The Work Place (1)


Chapter One

Angie Simmons was hot and sweaty after a full two hours of non-stop street dance. Getting into the shower in the ladies locker room, she started to feel the muscles in her lower half tighten. She didn’t know whether it was the steam coming from the Jacuzzis, or the fact that there were half-naked ladies everywhere she turned, but she definitely felt the urge—no, the need—to be fucked badly. And fast. She wasn’t a lesbian or anything, and wasn’t exactly bisexual. The energy was just tense and thick enough to generate just the right mood.

Angie showered quickly but, after putting on a fresh tank top and a micro-mini, her pussy was still aching for a work out of its own. Wishing to get rid of the feeling before her very important meeting with her, hopefully, soon-to-be boss, she decided to look around the gym for a while to pick from the finest, studliest guys in the city. Spotting Anthony, a weight-lifter, over in the corner, she rushed over and hooked her arm around his. “Tony,” she said sweetly, peeking up at him through her eyelashes, “Hi.”

Anthony’s big, jock-like frame straightened up from fixing up his gym bag, and his adorable, green-flecked eyes met hers. Ever formal, he replied with a polite, “Yes, Anj?”

Angie leaned into him, drawing circles into his strong left bicep with her royal blue-painted nails flirtatiously. “Are you doing anything this afternoon? Because I was just thinking… maybe you could help me with a few… stretching exercises at home. Just for a few hours. I have an important meeting later tonight. What do you say?”

“Well,” Anthony, oblivious to the signals Angie was sending, replied, “I’ll have to check if—” He was suddenly cut short by a slight pressure on his genitals. Looking down, he saw Angie’s slim fingers gently caressing his crotch. Look back at her face, with his own slowly turning red, he said in a hoarse voice, “Okay, sure. I can help you out.” Down below, Angie felt his cock harden.

Her face erupting into a wide smile, Angie slung her gym bag over her shoulder, handed Anthony his, and dragged him out the doors to her car. “Did you bring a car?” she asked.

“No. I just jogged here. My house isn’t that far. It’s just a half hour on foot; fifteen minutes if you take a car.”

“Good. Change of plans. We’re going to practice at your house.”


Slamming the car door violently behind her, Angie pulled up the extra dark shades of her car, reclined the driver’s seat, where she was sitting, and crawled into the back. “What do you say about a little preview before we get to the main feature?” she called from behind. Anthony, from the passenger seat, followed her into the back, pressing his lips firmly down onto hers.

Jamming her tongue into Anthony’s mouth hungrily, Angie pulled down her underwear under her skirt and kicked them aside. Unbuckling his belt, and pulling down his jeans, Anthony set free his erect penis and slowly started giving himself a hand job.

“No.” Angie said. “We do it my way—no one else’s.” She quickly leaned onto her back, her head under Anthony’s hips. She spread her legs wide, and her skirt rode up, showing her leaking hole. “I’ll do you if you do me.” She said huskily.

Anthony slowly kissed and licked the outer lips of her vagina and, with a guttural moan, Angie grabbed his pulsing member and swallowed it whole. Bucking her hips while doing so, in turn caused Anthony’s sleek, moist tongue to enter her vagina. “Ohh…” She whimpered in pleasure, Anthony’s penis still throbbing against her tongue. She pulled it out and slowly sucked and kissed the damp tip.

Dragging her tongue along his length, making small kisses along the way, she reached his balls and grabbed them with her teeth. At the other side, Anthony tensed a little, but didn’t stop until Angie could feel the need for release. Sucking on Anthony’s balls, like a puppy having its first starved drink from its mother’s teat, Angie moaned a warning that she was about to cum. With this in mind, Anthony just licked harder, gliding his lips against Angie’s clit, and sticking a finger into her impatient orifice.

Angie couldn’t take it any longer and finally reached the happy relief she so desired. Anthony pressed his lips to her opening and gently sucked out her flowing juices, dutifully swallowing every drop. When Angie’s sounds of pleasure reached their peak, Anthony felt his own cum surge from his cock, splattering into Angie’s hair. Finishing up, Angie attached her mouth to the head of Anthony’s cock, sucking on it like a popsicle.

“Mm… Yummy.”

Sitting up, Angie grabbed Anthony’s shoulders and pushed her mouth onto his, giving him a taste of himself. Their tongues wrestled for a minute before Angie said that they should head to Anthony’s house for the real deal. As if what they’d just done wasn’t real enough.

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