Who Dun It?

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Lauren Caulder sat at the conference table, her slim form held straight, her manicured hands clasped in front of her. Her thoughts strayed from the budget plan being discussed at her consulting firm, and she examined the gold buttons on her blazer with interest.

“Wouldn’t you agree, Lauren? Lauren, are you still with us?”

Her trance was broken at the mention of her name, and she looked up with a start.

“What was that again, Roger?” she asked.

The executive vice-president of the firm, Roger Winthrop, chuckled slightly. “It seems we are losing our finance controller’s interest. Perhaps she doesn’t find budget crunching and tax law as stimulating as we do,” he said. He gave Lauren a playfun grin. “Lauren, I’m hurt.”

She sighed, a smile forming on her lips. “Point taken, Roger. Sorry, I’m back in the game.”

Roger nodded lightly in response and turned back to the bar graphs on the projection screen. As he continued addressing the group, Lauren’s focus drifted once again. The meeting was only to brief the other executives on her budget projections, and hearing her own words once again was less than engaging. She watched Roger as he conducted the meeting. Never once in the two years she had known him had she ever seen him come ungluded, arrived at the office unshaven, or be at a loss for words. His dry sense of humor and mellow demeanor were as reliable as his BMW 325 and Armani suits.

Her gaze shifted to Ted LaGrange, the firm’s resident attorney and designated stress case. He was devastatingly handsome, looking more like a surfer at a funeral than a successful young attorney. His sun-bleached blond hair was constantly in disarray, largely from the habit of running his tanned hands through it in aggravation.

Her train of thought was cut off when Austin Pavilides burt into the room, his denim shirt half unbuttoned, his dark hair dripping wet and papers sticking out of his briefcase.

“Sorry,” he murmured as he slid into the seat next to Lauren. “I was – well, never mind. Sorry I’m late.” Lauren met his emerald eyes and spoke with her gaze, -it’s all right, Austin. All of us would rather be doing ‘that’ right now-.

Lauren heard some appreciative snorts from the others as she watched Austin’s face change color in embarassment. He was the company’s bookkeeper, a CPA at age 25. He had started at the firm six months ago and had asked Lauren out almost immediately. Despite his chiseled Greek good looks and athletic build, Lauren had politely refused, saying something about work relationships.

In actuality, she had felt intimidated by his age, knowing he had his choice of much younger, more beautiful women. And anyway, she had her career to think of! Who had time for flings with young, gorgeous, virile guys. Oh, she could kill herself!

She shook her head, feeling a little warm. She could smell Austin’s cologne and suddenly felt the need for a cool drink. Just as she pushed her chair back to stand up, the projection screen began to hum with electricity. “What the hell…” Roger said, just as the screen sizzled out and the dimly lit conference room was plunged into complete, inky blackness.

For a few moments, there was utter silence to accompany the darkness. Lauren’s eyes began to adjust and she saw three black silhouettes standing around her.

“I have a flashlight in my desk,” Lauren said to the darkness. “I’ll go get it.”

She worked her way through the room slowly, so as not to bump into anything. She headed for the general direction of her office. The floor was large, with over 40 employees, and the utter silence was getting a bit eerie. Lauren stopped and shuddered, turning to look warily behind her. Someone could have been right next to her and she wouldn’t have known it. She continued down the hallway. All sense of depth and distance was lost, and she reached out for a door where she thought her office should be. Feeling nothing, she let her hands slide lightly over the walls, the textured paint making her palms tingle. Her hand bumped a doorknob and she turned it with relief.

She entered the office, made her way toward her desk at the far end and ran headfirst into a chair sitting right in the middle of the room. Her shin smarted from the blow. With a quiet curse, Lauren rubbed her leg, confused, until she realized she was in the wrong office. -Damn-, she thought. -Whose office is this? Did I go too far, or not far enough-?

A hand on her shoulder made her gasp and spin around.

“Jesus!” she breathed, “you scared the hell out of me!” Her reproach was met by silence, and she squinted in the darkness, her shoulder tingling where the stranger’s hand still lay.

“Ted? Is that you?” Lauren felt strong hands on her shoulders draw her close, and she jumped when soft lips played on her ear.

“I’ve never been so glad for a power outage,” a soft voice whispered in her ear. Lauren strained to identify the owner of the hushed voice, but couldn’t place it in the darkness.

“You’re crazy!” She whispered back, still unsure to whom she was speaking. “We have to get back to the conference room!” She heard a groan in response.

“Do you really want to hear more about write-offs and statistics?” His warm breath in her ear sent chills through her, and her mind began to send wordless signals of warning to her alarminly responsive body. -I don’t even know who this is-! she screamed inwardly.

