Working late

It is 10 p.m. at night and as I walk through the door to your office I can see you hunched over your desk working diligently on some project that has been claiming your attention for most of the evening. As I close the door softly behind me you glance up from your work and do a double take as you see me standing there in a raincoat and high heels.

You act as if you are going to say something but I shush you signaling that this is not the time to talk. As I crook my finger at you, beckoning you forth, I notice that the bulge in your pants seems a little bigger than normal. When you notice where my gaze is directed you grin sheepishly and I just smile knowingly.

When you are an arms length away from me I motion for you to stop. You stand there restlessly as your gaze focuses on my hands as I bring them up to the belt that holds my raincoat closed. I watch you nervously lick your lips and your eyes widen as I open the raincoat for you to see that I am only wearing a pair of stiletto heels, a tiny black lace thong and a wispy black lace bra that barely seems to contain my breasts. I take a deep breath and watch you catch your breath in the hopes that that will be enough to send my breasts spilling out of their flimsy container.

I let the raincoat drop to the floor and I step forward and let your eager lips catch mine in a long wet kiss. As we take turns exploring each other’s mouths with our tongues, I run my hands up and down your chest and slowly loosen your tie and unbutton your shirt. While I am doing this you drop your hands to my ass where you slowly squeeze and fondle me and grind your pelvis into me letting me know how happy and eager you are to see me.

Next you bring a hand up to my back and release the clasp to my bra. We slowly part far enough for you to help me out of the offending garment and capture one of my hardened nipples with your teeth. I let out a slow moan of pleasure, encouraging you to nibble and suckle harder. While you are doing this I work my hands down to the waistband of your pants, releasing your belt and the button, and work your pants down over your hips. Your cock is bulging against the confines of your underwear as I reach down and massage it lightly through the material.

You quickly kick off your shoes and socks, stepping out of your pants as you do so and begin to lead me back towards your desk. I follow willingly and allow you to back me up against the edge of the desk, tugging at the waistband of your underwear trying to work them down over your rock hard cock. I moan harder as you capture one of my nipples again and begin chewing lightly as you sweep the surface of your desk clear. You release my nipple and move back to my mouth, licking and nibbling at my lips as you work my panties down over my hips. You then sit me down on the desk and spread my legs wide enough to work your fingers into my dripping pussy. You groan into my mouth as you get painfully harder when you encounter all of my wetness.

Gently I push against your chest and you step back far enough to allow me to step away from the desk. Slowly I turn you around and push you to sit on the edge of the desk as I get onto my knees in front of you. You shudder in anticipation as I allow my warm breath to caress your cock. I push your legs further apart so that I can fondle your hard balls as I run my wet tongue around the head of your penis. Slowly I run my tongue up and down the underside of your shaft only to take the head of your cock between my lips. I suck lightly and you moan like a man in either agony or pleasure. You bring your hands up to run them through my hair and begin to work my mouth further down over your cock. Gently you begin to fuck my face as I allow your cock to slide between my wet lips. It isn’t long before I notice that your balls have drawn up and your thrusting becomes more frantic just before your cum fills my mouth and I swallow the warm, salty fluid. When you are done you stand me up and we switch places.

You push me back on the desk and begin to run your fingers through my pussy, slowly making gentle circles around my clit, brining me to a frenzied pitch on the desk. As I come close to an orgasm you back off, teasing me, and begin to rub your slowly hardening cock through the wetness. When you reach your full hardness you begin to slide the head of your cock into my opening. You slide into me with exquisite slowness, gently stretching me as you fill me completely. You groan as you feel how tight I am around your cock and begin to thrust a little harder. Before long I can feel your balls slapping against me and I bring your hands up to squeeze my breasts as you pound into me. Before long I am moaning and quivering and then screaming as you bring me to orgasm. As you feel me clamp down on your cock you let loose with a yell and cum inside me and collapse, exhausted on top of me.

“Hmmm….you need to work late more often.”

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  1. Well-written. Made me wet as I read it.

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