to me before you leave?” she asked. “Not at this exact moment, but I look forward to tomorrow’s passdown.” I replied.

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