She began to grow frightened at how crazily her body was reacting. This man had only whispered in her ear, yet she was becoming charged with sexual energy and her heart began to pound furiously. She placed her hands on the man’s chest only several inches in front of her and felt a collared shirt. She worked her hands up to his hneck, feeling smooth, warm skin and a firm jaw. The beneficiary of her examination groaned at her touch, and in turned pulled her closer. She felt fingers stroking her cheek gently and a hand lightly rub her back through her silk shirt.

“Someone will hear!” she whispered desperately, in an attempt to stop this insane act. Yet, even as she forced out the words, her body was betraying her. She instincively pushed her hips against him and grasped his shirt with clenched fists.

“I don’t care,” he whispered back. She opend her mouth to pretest, but was cut off when tender, hungry lips pressed against hers. Her last inclinations to resist melted away with his kiss, and she wrapped her arms around his neck.

The kissed hungrily, passionately, with a fervor fueled by the fear of being discovered. Lauren’s mind reeled with the implications of what was happening, yet she was rapidly losing touch with her reasoning as her impassioned body took over her logic.

With her sense of sight useless, her other senses became heightened. She tasted his tongue as it parted her lips, and her passion mounted as he took pssession of her mouth. His hand behind her head held her mouth firmly to his, while his other hand worked at unbuttoning her blouse. Her hands worked just as frantically as she tugged imipatiently at his clothes. She had just succeeded in removing his belt when he plunged his hand over her breast, rubbing his thumb agonizingly slow over her nipple.

She laid down and gasped as his hands explored her inner thigh and finally came to rest at the crest between her legs. Lauren squirmed with pleasure as she felt her nylons being slid over her legs. She kicked her shoes off just before her stockings and panties were tugged off her feet. Once again, those strong hands moved up her legs and pushed her skirt over her stomach.

She was just about to sit up when a shocking jolt of pleasure burst through her body. Lauren reached down and grasped his fot hair; part of her was too shocked to let this continue, the other part was possessivly holding him in place. She bagan to squirm wildly with almost unbearable pleasure as he tasted her, deliciousl
y probing her most sensitive spot with his tongue.

He felt for her breasts, clasping them firmly. Lauren arched
her back as his lips pulled and tugged at her hard nipples. She could feel his penis, hard and throbbing as he slid up towards her, and she began moving her hips in anxious anticipation. Unsure she could take much more, Lauren clutched his head and drew his face to hers, taking deep tastes of herself from his mouth.

They moved to a sitting position, stroking each other with growing impatience. Lauren could feel his strong pulse as she worked her fingers, and felt the intense acceleration of her own pleasure as he expertly stroked her clitoris and inner thighs. Their breathing became labored, and he clutched her with a fierce intensity. She moved forward to find his mouth, but was suddenly swepft off the desk, until she was standing with her bottom pushed against the desk. He lifted her onto it in a sitting position, and she wrapped her legs around his slim waist as he stood in front of her.

She felt her skirt pushed out of the way just as he entered her solidly. She arched her back, moaning, feeling him slide firmly and smoothly inside her. He began moving in and out, his hands pressed firmly on her buttocks. Lauren clasped his neck, a virtual prisoner of his rhythm. He moved her with him, rotating her hips firmly against his as he moved inside her. Lauren gasped as the first orgasm sliced through her. She dug her nails into his back as waves of orgasmic pleasure washed over her. All her htoughts were replaced with colors and shapes as she let herself go, controlled solely by animal instinct.

He was breathing hard, his lips buried in her neck, and just when she thought she could take no more, a dizzying climax surged through her once agian, leaving her body ablaze with its memory. She felt him release inside her and she grabbed his face, covering his mouth with hers as he moaned in satisfaction.

They held each other tightly, locked in the fierce hold of exhilaration, panting together as the effects of their orgasms slowly faded. Finally, after what could have been minutes or just seconds, Lauren released her hold and scooted back on the desk. Her skirt flopped back on her thighs, and she flet hands caressing her knees. She opened her mouth to speek, but was hushed by a gentle, intimate kiss. Lauren reached to hold him, not wanting this moment to end, but he moved away. He brushed her cheek lightly with his thumb, and then she heard the rustling of his clothes as he dressed.

She sat motionless on the desk, unsure of what to do. Do I tackle him and demand to know who he is? Do I just get dressed and pretend nothing happend? Lauren heard the door squeak as he left the room and knew she was alone again. Feeling both exhilarated and confused, she began groping around to find her things.

The only items that had been removed where her panties and nylons, and she soon found her rumpled nylons under the desk. -But where are my panties-? she thought with panic. She began slipping on her nylons, and thought, I’ll come back and look for them when the lights go on.

Somehow she didn’t feel like being bothered by her restrictive nylons. She felt freer and more wild than she had in years, or maybe ever. She stood and felt under the desk, finding a half-full trash can. She rolled the nylons into a ball and stuffed them down deep in the trash. She hastily buttoned up her blouse and headed slowly for the door. Just as she felt the doorway, the lights came back on in a blinding flash and buzz of power.

