Vickie Visits My Office by Rick

Vickie Visits My Office
By Rick

Vickie and her ex-husband used to work at the same place that I do . They split up and both married again to who they were playing around with while they were married to each other . Vickie then got divorced again . I had always had the hots for her because she had a huge set of tits and was shorter than I am . A mutual friend told me that she had divorced again but I didn’t think much about it because I’m married now and she had said that she would never play with a married guy again . I was surprised when she came to see me a couple of days ago . As usual she had a tight top on which made her huge tits stand out , she always wore a bra that held her tits up and made them look great ! They must be 30 percent of her body weight . She came at lunch time because she knew that I was the only one in the front office during lunch time . Hi Rick she said her brown eyes were looking me over as if I was a meal and she hadn’t eaten in a long time . Her big tits were bouncing around as she walked . Her nice ass was also bouncing . She knew that I had the hots for her . How are you she asked as she sat down . Not bad for a fat old man I said , my standard answer . I haven’t seen you in years I said . I understand you are divorced again I said . Sorry to hear about that . Well she said he was never home he was always hunting or fishing or trapping or drinking . I’m never getting married again she said . We had sex once a month if that and I found him with some flat chested bitch getting a blow job . That was it . I’m sick of that shit . All I want now is a guy for sex ! Well I said I’m always available you know that I’ve always wanted you . Yes I knew that. I have a job as a night operator for an insurance company so my days are free.
So your looking for a fuck friend ? I asked . Yes she said and I had my tubes tied so no worry about getting pregnant . Well I always use condoms I said . So do I she said but the break . True I said . Where are you living now I asked ? I have a double wide about a mile from here she said . But I’ve always wanted to get fucked on the bosses desk she said . Well if you want to do that today we’ll have to get going because he will be back in half an hour ! Do you have a condom here ? Yes I do I said ! Well lets go ! She said . I got up and locked the door to the office and lead her to the bosses office. That will give us a couple of extra seconds if he comes back early . Good idea she said . She was already out of her slacks and had no panties on. I started to remove her top. No time for that she said .I’ve wanted to see those tits of yours ever since the first time I saw you I said . Well she said ok and pulled up her top I took off her bra and was amazed to see her huge tits with such small nipples . Awesome I said and sucked on her nipples. I pulled my pants down put a condom on my already hard cock. I put her on the bosses desk . I spread her legs licked her clit and tongued her hairy pussy and when she was all wet I straightened up and slipped my cock in her pussy . She moaned and said fuck me hard . I started to pump slowly . She moaned some more. Then she said faster . I started to hump as fast as I could . She moaned and screamed I need it bad ! I humped until I came and my cock went limp. I pulled out of her pussy and took the condom off. I needed that she said . I said lets get out of here before someone comes back. We straightened up the desk, got our cloths back on , I picked up the condom and we left the office. I flushed the condom down the toilet . On the way back to my office I unlocked the door and saw one of the secretaries car pull into the parking lot . That was close I said she would blab all over the place if she caught us. Who is that ? she asked. It’s Cindy I said . Oh yea she said she’s a real bitch. I didn’t know she was still here . We went back in my office and Vickie sat down . That felt good for a quickie she said . I said yes it was wonderful . I love those big tits of yours. Can you come over to my place tomorrow morning ? she asked. I sure can ! What time? Well I’m up by 9 she said grinning. I’ll be there I said and then we’ll be able to take our time and do it right. That will be good she said . She gave me her address and her new phone number . Well she said I have to get going my son is coming over this afternoon to help me set up the TV and VCR . Ok I said see you tomorrow morning around 9 . She smiled and left .
Who was that ? Cindy asked . She’s an old employee and just stopped by to say hello.
Oh she said kind of short and squat Cindy said . Yes she is I said . Oh I remember her Cindy said she worked on the steam presses ! That’s right I said . Then the boss walked in . I had to control myself when he walked into his office if he only knew !

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  1. Mishivious

    Hey i have read many of your other stories but this one you seem to be slacking on the suspense and all just let your self go next time

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