Lauren shielded her eyes, the light too painful after getting used to the dark. After a moment, her eyes began to adjust, and she looked down at herself. Her skirt was twisted, with the four-inch slit directly in front. She had misbuttoned her blouse, which was also twisted. Lauren ran to a wall mirror, finding her thick, straight hair an unruly mess.

“Lauren? Lauren, are you OK? Where are you?”

“Oh God,” she gasped, as she struggled to redo her buttons. She heard footsteps approaching.


“I’m OK!” she yelled back a bit too tersly. “I just ended up in the wrong office! I’ll be right there!”

The footsteps stopped and Lauren heard them retreating back toward the conference room. She slumped in relief, with her blouse still half undone. She quickly finished, turned her skirt around and tossed her hair into place. She kept a lipstick in her blazer pocket, and she quickly applied a thin coat to her rosy lips. She searched around the room for her missing panties, but they were nowhere to be found.


“Coming!” she called. After one last check in the mirror, she held her chin up and marched back to the conference room.

The door was partially closed, and after a slight hesitation, she pushed it a bit too eagerly. It swung in, stricking the back wall with a thud. Austin and Roger turned at the sound. They were standing practically where they were before, infront of the projection scree. Lauren scanned them for signs of disarray, loss of composure, but found nothing. She felt rising anxiety as she realized her disavantage in the situation.

“You were gone for awhile, Lauren,” Austin said with a pleasant smile. “Did you get lost?”

She fought a curt response and said calmly, “Yes, I ended up in Greg Holling’s office by accident and got hopelessly turned around.”

Lauren was stuffing her briefcase absentmindedly, feeling a growing sense of distress. -What have I done-?! she thought desperately. After all my years of hard work, I’m the office whore in two senconds flat!

“See you all tomorrow!” Ted called out on his way out the door, without so much as a glance in Lauren’s direction. Austin was still picking up some papers as Roger swept by Lauren and said with a grin, “Great job on the proposal. We’ll give it the attention it deserves tomorrow, electricity permitting.”

“Yeah, sure,” Lauren responded in a daze, watching Roger walk through the door.

She began to turn to face Austin, only to have him brush by her saying, “Thank God for power outages!”

Lauren’s ears burned at his words, and she said shakily, “What do you mean by that?”

Austin turned to look at her, running his fingers through his dark hair. “Well, I actually have someone waiting for me at home, and I felt bad running out on her earlier like that.”

“Oh,” Lauren said, her mind reeling. Did he just have sex with me and is going home to have sex again with someone else? She shook her head.

“See ya,” he said as he walked out of the conference room. Lauren heard footsteps and the main entry doors swinging open and shut. Lauren stood stunned, alone in the room. Suddenly feeling cheaper and more used than she ever hand, she charged into the deserted main room and back into Greg’s office to dig her nylons out of the trash. -Where the hell are those damn panties-?! she cursed to herself, shuddering at the thought of the look on Greg’s face if he were to discover them in the morning.

“Looking for these?” A smooth voice cut through the silence. Lauren whirled around startled.

“Roger!” she breathed. He stood parially behind the door, holding her white lacy panties almost lovingly in his hands. “I really hate to give them back,” he said with a smile, as he began to move towards her. “It was a lot more fun taking them!”

Lauren watched him approach in total shock. Roger!? Pulling a crazy stunt like this? He stopped in front of her, and she noticed with a start that his shirt was misbuttoned. She looke dup at him in shock and amusement, seeing him unkempt for the first time. Lauren stared into his warm brown eyes and began to laugh. In a sudden movement, she put her hands on his and began to messing up his hair.

He grabbed her wrists with a confused laugh and said, “What in the world are you doing?”

Still laughing, she gasped, “I love seeing you with your shirt buttoned up wrong and your perfect hair a wreck, standing there holding my underwear!” Her voice suddenly dropped to
a deep, sultry tone. “And who says I want them back?” she purred.

Roger started at her for a brief, intense moment,
then reached behind her neck and pulled her abruptly close. Their mouths met in fiery agreement, and Lauren’s body burned at his touch. Roger’s lips began suckling a passionate trail down Lauren’s chest. She threw back her head with a moan, fumbling for the light switch with closed eyes.

Copy Right, Desolation – 2003

No portions of Who Dun It? may be used without expressed, written permission.

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  1. SmoothLou

    Really enjoyed this story. Is this for real?
    Will be reading more of your stories.Wish that was me in the office..
    Maybe next time..

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  2. Kate

    that was a great story…almost like a professional writer! I can’t wait to hear more stories from you.
    You must be sexy to write such hot stories as that! : )

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  3. swagsta

    Excellent story telling, I think your a very talented writer. Am officially a Fan

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